Undertaker Month – Review a Day #14

Posted on: November 14th, 2010 by Big Cal

The Undertaker Vs Randy Orton – Armageddon 18/12/2005

This feud started on the road to WrestleMania, and gave us 3 tremendous PPV matches and one great TV match. Orton had used his own father to help him win matches. Orton had used the recently deceased Eddie Guerrero’s low rider to crash into The Undertaker and blow him up. Orton and his father had locked The Undertaker inside a casket and set it on fire. And The Undertaker kept coming back. Now, inside the devil’s playground, The Undertaker would get Randy Orton one on one truly for the first time in this long and awesome feud, as Bob Orton would be locked on the outside. So no Bob Orton, no low rider, and no casket to set on fire… how will Randy Orton survive THIS match?

Undertaker had been playing mind games with Orton during the build up to this match, and he had one final mind game to play before the match started; he made sure that it wasn’t a referee who shut the cell door and locking these two men inside… it was The Undertaker. He wanted Orton to know that he WANTED to be here, and there was no way out.

The Dead Man is dominant in the early going. Similar to Shawn Michaels in the first ever Hell in a Cell match, Orton tries to run away from The Undertaker, but ‘Taker doesn’t feel like taking his time like he did back in 1997, so he goes after Orton as quick as possible and proceeds to destroy him. Randy gets some offence in here and there, and reverses a few things, but only really out of desperation because Undertaker is just unstoppable right now.

You can tell just how personal this feud is when Undertaker pulls out a steel chair not too long into the match and brutally smashes it over Orton’s head… TWICE. The first time busts him open, and the second time just makes things worse. I’ve seen more Undertaker matches than I can remember, and it’s not often he is THIS destructive and dominant, and believe me, that’s really saying something.

Orton manages to get hold of a steel chain, but before he can use it The Undertaker takes it from him and begins to choke the life out of the Legend Killer, then long darts him into the cell. Fuck me this is brutal lol, and I must be a sick bastard because I am LOVING every second of it!

At one point, when Undertaker brings the steel steps into the mix, Orton manages to fight back for just a moment, and looks to make a comeback… until the Dead Man boots the steel steps back into the arm of Randy. Comeback… failed.

So what finally puts Orton in control of the match after taking such a beating? And RKO of course! Not a regular one though, instead it’s done with Undertaker’s neck being thrown down into the top rope instead of the mat, which may be worse, I don’t know. What I do know is that it creates enough of an opening for Randy to get his bearings back and make Undertaker pay for everything he has done up to this point.

Just as The Undertaker was a vicious monster while on the offence, Orton is the same. Steel steps, the steel chain, the cell, and a steel chair are all weapons that Orton utilises to payback the Dead Man and bust him open too.

But as vicious as Orton is being, it’s just not enough. After being blown up and set on fire, The Undertaker can not and WILL NOT be stopped it seems. One of my personal favourite HIAC spots comes when Undertaker stands Orton up against the cell wall, goes to the other side of the cell, takes a run up and jumps off the steel steps going knee first into Orton’s head! Spot looked awesome, and I can’t believe I never actually got to see it while watching the PPV live back in the day lol, as the damn satellite feed cut out for a few moments!

The greatness continues with Bob Orton managing to get involved, sticking his arm through the cell, but he ends up getting busted open and knocked down. Undertaker looks to maybe launch himself into Orton while he’s stood against the cell again, but Orton counters with a powerslam into the cell. Oh yeah!

Now the match begins to be a back and forth affair, as both men hit big moves to try and win, but are unable to. The Chokeslam doesn’t work for Undertaker, and a cross body through a table doesn’t work for Orton. Can anything put these men down? Well… the RKO and Tombstone haven’t really come into play yet, but neither man has been in a position to try for their big finishers yet.

The ref gets knocked out and busted open, just as Orton counters a Chokeslam into an RKO just like WM! The cell door is opened for another referee to come in, and who else decides to follow? Bob Orton, who also has The Undertaker’s Urn! After a massive Last Ride, Bob makes his presence felt by taking out the second referee, which results in him taking one hell of a beating from the Dead Man.

Going back to their WM and SS matches, at points in those matches Randy Orton tries to add the ultimate insult to injury by hitting a Tombstone on The Undertaker, but he was always unsuccessful. In the final battle between the two, the Legend Killer FINALLY hits it, believing that it will put an end to the Phenom! It doesn’t, and Undertaker just gets more pissed off, Tombstoning both Bob and Randy to win the match!

Fuck me, this was fantastic. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the casket match given the fact I had only seen it once when it aired live, but I had a good idea about this match having seen it not too long ago when I bought the Hell in a Cell DVD set. I really liked the match back then, but this time around I loved it. Might even make the top 5 HIAC matches list for me now. It was everything a HIAC match SHOULD be. It was brutal, vicious and violent, and it was the culmination of a near year long feud. Too many times now, the HIAC match isn’t even close to the last match in a feud, which is a shame because done right, the HIAC match can be the perfect way to end big feuds. It’s been proven in the past (hell, that’s pretty much why it was invented), and it was proven here. Epic stuff, and best match of their feud, something I wouldn’t have said before.

Rating: ****1/2

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