Undertaker Month – Review a Day #12

Posted on: November 12th, 2010 by Big Cal

The Undertaker Vs Hulk Hogan – WWF Tuesday in Texas 03/12/1991

Just 6 days after the Survivor Series, WWF attempted to have a PPV on Tuesday (which means that the 1991 Survivor Series took place on a Wednesday, which I honestly never knew until now lol), but due to poor buyrates they decided against more PPV’s on a Tuesday until 2004. I wonder though, were the buyrates low because it was a Tuesday, or maybe BECAUSE IT TOOK PLACE 6 DAYS AFTER ANOTHER PPV.

Ok, so obviously the big match for this event was the rematch from the Survivor Series, where The Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan to become the new WWF Champion! Unfortunately the match had some controversy surround it, as Ric Flair got involved, and aided The Undertaker in winning the belt thanks to a Tombstone on a steel chair that the real World’s champion placed in the ring.

Great to hear The Undertaker get a pretty decent pop despite still being a heel at this point, and having beat the world’s favourite wrestler ever (LOL) Hulk Hogan.

Love how the match starts, with Undertaker going right after Hogan and giving him the boots, along with Paul Bearer who does the same! But Hogan recovers instantly and starts to work over the WWF Champion, who takes everything Hogan can throw at him and continues to sit up and go after the former champ.

Even though it looks like Hogan has everything in control, The Undertaker isn’t getting worn down in the slightest, and it’s not long before he turns the match around in his favour, and slowly begins the destruction of Hulkamania!

It’s a truly awesome sight to see Hulk freaking Hogan crawling around on the mat as The Undertaker stands over him, slowly stalking him. As big as Hogan was, in just one year with the company The Undertaker was being made out to be just as big. Awesome.

Hogan gets a few hope spots in, but Undertaker quickly puts a stop to any offence from him. Loved the spot on the outside where Hogan gets reversed with an Irish Whip and goes face first into the ring post :D.

The crowd are super hot for this match too, and the pace seems a lot faster than their SS match, making it much more enjoyable to watch (and I still enjoyed their SS match btw). Undertaker’s offence looks much better here, and Hogan’s hope spots are timed really well and come across really well too.

Just as Hogan makes his big, final comeback, Ric Flair shows up again, but Hogan takes him out with a steel chair before he can do anything! In doing so though, Flair gets knocked into WWF President Jack Tunney, who was there to make sure nothing happened like in the SS match. So with JT down, Flair gets back up and tries to use a chair on Hogan, only for Hogan to send Undertaker face first into it! Undertaker is still going strong though, until Hogan ducks when Paul Bearer tries to hit him in the head with the Urn, and Undertaker gets decked! From there, some ash from the Urn is thrown in Undertaker’s face, and Hogan rolls up the champ for the 3 count! New champ! BOOOOOO!

Sucks that Undertaker only got a 6 day title run, but hey, he beat Hogan for it during a time when very, very few people ever beat Hogan, and when he lost back to Hogan it took a steel chair, an Urn to the head, and ashes in the eyes. He still came out looking pretty fucking strong lol, especially considering the fact he is hit in the head with the WWF Title and knocked over the ropes after the match is over, only for him to land on his feet and walk to the back!

Ok, so lame finish aside (lame because he loses lol), this was a really good match! Much better than I was expecting, and a lot better than their SS match too. Crowd was into it all the way through, Undertaker looked really good here, probably the best he had looked in WWF up to this point, and Hogan did really well too. Finish, while not what I wanted, was at least done in a way to keep The Undertaker looking as strong as can be in defeat, and let’s face it, it didn’t hurt his character or credibility in the slightest.

Rating: ***1/4

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