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WWF Backlash 2001

He who has the gold, has the power. He who has the power, has the gold. No power, no gold. Know power, know gold.


The Dudley Boys Vs X-Factor

6 man tag here, with Spike joining his brothers and ALBERT actually being able to join his team mates for a change. He normally has to stand on the outside.

Spike knows his place early on in this match; he gets launched over the ropes onto X-Factor lol. He’s only good when he’s being used as a weapon :p.

Poor Justin ends up going crotch first into the ring post. I like that once Justin gets the chance, he gets X-Pac to help him crotch D-Von on the ring post too as revenge. REVENGE SPOT~!

Damn, Albert’s stalling double arm underhook suplex is amazing. And D-Von ain’t no little guy either.

X-Pac needed to kick more. He throws some awesome kicks, ones that look STIFF AS FUCK too. I still remember the Benoit one from NWO lol.

Hot tag to Bubba isn’t as hot as you’d hope, which is a shame. I mainly think it was because the match didn’t get much time and X-Factor didn’t have the chance to build much heat. Disappointing because I really think they could have done so much more had they been given the chance.

Nice finish at least. RUNNING SPLASH in the corner from Albert followed by DOUBLE SUPER KICKS.

Fun opener, but that’s about it unfortunately. Not sure why this was a 6 man… Spike was utterly pointless. They didn’t have enough time to really make use of 3 people on the babyface team (hot tags, run ins etc).

Rating: **



Lillian walks in on Angle polishing his medals.


Rhyno Vs Raven – WWF Hardcore Championship Match

RHYNO :mark:


Oh and Raven too. Whatevers.


These two just start laying into each other from the get go. Oh man I just wanna throw a million stars at it already lol.


Rhyno runs up the steel steps, dives off them and Raven MOVES out of the way and Rhyno crashes into a steel chair, which just CRUMBLES under him :mark:. Then Raven runs around and jumps off the steps himself, this time with success!

TROLLEY~! Seeing one just makes me sad because I no longer have a job :(. Plus, HOW DARE THEY MISTREAT A TROLLEY LIKE THAT!

God I love seeing guys get hit in the head with flimsy metal objects :D.

Sweet Jebus this is too fun. TOO MUCH FUN. FUN OVERLOAD. :mark:


THE KITCHEN SINK~! About damn time someone used it!

My god that was an epic near fall lol.


Rhyno keeps his title.


Rating: ***1/4


William Regal Vs Chris Jericho – Duchess of Queensberry Rules Match

The Duchess of Drag Queensberry Rules are unknown to everyone but Regal, but since I’ve seen this match before, allow me to explain: Regal has to win. Aaaand those are the rules! :p

Great little spot at the start with them doing a tie up and going into the corner, forcing the referee to get between them. Regal gets a cheap shot in with a forearm to the face, so Jericho just blasts him right back.


LIONSAULT~! THE BELL RINGS~! Apparently the time limit for ROUND ONE has expired :lmao. Regal rolls up Jericho to try and get a cheap win but fails.

Fuck me, that SUPLEX. Love, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that Half Nelson suplex.

REGAL STRETCH~! Which makes no sense if you’ve already seen the match 8*D.

WALLS OF JERICHO~! REGAL TAPS! But wait, no! You can’t win by submission! :lmao

Jericho is PISSED, so he looks to go after the Duchess, and ends up getting smacked in the face with a sceptre!!! Of course, NO DQ’S in this match… now!

Ha, I love how Jericho looks to go for the Walls, then realises there is no submissions here AND no DQ so he just boots Regal in the balls instead!

And then this happens:



Walls of Jericho on the Duchess! Regal beats the fuck out of Jericho with a chair and gets the win.

Match is… odd. It’s entertaining and the Duchess stuff makes it interesting lol, but at the same time it’s a weird match. It’s good but not quite good. Or something. You know I’m not sure myself :lmao.

Rating: **1/4


Chris Benoit Vs Kurt Angle – 30 Minute Ultimate Submission Match

I’m actually excited to watch this match! Always been a fan of it, even after going way down on the likes of their RR 03 match.

