Undertaker Month – Review a Day #11

Posted on: November 11th, 2010 by Big Cal

The Undertaker Vs Triple H – WWE Smackdown 25/10/2008

In just 2 days time, The Undertaker would go to Cyber Sunday to face The Big Show, while HHH, the WWE Champion, would be in a triple threat match to defend his title. Vickie Guerrero, the SD… GM at the time (?) no doubt wanted to make sure both men didn’t enter that PPV 100% as she had issues with both superstars.

They take it slow in the early going, and Undertaker keeps getting the better of The Game. HHH comes out swinging with some big right hands, but loses that battle against the better striker. Interesting to see Undertaker taking HHH down and going after the arm more than usual, and even going for a hammer lock into a half nelson pin attempt. No doubt it was due to the respect Undertaker has for Triple H and knowing that he truly is The Game, and even The Undertaker needs to take him out quickly, especially just 3 days before a big PPV match against the world’s largest athlete.

Undertaker makes a slight mistake, and ends up leg first on the top turnbuckle when HHH moves. HHH tries to go after the leg, but The Undertaker uses his power to fight out of it, and we get a great back and forth sequence between the two for a good 10 minutes or so (pretty much the rest of the match lol), where neither man gains full control, but does enough for a couple of near falls here and there. This whole back and forth stuff makes for a great TV main event, and also keeps both guys strong during the match. After all, HHH is the WWE Champion, and The Undertaker is The Undertaker, and both men are going into big PPV matches in 2 days time, and need to look strong if the people are to get behind them.

We then go into the finisher reversal stuff, until Undertaker finally gets a Last Ride in, and The Big Show shows up to attack the Dead Man and get HHH DQ’d.

The match is pretty good, and has a Big Match feel to it, but other than it being two of the WWE’s biggest starts going at it and coming across as being equals the entire time, there isn’t much to it storytelling wise. Fun to watch, and a good TV main event, and some good build to the PPV by making both guys looks strong, then Big Show and Vladimir looking evil when they show up to interfere (Vlad comes out and attacks HHH once Show is done) when both men are already worn out from the match. Serves its purpose, and did as well as it should have given the circumstances.

Rating: ***

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