Undertaker Month – Review a Day #5

Posted on: November 5th, 2010 by Big Cal

The Undertaker Vs Muhammed Hassan – Great American Bash 24/07/2005

Talk about a controversial gimmick and angle with Hassan and his short lived feud with The Undertaker. Might not have been too bad if the London Underground hadn’t been bombed around this time (a segment on SD with 5 masked men attacking Undertaker and then Hassan choking him was removed from the UK version of the show due to the London incident), but unfortunately wrestling doesn’t control what sick bastards decide to do and when.

Anyway, I’ll try to keep going with the review without bringing up the real life stuff.

I don’t remember much of this feud other than the SD segment that got banned in the UK, so I have no idea WHY Hassan is going after The Undertaker. If this was still his American Bad Ass days, then the story would have written itself, but as the Dead Man, I honestly can’t think of an actual reason lol.

So, the match is a #1 contenders match as well, no doubt Hassan bitched and moaned about not getting a title opportunity, similar to what he did on Raw before getting drafted. The gimmick itself was pretty great, and Hassan played it brilliantly, it’s just a shame things had to end the way they did.

The same masked men that attacked The Undertaker on SD are on the outside surrounding the ring, almost like a lumberjack match, except they aren’t officially part of the match. Undertaker takes the fight to Hassan early on, but something happens to the ref (I’ve already forgot lol, and cba looking back), and Undertaker gets sent to the outside where one of the masked men chokes him.

Hassan has control for a few minutes, until Undertaker takes him down with a couple of right hands. Knowing that this is pretty much a 6 on 1 match with the guys on the outside, the Dead Man goes out of the ring and takes the fight to them. He levels one of them, but another comes from behind and chokes him with some wire or something, and Hassan is back in control.

Again The Undertaker fights his way back in control, and all 5 men from the outside come into the ring one at a time, and Undertaker takes them all out, then Chokeslams Hassan for the win. Wow. That’s it? Lasted less than 10 minutes lol. Then again, due to the SD segment that got banned, and the situation surrounding it, WWE were forced to take Hassan off of TV, and this would be his final match, so it makes sense that the match wouldn’t be too long and Undertaker would look unstoppable for the most part. Real shame, because this probably could have been great with another 10 minutes added to it, and more Hassan in control.

The match isn’t very memorable, but what they do in the short time they have IS good. However, it’s the aftermath that everyone remembers. Undertaker continues to destroy Hassan’s men one by one, including putting Davari through the announcers table… but through the bottom panel, which is something I don’t think I have ever seen before or since.

The Undertaker isn’t done yet though… Hassan is getting away. One chokeslam on the steel ramp and Hassan looks to be done… but Undertaker isn’t. He removes a section of the floor on the rampway, and gives Hassan a Last Ride through the hole to the concrete floor!

Rating: **

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