Sting Vs Cactus Jack – TNA Lockdown 2009

Posted on: November 7th, 2010 by Big Cal
Sting Vs Cactus Jack – TNA Lockdown 2009

Ok, so I’ve almost finished reading Foley’s new book, and since the entire thing is about the build up to THIS match, I figured I would sit down and watch it for the first time ever before I continued with the book to Foley’s thoughts on the match.

Amazing how Foley can get me interested in a match between him and Sting in 2009. For starters, both men are way past their primes, and even in his prime I was never a fan of Sting. But reading about Foley’s journey to this match, and the creative process for the build up, and some detailed thoughts on the promos he did leading up to it, I just HAD to see it.

Damn, not often I’m impressed by a video package in TNA, but fuck, they did an awesome job here.

Cactus starts the match off by… punching himself in the head and making himself bleed (doesn’t Flair have the copyright on that? :p ). Sure, it seems stupid for Cactus to do this on the surface, but when you’ve seen the build up on Impact, or like me just read about them in Foley’s book (which is equally as effective imo), you know that Cactus is just playing mind games with the Stinger. When Sting sees Cactus punching himself in the head, he doesn’t know how to react, and Cactus takes full advantage by decking Sting with a forearm shot!

I do find it odd that Cactus tries to climb out of the cage only a few minutes into the match (which does lead to a great back suplex from the top rope btw, something I wouldn’t have expected from either man in 2009), as Cactus told Sting the previous week that he wanted to tear him apart inside the steel cage. Hell, even after it bites Cactus in the arse the first time, once he regains control he goes for it AGAIN, only to get Stinger Splashed, causing him to fall back and get his leg caught in the ropes. Like the back suplex, it looked like a great spot, but came way too early in the match imo given the build up.

Fucking hell, even with Sting going after the now injured leg, Cactus STILL attempts to climb out while Sting is still in control! Not really understanding what Mick is doing right now lol.

Things seem to be picking up now though. Foley hits his double arm DDT and can’t get the 3 count. He uses Sting’s own Scorpion Death Lock and can’t get Sting to give up. He can’t climb out any more because of his leg injury. And he can’t get through the door because he had it locked tight. So what does Cactus do? Attacks the camera man through the hole in the cage where the camera fits and reaches through to get his barbed wire bat! Before the match Cactus claimed he wouldn’t use the bat, but desperate times indeed call for desperate measures, and he has no choice but to bring it into the match.

Sting is also desperate by this point, doing what he can to take down Cactus long enough to escape the cage and avoid the bat. Unfortunately, in a revenge spot of sorts, Cactus takes out Sting’s knees with the bat while Sting is trying to climb out. Shame Sting doesn’t bother selling in the slightest, and regains control of the match, and gains control of the barbed wire bat to use on the hardcore legend! The no sell of two shots to the knee was, well, bad, but at least Cactus gets hold of the bat again to bust Sting open and beat the living hell out of him.

Loving the ways Cactus is using the barbed wire bat lol. First he wraps a bit of the barbed wire around Mr Socko and instead of going for a Mandible Claw, he jabs it into the open wound on Sting’s head lol. Then he places the bat in front of Sting’s face in the corner and runs knee first into it!

From there, Cactus climbs out of the cage with Sting in hot pursuit, and manages to win the TNA World Title! Ummm, awesome for Mick, but the finish was underwhelming to say the least. Hell, the match in general is underwhelming. Selling gets thrown out of the window, storytelling seems to change a couple of times just to suit a certain spot, and the finish didn’t seem like much of a finish either. Disappointing, even if I wasn’t expecting THAT much from it, but Foley’s book really got me excited to see what he had done given everything he went through to get there. All that is left for me to do now is finish the book and see what he thought of it.

Rating: *1/2

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