First few minutes are :mark:. It’s all on the mat with both guys trying to get control and to lock in their signature submission hold. Great counter wrestling from both as they go a great job of not only avoiding certain holds but also leveraging themselves with the counter into a position to potentially lock in a submission too.

CROSSFACE~! TAP OUT~! But it happen on the floor, so it doesn’t count. People complain at times about everyone and their grandma “out wrestling” Angle at points in a match, but at least here Benoit is BELIEVABLE.

Angle is pretty awesome after the Crossface; he stalls like FUCK before finally getting back in the ring because he wants to rest up as much as possible before getting back into the fight. And then when he DOES get back in the ring, he levels Benoit with a right hand to knock Benoit off his game as this has been a WRESTLING match so far, and is able to lock in a knee lock and Benoit taps! SMART by Kurt with how he went about it, and also smart by Benoit to tap straight away to avoid any more damage than was necessary. This is a 30 minute match, not a one fall match, so giving up IS going to put him at a disadvantage, he can get out of the hold quickly by tapping and then work towards getting a submission himself. Which he soon does with an ARM BAR.

Also love that the first 2 submissions AREN’T from the Crossface or Ankle Lock. We saw in the early part of the match that both guys know how to counter those holds extremely well, so both resort to other holds that they won’t be AS prepared for, and it pays off for BOTH of them.

Benoit SNAPS at the referee and shoves him down, so Angle takes advantage and decks Benoit with a chair! Ankle Lock, and this is done. 2-1 in favour of Angle so far. Oh and apparently there is a 30 second rest period, something I honestly didn’t notice from the first 2 submissions :lmao.

Oh man, Benoit is still hurt from the chair shot and Ankle Lock, allowing Angle to add insult to injury, forcing the Crippler to tap to his own Crossface! 3-1 to Angle with 18 minutes to go!

With a big advantage, Angle can stop focusing on JUST making Benoit tap out, and can start to BEAT UP Benoit because they do HATE each other, remember? Angle even locks in an Ankle Lock on the outside that makes Benoit tap out even though it doesn’t count, just because he wants to make Benoit HURT.

Nice little FIGHT on the mat with Benoit doing his best to prevent an Arm Bar attempt, followed by Angle having to escape an Arm Bar from Benoit!

Benoit gets some momentum going again and gets another submission win with a sweeet Half Boston Crap that looked more like a Half WCW Walls of Jericho lol. Angle has the 30 seconds to rest, then when the bell rings again to start the match, he rolls out of the ring! Benoit chases him, and Angle gets in the ring again and rolls out one more time! This might be one of the smartest matches Angle has wrestled lol. Certainly in the Benoit series where BOTH seemed to go full on retard lol.

Angle KEEPS going to the outside! Not just to rest up some more, but also to help run the clock down a little bit. 10 minutes left, but 30 seconds spend on the outside is 30 seconds taken from Benoit to try and gain another submission to even the score. And then when that doesn’t quite work, Angle sends Benoit outside and blocks him from getting back in for another minute! :mark: I’m seriously loving this match so far! 9 minutes left and if they don’t fuck up I’m thinking this is gonna do really well lol.

Sleeper hold from Angle around the 6 minute mark. Works in Angle’s favour for another potential fall, but also keeps Benoit grounded and out of the match for another couple of minutes, which is the WORST thing for the Crippler with such little time left!

Angle is doing a really fucking good job at keeping Benoit down in the last 10 minutes. He’s up 3-2 and he knows if he can just keep Benoit at bay, he’s got this one in the BAG.

Benoit isn’t going to give up though, and with 2 minutes left finally gets a chance at locking in the Ankle Lock, and Angle taps! 3-3 with 2 minutes left!!!

And now with the match almost over, I LOVE that Benoit doesn’t keep trying for the Crossface just because he’s now in control. He JUST got a win with the Ankle Lock, so he immediately goes back after the leg! Angle continues to be great by attaching himself to the ropes!

