Vengeance 2001 Ramblings

Posted on: February 2nd, 2014 by Big Cal


WWF Vengeance 2001

4 Men. 3 Matches. 2 Titles. 1 Undisputed Champion.

Yey we are opening the PPV with an IN RING PROMO. It was utterly pointless.

Scotty 2 Hott & Albert Vs Test & Christian


So this match is random as fuck. It’s a “bonus” match.

Oh ok, apparently they’ve had a little “rivalry” on TV. Whatever.


Nice to see Test and Albert go at it. They never did have a blow off when they split a year ago.

Test has immunity at this point. Bet Big Show wishes he had that over an IRON CLAD CONTRACT which ain’t doing shit for him.

:lmao at Lawler and JR debating over whether or not Albert and Scotty are “fly”.

OMG I just noticed the referee! TEDDY LONG!!! I really should have made a record of how many tag matches he’s refereed on these PPV’s lol.

CHRISTIAN’S WORM!!! Awww, Albert tries to break it up but Christian avoids a kick and Test levels Albert with a big boot!

SCOTTY’S WORM!!! His is successful.

BALDO BOMB~! The fly white guys win.

Fun opener.

Rating: *1/4

Edge Vs William Regal – WWF Intercontinental Championship

:mark: I’m a HUGE fan of the matches between these two. A very underrated series imo. Great promo from Regal before the match.

Reason I’m such a fan of this series is because it actually helps out BOTH men involved. Regal imo never really settled in as far as in ring work in the WWF until this series with Edge. Here he was back to being, well, awesome, and much stiffer than we’d seen from him in a long time (aka his WCW days). These matches seemed to help him rediscover himself.

As for Edge, after winning the KOTR and splitting with Christian, he really didn’t come across as a singles guy yet. He worked with Christian straight away and they just didn’t have chemistry. Then he worked with Test. So this was Edge’s first real opponent who was BOTH good in the ring and had chemistry with him, and that allowed for great matches and for Edge to really adjust imo to singles matches.

KNEE TREMBLER~! Edge takes some really nice STIFF SHOTS in this one, and even he throws out some nasty looking offence here and there too. You GOTTA with Regal though, otherwise he’ll just tear you apart.

Some unique spots throughout this match too, same goes for their other 2 PPV matches that follow. SPEAR OFF THE APRON INTO THE STEEL STEPS (Regal moved). Now that was awesome.

BRASS KNUCKS~! Regal hid some in the ring because he knew he’d be checked before the match.

DOUBLE ARM POWERBOMB~! One of my favourite moves from Regal :).

Regal gets a little frustrated, so he hits a pair of DOUBLE ARM POWERBOMBS :mark:. And when that doesn’t work, he puts on the Brass Knucks… and walks into SPEAR!!! Edge gets the win.

Still holds up :D. Not as good as their RR match, and it’s been too long since I saw their NWO match to know where it stands against that, but that doesn’t matter. This is great.

Rating: ***1/2

LITA (FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP) in the hottest referee outfit ever. FAP.

Matt Hardy Vs Jeff Hardy – Special Guest Referee Lita

LITA :mark:.

Feud is another of those examples of WWF being morons. At Survivor Series, Jeff had the chance to win the tag titles. Instead he decided to jump off the cage and it cost them the match. Matt is the bad guy for pointing that out. WHAT?

The actual feud wasn’t a real HATE~! driven kind of feud. Really was more of a brother vs brother thing where they didn’t hate each other but needed to sort shit out, and in wrestling the way to do that is to have a match. Not killing each other’s dog level of HATE~! yet lol.

Man, feels like they are just going through the motions here. It’s slow and sluggish and dull. Feels like they literally do nothing for the first 5 minutes or so. Then Jeff “hurts” his leg and Matt goes after it and… I just don’t care lol. If it wasn’t for LITA looking all FAP FAP I’d have probably just skipped this one tbh.

Jeff gets the 3 but Matt’s foot was on the ropes. LITA didn’t see it.

Not often a referee is the best part of a match.

Rating: 1/4*

The Dudley Boys Vs The Big Show & Kane – WWF Tag Team Championship Match

So Show and Kane have been teaming up since way back when, huh? Damn, lol.

:lmao at Bubba begging for a tag but D-Von is too scared to get in the ring with Big Show.

Show and Kane are looking UNSTOPPABLE.


STACY~! Shorts come down and she gets a spanking!!!

Dudley’s do a pretty great job of finally taking down Kane and using Show to distract the referee to double team the Big Red Machine. Stuff like that is what helps make them some of the most consistently GOOD performers the entire year for the last 2 years.

