Undertaker Month – Review a Day #13

Posted on: November 13th, 2010 by Big Cal

The Undertaker Vs Randy Orton & Bob Orton – No Mercy 09/10/2005

Loved this feud, and loved the matches, but I haven’t seen this since it aired. Hell, I wasn’t even watching SD on a regular basis around this time (just catching anything involving The Undertaker on youtube or something), but I saw an ad for the handicap casket match, and ordered the PPV then and there… just hours before it took place lol.

Read my reviews of their other matches to catch me up on what had happened, and I’m really glad I did because there were some ongoing stories in the matches that I might have missed out on had I not bothered to look back. Probably should have posted those reviews BEFORE Undertaker Month so everyone could read them and understand everything in full, but oh well, I’ll post them afterwards instead :P.

As The Undertaker makes his entrance, the Ortons stand in the ring awaiting his arrival, and unlike WM and SS, Randy no longer has a confident look on his face. If he loses this match, he doesn’t simply get pinned or is made to submit… he is locked inside a casket along with his dad.

The Dead Man is backed into a corner when the bell rings, but he ducks an attack from Randy and avoids both his opponents, allowing him to take control of the match, until the numbers game comes into play and Bob Orton low blows the Phenom from behind.

Despite being a two on one match, The Undertaker continues to fight back, and the first chance he gets he asks for the casket to be opened and tries to win the match. Normally The Undertaker likes to beat down his opponents, but in a handicap situation he realises he needs to get this thing over with quickly before he takes too much punishment. Even if one of the opponents is Bob Orton, who retired many years ago, it only takes one small move like a low blow to allow the young Randy Orton to gain control, and given how close Randy came to beating Undertaker at WM, and the fact he got a victory at SummerSlam thanks to his dad’s help, even the legendary Undertaker has to fight to survive.

The double superplex is one of the many really cool spots in the match, especially the fight all 3 men have on the ropes first as Undertaker attempts to fight them off. Another one is when Undertaker is thrown into the casket, and tries to hold the lid open while both Randy and Bob try to close it, so Undertaker decks Bob in the face with a right hand and elbows Orton in the face while he keeps hold of the casket lid with his other hand lol.

We see some great double team work from the Ortons, and Undertaker does a great job with his hope spots and comebacks, and is smart enough to take out Bob, placing him in the casket, so he can try and wear down Randy enough to stick him in there too.

Bob being in the casket helps out Undertaker in a different way to what you might expect; instead of helping him keep this match one on one, when Randy gains control and tries to put Undertaker in, he notices that his dad is still in there, and is distracted long enough for the Dead Man to hit a low blow! Nice revenge spot :).

With the match remaining one on one for a while, we get some of the same greatness between the two that we saw at WM and SS, as well as a SD match too. I really like the way they give us plenty of 2 on 1 action, and then transition nicely into 1 on 1 action, and keeping both segments of the match great.

Bob’s return to the match is really great too. Before he was stuffed inside, he was carrying around a fire extinguisher to try and nail The Undertaker with, but he dropped it in the casket before he could use it. Just as The Undertaker has Randy where he wants him, and asks for the lid to be opened… Bob jumps up and sprays Undertaker in the face, causing him to walk right into an RKO! From here, Undertaker gets put in the casket, but Randy ends up in there too as the lid closes! The lid opens again, and they fight in the casket as Bob tries to help his son. One chair shot later, and Undertaker goes down as the lid shuts! Ortons win!

And then everyone knows the aftermath, it’s the same as the 1998 RR casket match where Kane locks Undertaker inside and sets it on fire. It may have been done before, but it still looks great. Only problem is… it means The Undertaker is gone from TV for a month… and during that month I had tickets for WWE to hopefully see The Undertaker live for the first time. Bastards!

So, personal hate for the finish aside, this was a GREAT match. Hell, I might even place this at the top of the casket match list, ahead of even Undertaker/HBK! The action was awesome, the handicap stipulation was done to perfection, and the finish is cool. Right up there with the WM and SS matches between Undertaker and Orton tbh. Can’t wait to watch their HIAC match to finally finish up reviewing their entire series!

Rating: ****1/4

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