Ankle Lock! Benoit can’t get out… but the clock runs out! And then Benoit taps! 3-3 and this is a draw… but then we go into SUDDEN DEATH!!! My money is on Benoit :side:.

They’ve just wrestled for 30 minutes, and it’s now SUDDEN DEATH so they both just scramble to get in a submission, and in the end it’s Benoit who gets the Crossface in first, and Angle TAPS OUT. Benoit wins 4-3!!!

I still ADORE this match. Without a doubt their BEST match together. It’s damn near perfect tbh. There isn’t much I can possibly point to that isn’t good about this. It’s extremely smartly wrestled by both guys, especially Angle (I know, right!!!). They use the time and the stipulation WONDERFULLY. It’s incredible. My rating is going UP.

Rating: ****3/4


Shane McMahon Vs The Big Show – Last Man Standing Match


:lmao at Shane trying to grab a chair and MISSING it. KENDO STICK~!

Shane MAULS the giant with the stick until Show gets really fucked off, grabs the stick and clotheslines Shane to HELL.

The Kendo Stick didn’t work, so try a chair! Show takes about 7 shots and still only stays down for a 5 count!

:lmao Shane tried to Chloroform Big Show :lmao. Show is OUT! Vince shows up to make sure this isn’t over yet, and cracks his own son in the face with a chair and steals the Chloroform. For his own personal use, no doubt. WHICH WAY TO THE DIVAS LOCKERROOM DAMMIT? :p

The Vince interference allows Show to recover and now he’s back to trying to kill Shane.

Good GOD what a Chokeslam. I miss those kind of Chokeslams from Show. The ones he does now are shite.

Show could have won a couple of times already, but keeps picking Shane up to punish him more in the name of VINCE MCMAHON.

TEST~! He’s out to help his buddy Shane, and ends up getting his arse kicked :lmao.

Shane has time to recover and goes after Show, and then BIG SHOW GETS A PIPE! :lmao at Shane running for his fucking LIFE as the 7 foot giant chases after him with a weapon!!!

Shane climbs the BEANSTALK aka part of the staging, while Test gets back into this and places Show on a weird stage thingy… and SHANE COMES CRASHING DOWN OFF THE TOP OF THE TITAN TRON RIGHT ONTO… THE STAGING! He didn’t quite land on Show lol, but hey, it’s an awesome spot visually :p.

Both men are out of it, so Test grabs a camera crane and supports Shane in order to keep him on his feet! Shane wins!

This is ok. FUN but not AS FUN as I was expecting lol. Their JD 00 match is better.

Rating: **1/2


STEVE BLACKMAN~! He’s at WWF New York talking about the LMS match. And then GRAND MASTER SEXAY just jumps onto the screen “rapping” and Blackman is wishing he had a Kendo Stick :p.


Matt Hardy Vs Christian Vs Eddie Guerrero – WWF European Championship Match

If this happened in say, 2005, I’d be FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP’ing like made. But Christian wasn’t in THE ZONE yet as an incredible singles wrestler. Eddie was too fucked up on drugs to really GO, and Matt wasn’t quite on the level he would be either.

That being said maybe I’ll be surprised :). I mean, they ARE all still talented as hell even at this time.

:lmao at Matt running around the ring and the ref being in the way THE ENTIRE TIME as he tries desperately to run the ropes to do a sunset flip, which ends up being fucked up because they are too close to the ropes :p.

Sweet back body drop into the ropes countered with a DDT by Matt to Christian on the outside :mark:. DOUBLE BRAINBUSTERS by Eddie :mark:. Love brainbusters because they remind me of DICK~! Murdoch :).

Edge shows up and Spears Matt, then throws him into the ring for Christian to pin him, only for Eddie to sneak up behind and take care of Christian and go for a cover himself! Only a 2 count though

Jeff shows up, takes care of Edge and gives Christian a Swanton, and Matt retains his belt.