Kane accidentally clotheslined Show from the ropes! They argue and those DAMN DUDLEYS try to take advantage, but they are just too big and too strong. Then Show accidentally knocks Kane off the apron, Bubba exposes the turnbuckle, and we get a double flapjack onto the exposed turnbuckle!

Short but solid tag match. Good tag work from the Dudley Boys, great power work from Kane and Show, STACY being all FAP FAP, and a creative finish!

Rating: ***

The Undertaker Vs RVD – WWF Hardcore Championship Match



:mark: :mark: UNDERTAKER HARDCORE TITLE MATCH :mark: :mark:.

Undertaker’s heel turn was :mark:.

Undertaker cut his hair! Looks like the fucking TERMINATOR coming down to the ring now with the sunglasses and motorbike. He just wants RESPECT and he gots all mine!

RVD has to try and stick and move against BIG EVIL, and use those quick kicks to keep him at bay. Works for about 30 seconds, and then Undertaker uses a kick of his own (BIG BOOT).


:lmao at Undertaker squashing RVD’s face under some guard rail.


Fans: “RVD! RVD!”


God I love heel Undertaker.

And of course right after he says that, RVD makes a comeback :p. CROSSBODY OFF THE BALCONY!

Undertaker is now covered in dust :lmao.

Babyface Undertaker, when getting pinned, would simply kick out. HEEL Undertaker gouges the fucking EYES to escape a pin :lmao.

Sweet Jebus! RVD gets launched face first into part of the staging. Makes on SICK AND NASTY sound.

Last Ride! No! RVD holds on to the stage and fights out of it! Undertaker is kicked backstage, then comes back out and just DECKS RVD in the face with a right hand. If Undertaker went for a cover there I could have bought into a near fall from it tbh. But Undertaker goes for a chair instead!

Van Daminator! No! Undertaker moves and RVD ends up kicking the titan tron! Chair shot!

And now they move closer and closer to the edge of the stage… another Van Daminator attempt… ANOTHER COUNTER! CHOKESLAM OFF THE STAGE! 1…2…3 AND THE UNDERTAKER IS THE NEW HARDCORE CHAMPION!

:mark: This rules. This fucking RULES. I wanna watch all of Undertaker’s hardcore title defences now lol.

Rating: ***3/4

Trish Stratus Vs Jacqueline – WWF Women’s Championship

Well, first match I’m skipping so far for my 2001 Rambles. Technically skipped the women’s match at WM 17 but I did that writeup earlier in the year.

Rating: NO

Steve Austin Vs Kurt Angle – WWF Championship Match

Austin turned on the WWF fans by aligning with Vince to win the WWF title at WM earlier in the year. Then he turned on the WWF by joining the Alliance with the sole intention of putting the WWF out of business. Angle was the WWF Hero. Joined the Alliance to fuck them over from the inside. It worked. The WWF won. Next night on Raw, Austin gets cheered by the fans, turning back babyface, while Angle somehow ends up the heel. WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS WWE?

Ok, It’s been about a week since I first attempted to watch this match lol. I just couldn’t. I got about 5 minutes in and wasn’t feeling it and gave up. Been avoiding the shit out of it since then :p. But I gots ta get it done! That way I can move on and get to other events from 2001 lol. Like Survivor Series and SummerSlam and Backlash :mark:.

These two have been feuding since Invasion when Austin screwed the WWF, gave Angle the Stunner and cost Team WWF the match. 2 PPV matches and a TV match for the title and a TON of good old HATE~! thrown in too. They had some fucking WARS. And now they have the chance to become the first ever Undisputed Champion ever (despite the fact JR and Lawler actually claim there has been an Undisputed champion before :lmao ).

So how do they start the match here? A big crazy wild brawl to continue their HATE~!? No, not really. It comes across more of a “feeling out” segment. Which is odd considering how well they know each other by now.

Instead of trying to kill each other, Austin instead targets the arm of Angle. Which I guess is ok. The winner of this still has another match to go before they can win the title. So taking things easy and not going all out makes sense… but eh, I just don’t like it. Would be fine if this was say just the semi-finals of a tournament or something where they were randomly placed against each other… but these guys fucking HATE each other with a passion and have spent half of 2001 trying to tear each other apart!

So what we actually get for the most part is a dull, uninspired brawl with some dull limb work.

Oh look, terrible German Suplexes by Austin. 5 in a row. Thanks for that.

Fuck me I think Angle just botched a low blow. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

One Stunner and Angle is done. Kinda glad because a kick out would have meant this match would continue.


