The Perfect PPV – WWF/E 2002

Posted on: June 11th, 2014 by Big Cal

Well, I’m back with another Perfect PPV! Finished posting my 2002 PPV Rambles so what better time to put together the WWF/E 2002 Perfect PPV?


The rules, as usual, is for me to only have 8 matches, with all titles being defended, and no wrestler can be used more than once. A simple enough concept, that can get quite tricky when you are trying your best to put as many truly GREAT matches all on one card!


The Card


WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Edge & Rey Mysterio Vs Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle – No Mercy – *** – 2

I have little doubt that many people would NOT want to list this match if they did a similar project to me. Given that this happened in October and was the debut of the belts, there isn’t much else to choose from really. With other people I think it would be picked because they think it’s great, but for me it was mainly out of necessity, as the match I WOULD have wanted to use was unavailable due to one of the wrestlers appearing elsewhere on the list. I’m not too high on this bout as I once was, but it’s still a good match and I’m happy with it making my card!


WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match – Tajiri Vs Jamie Noble – No Mercy – ***3/4 – 4

Another match from No Mercy making it’s way onto my list! And this one IS truly great! Tajiri + Cruiserweight matches in WWE = AWESOME most of the time. Tajiri kicking the hell out of people adds STARS~! to practically any match to begin with, but stick him in the ring with a great worker like Noble and KICKS are just one of the parts that makes the match awesome. Tajiri made the CW/LH title match in my 2001 Perfect PPV, and I have a sneaky suspicion that he’ll appear in the CW title match again for 2003. All hail the king of kicks!


WWE Intercontinental Championship Match – Eddie Guerrero Vs Rob Van Damn – Backlash – **** – 5

Oh man, a favourite match of mine no doubt. Eddie had just returned to the company a few weeks prior after dealing with all of his drug and alcohol problems, and seeing him come back in great shape and winning the IC title straight away with one hell of a performance is great for me and any other Eddie fans. RVD is not exactly a favourite of mine, but Eddie works his arse off to put on a tremendous IC title match that continues to hold up every time I see it. No better pick for the IC title match in 2002 on PPV!


World Heavyweight Championship Match – Triple H Vs Kane – No Mercy – **1/4 – 1

This is one of the “sacrifice” matches I have to add to these Perfect PPV’s a lot. Simply put, the WHC scene in 2002 was AWFUL. There was, imo, only ONE good match involving the title… and unfortunately it was the Elimination Chamber match from Survivor Series, which featured SIX people. As much as I wanted to use it (and TRIED to use it), it just used up too many people who I wanted for other matches. So in order to have some better matches in the rest of the card, I had to settle for the next best match in the WHC division… and this was it. It isn’t awful-awful… but it isn’t good.


High Profile Match #1 – The Rock Vs Hollywood Hogan – WrestleMania – *** – 2

Another match I can easily see many other people using if they created their own Perfect PPV for 2002. While as usual I don’t think as highly of it as most people tend to, I am pleased that I was able to include it on my list as a High Profile match. The majority of the top matches that took place on PPV in 2002 were title matches, so filling out the rest of the card could have been difficult, but luckily for me I still had this match available and it’s filled with oodles of STAR POWER. So while my rating doesn’t rank it as anything too special, there is no denying how BIG the match was and how FUN it still is to watch. A worthy addition to the card imo regardless of my “low” rating.


World Tag Team Championship Match – The Dudley Boys Vs Lance Storm & William Regal Vs Booker T & Goldust Vs Chris Jericho & Christian – Armageddon – ***3/4 – 4

Oh wow, I am SO fucking glad I was able to use this match. If I had gone with the Elimination Chamber match for the WHC match, I would have lost out on both the IC title match and this awesome tag, and honestly the card is better off with these two matches rather than just the one great chamber match and 2 very, very subpar IC and WTT title matches. The talent involved in this is fabulous, and the match absolutely clicked for me on so many levels. Some fine tag team wrestling on display here, and should be remembered fondly by more people!!!


High Profile Match #2 – Ric Flair Vs Mr McMahon – Royal Rumble – ***1/4 – 2

Again, I’m glad this was available to use as a High Profile match. Like I said, after the title matches, there wasn’t much else left that was anything special that didn’t already involve the talent I’d used up. So when I saw that THIS was still available I just HAD to include it. Old Man Flair during his 2000’s run in WWF/E is one of my favourite periods of his career. And with the evil heat magnet Mr McMahon and his willingness to bleed more than even Flair to make a match memorable, I’m not sure this could have happened and NOT been good. Ever. They could book it for WM 31 and it’ll still be good. I’m always amazed that this match tends to get forgotten while the Vince/Hogan WM 19 match gets love, despite the fact that this match is great and the WM 19 match is awful!


WWE Championship Match – Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker – No Mercy – ***** – 9

Wow. Just wow. Always thought this match was incredible, but after seeing it again to ramble on, I ended up throwing the full ***** at it and I absolutely DO NOT regret doing so. Worthy of main eventing any WM in history, never mind a “B” PPV. I didn’t even consider any other match for my Perfect PPV Main Event. It simply HAD to be this match. The brutality, the selling, the story, the feud, the EVERYTHING. It’s a work of art, a masterpiece, and the only HIAC imo to come close to the original. Wrestling doesn’t get much better than this.


And there you have it! My WWF/E 2002 Perfect PPV!!! On THE CAL SCALE, it gets an impressive 29 points! 5 points ahead of the best PPV that ACTUALLY happened in 2002 (SummerSlam)!


Do you agree with my card? Think I could have done better? Let me know by adding a comment below!

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