Undertaker Month – Review a Day #6

Posted on: November 6th, 2010 by Big Cal

The Undertaker Vs Ric Flair – House Show 10/09/1992

Something nice and rare; Dead Man Undertaker Vs WWF Champ Ric Flair!

Undertaker just stands in the corner as Flair lets him know who the champ is, and proceeds to “wooooooooooooo!” in the Dead Man’s face and then push him. Which results in Flair getting shoved down and thrown around.

Plenty of stalling from Flair, then some attempts at chops and punches while The Undertaker just stands there lol. Amazing how protected The Undertaker was, even just 2 years into his WWF career, and in the ring with the WWF Champion lol.

It takes a missed leaping lariat from the Dead Man, and an attack from Perfect, followed by Flair coming from behind to FINALLY give the champ the advantage. Great seeing Flair work his stuff even at a house show.

The match is all about Undertaker being unstoppable, and Flair being the dirtiest player in the game, heeling his way out of a beating lol. So much fun to watch. We even get a glimpse of the future as Undertaker is put in the Figure Four, then sits up and grabs Flair by the throat to escape (for those not understanding what I mean… watch Flair Vs Undertaker from WM 18 lol)!

In the end, all the Flair stalling and cheating isn’t enough to take down the Dead Man, so it takes Mr Perfect and a steel chair to end the match on a DQ. Undertaker Tombstones Flair for good measure, and while he picks up the win, he doesn’t win the title.

Just pure fun. No big spots, no crazy moves or reversals, just two old school guys working their gimmicks to make the match as entertaining as possible. Flair stalled, he begged, he cheated. Undertaker ummm… no sold and looked powerful. Both did exactly as you would have expected them to do back in 1992 (and as far as Flair goes… 2010 even lol). It isn’t a masterpiece, and it’s certainly not as good as their WM 18 match (funny to think they could do so much better in 10 years time!), but its damn fun and far from anything bad too.

Rating: **1/2

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