Undertaker Month – Review a Day #2

Posted on: November 2nd, 2010 by Big Cal

The Undertaker & Ric Flair Vs Hulk Hogan & Sid – WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event 08/02/1992

Damn, what a huge match this is on paper for 1992! The Undertaker beat Hogan for the belt a couple of months ago with the help of Flair, then Hogan won it back a few days later (booooo!) but there was still controversy involved in the finish. This caused the WWF Title to be vacated, and at the Royal Rumble Ric Flair lasted nearly one hour and won the title when Sid, Hogan’s “friend” helped Flair eliminate Hogan! On top of that, we have Hogan and Flair, the big feud that never really happened in WWF for whatever reason, and Sid/Hogan who would main event WrestleMania a month later, and The Undertaker/Sid who would main event WrestleMania 5 years later! Just plenty of interesting little stories that I like lol.

Hogan and Sid have apparently put what happened at the Royal Rumble behind them, and facing 2 opponents like Flair and Undertaker, they NEED to be on the same page.

Flair and Sid start, and Flair bumps around like only Flair can, before Sid tags in Hogan. Interesting to hear McMahon himself mention that this could be a prelude to WrestleMania. Anyways, more Flair bumping, followed by The Undertaker getting tagged in and taking his share of bumps too. Both heels are really putting over Hogan and Sid in the early going and the fans are loving it!

A mistake from Sid costs his team control, allowing Undertaker and Flair to dominate and double team the big man until Hogan has seen enough (after about a minute lol) and evens the odds. Sid doesn’t look too happy with Hogan essentially taking credit for cleaning house even though Sid was right there with him. Sid probably gains more hate for Hogan when it’s his constant interference that allows Undertaker to sneak up behind him and regain control of the match once again.

The structure of the match is a little odd, but nothing that makes me dislike it or anything. It’s just odd in the way that they keep trying to go into a good old Southern Tag Formula, but the babyfaces seem firmly against this as they continue to make comebacks and tag in and out lol.

Hogan takes his turn as the FIP, while Sid stands on the apron looking not so concerned and makes no attempt to help out or even reach out for a tag. Of course it doesn’t matter THAT much as Hogan keeps making comebacks lol, but thanks to Sid’s new found dislike for Hogan, Flair and Undertaker are still able to remain in control for the most part.

Aside from the structure of the match, we do get some decent action, but at this point Undertaker is still limited in what he can do due to his character, and Hogan limits what Flair can do to him because, well, Hogan sucks. Luckily it’s the story of Sid getting sick of Hogan that keeps me into the match despite a weird match structure and only decent wrestling.

Eventually Sid just walks out of the match just as Hogan was able to make a tag, leaving Undertaker and Flair to double team the Hulkster, causing a DQ. Holy crap, even Heenan mentions Hogan and Flair at WrestleMania, saying to McMahon something like “How crazy is it going to be at WrestleMania when Hogan and Flair face off in the ring for the title?”. Weird as hell that they were clearly wanting that match to happen, yet at the same time building to Sid Vs Hogan. Maybe (and this is based on internet rumours lol) Vince was hoping Hogan would finally give in and say yes to a match with Flair, but just in case, Vince was making sure he had a backup match (Sid).

So, the match is… ok. Nothing special at all, and while the angle with Sid and Hogan was interesting, it wasn’t really done that good. Honestly, and I know I probably sound like a broken record when it comes to talking about tag matches these days, if they had just gone with a good old STF for the entire match, and built up to that big hot tag at the end only for Sid to walk away, I think it could have been done really well. Unfortunately Sid walking away hardly got any heat as Hogan was constantly making comebacks in the match and looking strong against two men, and even had multiple chances at making a tag. The decent at best in ring action would have come off so much better too imo. Sigh, when will people learn that STF is the only way tag matches should be wrestled unless the teams involved really know what they are doing and can pull off a different formula :P.

Rating: *

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