Rebellion 2001 Ramblings

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WWF Rebellion 2001

Christian Vs Edge – WWF Intercontinental Championship Steel Cage Match

OLD SCHOOL CAGE :mark:. Because apparently it was easier to bring over to the UK than the normal one :p.

IC title is on the line, even though Christian already has the European title. Who does he think he is, HHH?

Who the fuck set up the cage? I swear it’s wonky.

One thing I do like about the old school cage is how it looks like it ACTUALLY HURTS when someone gets smashed into it. The newer mesh cages have too much give and doesn’t look painful at all. Here they are just smashing into METAL BARS.

The fuck? Edge just hit a Spear… that didn’t look shit? HOLY FUCK!

Standard stuff from these 2, which isn’t very good unfortunately. I liked the finish at least with Edge tying Christian’s feet together through the cage while he was close to winning. With Christian tied up, Edge was free to escape.

A disappointing showing from these 2 as usual. Maybe that ladder match will be good this time around. Probably not though.

Rating: *

Oh look, it’s Chavo Guerrero Jr. He’s so shitty he’s not even wrestling tonight. He’s interviewing divas. Hugh Morris claims he is interviewing divas. They agree to do it together. They walk into the divas locker room and walk in on Trish topless. Sadly she’s facing the other way then covers up. Well that was pointless. Just like Chavo Jr’s career!

Scotty 2 Hotty Vs The Hurricane

You know WWE take the WWF PPV’s seriously when we get a SCOTTY 2 HOTTY match!

Surprised they didn’t save this one for WM. Imagine this in front of 68,000 fans in the Toronto SkyDome! Hogan and Rock’s reaction would look like shit!

OMG DUDLEYS VS HARDYS VS APA for the tag titles later tonight :mark:. Oh yeah, these 2 are having a match. They do moves and stuff. Why is the WCW referee’s shirt grey? Weren’t they white before? Did he wash it with his black referee trousers and the colour came out or something?


Everything following the Hurricane’s attempt at a Worm is good. Unfortunately that’s the only part of the match I cared for. And it was the finish :lmao. Scotty wins with his Worm.

Rating: 1/4*

Back with Trish (clothed now. BOOOOO) and the jobbers. She’s gonna get Lita for them for an interview. BRA AND PANTIES! BRA AND PANTIES! FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP.

DDP. His Positively Page gimmick was hilarious.

DDP Vs The Big Show

Heyman: “He helped me get over my sarcasm!”

JR: “It’s not working…”


So this is fucking FUN as shit. Show uses his size and power to dominate DDP. DDP takes some crazy shots from Show. Tries to go after the leg of the giant, but fails because Show is just big and powerful. DIAMOND CUTTER~! CHOKESLAM~!


Rating: **

Back to the jobber perves. They walk in on MIGHTY MOLLY. She screams because they caught her WITHOUT HER CAPE. Those monsters!

:lmao at Angle. Even turning heel and joining the Alliance he’s still a total goofball.

The Dudley Boys Vs The Hardy Boys Vs The APA – WCW Tag Team Championship Elimination Match


I hope the Hardy Boys are eliminated first, but I know they won’t be :(.

APA rock the fucking world in this until they get eliminated :(. They don’t give a shit if it’s the Dudleys or the Hardys. SPINBUSTERS. CLOTHESLINE FROM HELLS. STIFF SHOTS. SUPER FALL AWAY SLAM.

And then Matt fucking Hardy pins Farooq :(. I WANT MORE APA!!

“D-VON JUST ATE HIM SOME WOOD”. What a puff 8*D.

Jeff takes a pretty good beating from the Dudleys. Mainly Bubba. How did I not see the greatness in Bubba all those years ago? I always thought he just got good in TNA when he reinvented himself as Bully Ray. Nope. Guy was always fucking great.

Hot tag comes and man oh man, things go from good to pretty freaking awesome. These guys know how to do a finishing stretch. 3-D! Dudleys retain the belts.

Man, how consistent were The Hardys, Dudleys, and even E&C (broken up at this point I know) in tag matches in 2000 and 2001? Very rare we got anything less than fun from them. This was good. APA ruled too. If only they lasted longer!

