Undertaker Month – Review a Day #9

Posted on: November 9th, 2010 by Big Cal

EDIT: Silly me, I could have sworn this took place in 2006, not 2007 lol, so my mentioning of Undertaker’s feud with Kennedy and Kane’s feud with MVP at the time are, well, wrong :P.

EDIT 2: Silly me again, got the dates mixed up, its actually in Feb of 07 and not November, which is a hell of a lot closer to both feuds I make mention to, plus Undertaker was still having matches against Kennedy, and tag matches against Kennedy and MVP, on TV quite a bit around this time! 🙂

The Undertaker Vs MVP – House Show 11/02/2007

This took place during the time that Undertaker was feuding with Mr Kennedy, and Kane was feuding with MVP, and both feuds would run into each other on numerous occasions through run ins and tag matches (a certain tag match between BOD and Kennedy/MVP from SD 06 is one of the funnest matches I have ever witnessed).

Always nice to see rare house show footage, and given the fact I have access to quite a few, I made sure I watched some Undertaker matches this month that I haven’t gotten around to seeing yet lol. Given my love for SD 06, and the fact I really enjoyed MVP in 06/07, I figured this would be a great choice.

Typical start to an Undertaker match around this time, with Undertaker coming out of his corner when the bell sounds, and the opponent trying his best to avoid being caught by the Dead Man. And we all know how well that works lol. But MVP does a pretty good job at hanging in there and avoiding Old School, but makes the mistake of trying to superplex The Undertaker, only to still come back and actually land the move! A superplex isn’t a big special move by any means, but it’s not often The Undertaker gets hit with one, so when he sits up in VINTAGE~! Dead Man style, he makes it his mission to take down MVP, using Old School successfully this time to help him along his way.

Some nice arm work from Undertaker here too. He does a lot of basic arm holds in the early part of his matches for the match part, as a way of gaining control, but it’s always really good when he follows up on it rather than JUST using it to gain control. Unfortunately MVP still finds a way to get out of this and begins work on the leg, as Undertaker does his best to counter and escape. Awesome selling from The Undertaker too, something I feel a lot of people don’t give him nearly enough credit for, just because he sits up every now and then lol. Truth is, the man is one of the better sellers in the WORLD these days.

MVP is great here too, constantly finding ways to break the momentum of The Undertaker whenever he gets a hope spot in, and makes sure to always go back to the leg. Would have loved a full on feud between these two after the Kennedy/Undertaker feud, but obviously Undertaker moved on to Batista and the World Title, so it was never meant to be. Could still happen at some point these days maybe, if MVP turned heel again and became interesting, and Undertaker was healthy enough to work a full program.

Eventually the veteran instincts of the Dead Man come into play against the rookie, and The Undertaker is back on the offence again, this time on the outside. To MVP’s credit though, once they get back in the ring he goes right back after the leg and puts himself back in control!

The Undertaker eventually makes his big comeback after escaping a figure four leg lock the same way he does against Flair, and despite MVP’s best efforts, Undertaker hits the Chokeslam and Tombstone for the win.

Really good match here. Got around 15-18 minutes, had great selling by The Undertaker, great leg work by MVP who was also really vicious in keeping The Undertaker down, and good comeback spots from ‘Taker too. Almost as good as the Undertaker/Kennedy matches.

Rating: ***1/2

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