This was short but very fun indeed. All 3 guys actually spend the majority of the match in the ring together, which makes a bloody change from the typical boring triple threat formula. Finishing stretch is pretty gosh darn cool.

Rating: **1/2


Steve Austin & Triple H Vs The Undertaker & Kane – WWF Championship, WWF Intercontinental Championship and WWf Tag Team Championship Match

ALL THE GOLD is up for grabs here. If HHH is pinned, he loses his IC belt. If Austin is pinned and he loses his WWF title. If either Undertaker or Kane are pinned, they lose the tag belts. ALL THE GOLD, ALL THE POWER.

POWER TRIP have just gotten together and have been destroying people, so I love how BOD are their first opponents. They are two 7 foot BAD ASSES who are probably the most credible team kayfabe wise at this point to go up against Austin and HHH. And when HHH and Austin BEAT them, it makes the victory for Benoit and Jericho that much BIGGER.

Kane’s arm is FUCKED going into this match. Austin and HHH knew they couldn’t go toe to toe with the Brothers of Destruction without some kind of advantage, so they targeted Kane’s arm on their way to Backlash.

BOD stand tall in the ring and refuse to let Austin and HHH in, just a little MIND GAMES from them. HHH gets blasted in the face with a right hand of the Dead Man, and man oh man do they milk the shit out of that :lmao. Then HHH tries again and gets decked AGAIN :lmao. Hmmm… running into the ring to get punched in the face doesn’t seem to be working!

BOD look UNSTOPPABLE early on, but then the injured arm of Kane begins to prove a weakness, so Undertaker has to get in and take care of things himself.

:lmao at Austin looking TERRIFIED when he tags into the match thinking Kane is gonna be his opponent, only for Undertaker to tag in.

:lmao Austin wants to shake hands. So Undertaker boots him IN THE FACE.

Kane wants to tag in, but Undertaker is reluctant. Kane is persistent and Undertaker gives in since they ARE in control for the time being. Undertaker doesn’t let Kane stay in too long because he knows this match is gonna be won or lost on how long Kane spends in the ring with that bad arm.

THE TWIN TOWERS OF DOOM. JR’s new name for Undertaker and Kane lol.



Undertaker essentially having to fight both HHH and Austin himself leads to his downfall though. Nice workover period here.

A comeback from the Dead Man, and he gets the chance to tag Kane in, but he shakes his head and DOESN’T tag Kane in. Undertaker keeps trying to take on both HHH and Austin alone, but he keeps getting beat down and eventually Kane is able to get a blind tag to help out his brother, though Undertaker is NOT happy.

Kane is the fresh man in and is able to hold his own until his bad arm proves to be too much for even the BIG RED MACHINE.

HHH and Austin really fucking go to work on the injured arm of Kane. I swear if they could, they’d tear it off and beat him with it lol.

Awesome little spot where Austin smashes Kane’s arm with a chair, forcing Undertaker to go after him, and Austin runs half way up the rampay to escape :lmao.

Great tag work from HHH and Austin to as they do everything in their power to prevent a tag to Undertaker.

PEDIGREE~! Kane is OUT, so Undertaker sneaks in and Chokeslams HHH!!! STEPHANIE (looking SMOKING FAPTASTIC btw) gets on the apron to distract the ref, so WOMEN BEATER EARL pushes her off the apron! I’m glad he’s no longer in WWE. What a cunt! :p


Kane finally gets a tag but the referee doesn’t see it, but by god UNDERTAKER DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK and proceeds to single handedly OBLITERATE the TWO MAN POWER TRIP.

LAST RIDE~! But Undertaker isn’t legal as far as the referee is concerned (currently making him Cody’s favourite wrestler 8*D )!


HHH and Kane are both out of it, and Austin and Undertaker are busy battling it out on the outside.


This is still fucking tremendous. I’ve always been one of the bigger fans of this match, and now I might be THE biggest fan of it lol. You aren’t gonna find many tags better than this in WWE history.

Rating: ****1/2


Overall CAL SCALE – 20.5

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