Rating: ***

Video package showing the implosion (continued) of Rock and Jericho. TEST PINNED THE ROCK AND WON THE TAG TEAM TITLES :eek:. And damn, how much of a CUNT is Rock in all this? Still never understood how he was ever a face lol. He’s such an unlikeable twat!

William Regal Vs Tajiri

Loved Regal’s theme music around this time. Sounds so classy yet EVIL at the same time.

:mark: Regal Vs Tajiri. Oh man this should rock the fucking world.

I can fap to this.

My god THOSE KICKS. Everyone needs a little Tajiri in their lives. RIGHT NOW.




This was fecking awesome. Can’t wait to watch their Survivor Series match again too :mark:.

Rating: ***

Chris Jericho Vs Kurt Angle – WCW Championship Match

Jericho is the WCW Champion. Somewhere in the world Eric Bischoff is crying :p.

Early stuff with Jericho in control is pretty damn good tbh. Then Angle hits an OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY and he gets in control, and does a good job too. SUPLEXES~!

Angle goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Jericho is able to counter before Angle can lock it in. One thing I’ve noticed a few times during my PPV ramblings is that Jericho does a great job of showing that the Walls is HIS hold and he knows exactly how to counter it so it can’t be used against him. More people need to protect their finishers like that tbh. Then it would be more meaningful when someone STEALS it.

Fun little finishing stretch, and the roll up out of an Angle Slam attempt was nice too. Better than just doing a basic sunset flip type roll up out of it.

Really good match. I enjoyed it a bunch. Their best match together probably.

Rating: ***3/4

Lita & Torrie Wilson Vs Stacy Keibler & Might Molly – Special Guest Referee Trish Stratus



Damn, nice… REVERSAL by Molly to counter the Poetry in Motion attempt by Lita! Didn’t matter in the end though as a Twist of Fate put an end to Molly.

This was… fairly decent. And fap worthy.

Rating: *1/2

Steve Austin Vs The Rock – WWF Championship Match

These 2 had an absolute classic at WM earlier in the year. This… well unless I think it’s good on this watch, is far, far away from being a classic. I remember this being utter trash.

Shitty brawling. [/review]

Seriously. That’s pretty much ALL this match is. Rock’s punches have never been what I would call great, but damn, he fucking SUCKS here with them. Austin doesn’t really seem on top of his game either. Did LOL at him jumping on the turnbuckle and flipping off the fans though :lmao.


:lmao then Austin flips off Henber and he flips him off right back. Then Austin flips off all the fans again :lmao. Yep, so far Austin flipping fans off has been the best parts of this match.

Fuck me, this is DULL. Shitty brawling followed by REST HOLDS. Wake me up when this one is over, please. Or just let me sleep for a while. Then I can wake up all refreshed and watch something GOOD instead.

Urgh, that ref bump is HORRIBLE. Rock goes to clothesline Austin. Austin ducks. Rock puts his arm down… then PUTS HIS ARM BACK UP AND CLOTHESLINES THE REFEREE. The fuck was that shit?

:lmao at Hebner selling it though. He’s out cold half way out of the ring.

Fuck me, that Sharpshooter from AUSTIN. Makes Rock’s version look good. THINK ABOUT IT. That’s just how bad Austin’s is here.

:lmao then Rock reverses it into his own Sharpshooter than makes the one Austin just applied look like Bret Hart’s :lmao.

Angle shows up. Chair to The Rock from behind. Jericho shows up, grabs the chair and takes out Angle. Rock gets up and thinks JERICHO did it and attacks him. ROCK BOTTOM TO AUSTIN. No referee still. LOL. Suck it, Rock.

Angle is back in. And then out again.

People’s Elbow is stopped by Angle. Title shot to the head. Stunner. Austin retains. Yey!

Wow. This is worse than I remember. Last 2 minutes or so are pretty good as far as interferences go for a finish. Everything else was bad or dull or both.

Rating: 1/2*

Overall CAL SCALE – 9

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