Rating: 1/2*

The Rock Vs Chris Jericho – World Heavyweight Championship Match

Was that a “Rocky sucks” chant I heard? IT WAS! :mark:

These guys have been going at it for a couple of months now, not as long as Austin/Angle, but they have a pretty big RIVALRY going. So again I’d kinda expect them to bring the HATE~! from the start, but they don’t do it either. Ok, maybe they wanna take it slow because they have to wrestle again RIGHT AFTER THIS MATCH. Like with Angle/Austin, I wouldn’t LIKE them doing that but it would make sense.

LOLMAKESENSE. Nah. They don’t bring the HATE~! but they both start running around and flying into each other with clotheslines or arm drags and shit. So no HATE~! AND no trying to save energy at the start? Fuck you both. Especially Rock.

ASK HIM! How about someone ask Jericho to lay off the fucking rest holds. Rock ain’t the only one going to sleep here.

Rock Bottom by Jericho through a table. About 5 minutes have happened between that rest hold and the table spot. AND I HAD NOTHING TO FUCKING WRITE ABOUT. Not feeling this one tbh.

Huh, Rock just took HIS OWN FINISH THROUGH A TABLE… and yet he’s the first one back on offence. What?

Oh it’s ok, Jericho just kills Rock with the BREAKDOWN anyway. Then spends about half an hour setting up a People’s Elbow, only for Rock to counter with a Sharpshooter… only for Jericho to reverse the Sharpshooter!!! Ok, that sequence was kinda cool, though Jericho could perhaps have taken less time mocking the People’s Elbow. Also, why the fuck does Jericho look like he’s escaped DEATH? Rock has taken a ROCK BOTTOM THROUGH A TABLE, A BREAKDOWN AND A SHARPSHOOTER and he’s still fucking countering Jericho with roll ups and even a Rock Bottom of his own, all the while Jericho seems like he’s taken double that the whole time.

Vince distracts the referee, because Jericho wouldn’t be able to kick out of a Rock Bottom followed by 10 years of rest while Rock slowly makes a cover…

People’s Elbow, and Rock has a second wind. LOW BLOW. ROCK BOTTOM. JERICHO WINS.

This sucked too. Not as bad as Austin/Angle, definitely not as bad as that, but still, it ain’t got nothing on their RR match or their NM match (or at least what I remember of that one… I’ll get to it soon).

Rating: *1/4

Steve Austin Vs Chris Jericho – WWF Undisputed Championship Match

Jericho gets the win and straight afterwards, Austin comes down and attacks Jericho. But for some reason the referee doesn’t ring the bell yet. No, he waits until Angle decks Austin with a chair first and then Rock hits a Rock Bottom on Jericho. Awesome. 2 slow, dull matches so far in this title tournament thingy and the final match starts with BOTH MEN LAID OUT AND THE REFEREE DOING A COUNT. Seriously? Shoot me now.


Fuck me, these two are showing more HATE~! in this match than the previous 2 matches did. And these guys don’t really have any big heated rivalry or anything. They don’t like each other, but damn, they trying to kill each other anyway.

:lmao at Austin going for a Stunner ON THE TABLE. :mark: at the bump Jericho takes off the table when Austin counters a Walls attempt! :mark:at the bump Jericho (and Austin) take on the CONCRETE FLOOR (mat has been pulled away) after a suplex.

I never really “get” the “using the ropes of additional leverage” on submission holds. Half the time it looks like it isn’t helping at all. The other half can be summed up with Jericho’s ARM BAR here. He uses the ropes for leverage (awesome show btw, LEVERAGE. Been watching a bunch of it the last week rather than watching this) and damn, it looks NASTY. Like, break Austin’s arm kinda nasty.

Man, how does EARL at his age take some of those BUMPS? He just launched himself out of the ring following a flying forearm from Jericho. He bumps better than a lot of fucking wrestlers.

Ref is down, cue VINCE again, and NICK PATRICK. RIC FLAIR. He takes out Patrick. VINCE PUNCHES FLAIR!!! FLAIR HEAD FIRST INTO THE RING POST! I wonder if Flair bleeds :p.

Austin spots Vince and kills him.

WALLS OF JERICHO TO JERICHO. Man, how many finishers got STEALED~! during the last 3 matches? :p

BOOKER T. He came, he ruined shit, he fucked off. Jericho wins the Undisputed Championship.

I’m actually rather surprised by this match. It wasn’t great or anything, and the finish was a little overbooked, but overall this was enjoyable. Certainly better than the previous 2 matches, which is surprising considering both men had just competed in them lol.

Rating: **1/4

Overall CAL SCALE – 10

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