Backlash 2003 Ramblings

Posted on: June 22nd, 2014 by Big Cal


Backlash 2003




Team Angle Vs Los Guerreros – WWE Tag Team Championship Match

I saw someone say this was the WORST PPV of 2003 a couple of days ago. Wondering if I’ll think the same, but this being the opener pretty much ensures ONE really good match on the show which could prevent it from being THE worst. We’ll see. Besides, I might end up thinking this sucks :p. Chavo IS in the match after all.

:lmao at Team Angle walking around with a picture of Angle to place in their corner while Angle is out with a BROKEN FREAKIN NECK.

:lmao at Tazz literally saying that being smart won’t help Hass in the ring AT ALL.

:lmao at Chavo ONLY getting chants because Eddie basically forces the crowd to chant for him :p. Then the crowd BOO when Eddie tags him in :lmao.

:lmao BORING chants for Chavo :lmao. Backlash 03 crowd might be my favouritist evaz!!!

Eddie senses that they are losing the fans so he comes in and smashes Shelton in the face a few times with a forearm. CHANT BORING TO THAT YOU FUCKS. :)

Some nice LIE CHEAT AND STEAL stuff from Los Guerreros. Fans love it. Eddie rules.

Nice to see the referee doing the old stupid decisions crap FOR the babyfaces in the match. Eddie and Chavo don’t make real tags, instead just clap their own hands behind the ref’s back, and the ref allows it because the fans cheer and pretend like they did tag. More babyfaces need to cheat nowadays. Freshens things up and stops the whole BLACK AND WHITE crap between heels and faces. Give us some shades of grey. So long as it isn’t 50 8*D.

Team Angle resort to stealing the Guerrero’s CHEATING stuff :mark:. Eddie FIP :mark:. Good job it was Eddie doing it because I can’t get behind Chavo. I end up cheering for the other team who are working him over :p.

Oh man Eddie gets SO FUCKING CLOSE on a number of occasions to getting a tag. I mean WOW. Those were some AWESOME cut offs.

Then the ACTUAL tag is fucking awesome too. Looks more like a flap jack to Eddie, who just so happens to fly into Chavo :lmao.

Despite being fairly new, Team Angle did a pretty damn good job working over Eddie. A couple of moments where they’d try and sit in a hold but it seemed Eddie wasn’t having any of it and kept them on the move lol.


Chavo is utterly useless after the hot tag, so Eddie comes in TWICE illegally and hits some big moves on Hass for Chavo to just cover and get the win. Chavo fails at that :lmao. Then Chavo gets screwed and pinned. Team Angle wins.

Yeah this fucking rules. I gotta watch those SD matches between them that are (or one of them at least) even better. I always liked them but never got the “truly awesome MOTYC” feeling from them. But if any of them are legit better than this then… :mark:.

Rating: ***3/4


Test backstage coming on to Torrie even though he’s with Stacy. Calls her a tease. Forces himself on her. Then Sable shows up and… follows her? I’m not sure. LOL.


Rikishi Vs Sean O’Haire


Remember when O’Haire was the next big thing? LOL. That lasted all of about a month :p. Which is a shame because I always liked him, and his character was interesting too.

Rikishi’s mum is suffering from… AN ILLNESS. Way to be specific Cole. For all I know she could have the shits.

Wasn’t expecting much from this, and I ended up being somewhat surprised. Aside from O’Haire using a neck crank submission thingy that looked like shit, this had a ton of fun exchanges and unique spots. DOUBLE SUPERKICK. Both men are down!

O’Haire LAUNCHING Rikishi out of the corner onto his arse to avoid a stink face was awesome. Nice finisher from O’Haire too which looked impressive on a guy the size of the Kish.


Nothing special, but hell, I’m glad I didn’t skip it and throw a big NO at it :).

Rating: **


Sable. Stacy. Fap. Sable is trying to create tension between Stacy and Torrie. Tells Stacy that Torrie kissed Test and stuff. All of this would somehow lead to Sable and Torrie having a sort of lesbian friendship. Yeah. Fap.


RVD and Kane. RVD is terrible, dude. Not cool. His WWE promos are so cheesy and shit. Kane doesn’t help things either.


Kane & RVD Vs The Dudley Boys – Special Referee Chief Morley – World Tag Team Championship Match

WE MISS REGAL sign :).

Both teams are faces, but Morley (formally Val Venis) hates RVD and Kane and wants the tag belts off them, and apparently he’s fine with THOSE DAMN DUDLEYS as champs…

BUBBA. RAY. DUDLEY. Best version of mocking RVD’s thumbs crap ever :).

Love how RVD does all his spinny kicky fancy shit only for Bubba to constantly crash into his face with a clothesline :mark:.

Match picks up a bit when Kane tags in and starts destroying people, then starts a little FIP segment but is too pick to keep down and tags RVD in.

And then the match kinda gets dull. I can’t get behind RVD, and honestly the Dudley Boys ain’t doing much to make their control segment that interesting either. HUGE difference between this and the SD tag titles match.

Very cold tag to Kane. Then RVD is back in seconds later like nothing happened.

EPIC neckbreaker from Devon to RVD from the ropes.

LOW BLOW TO KANE BY MORLEY. Then he accidentally levels Bubba with a clothesline. Devon kills him.

LANCE STORM. Takes out Devon, then gets a Bubba Bomb lol. 3-D to Morley. Fuck me this is a clusterfuck finish :p.

Chokeslam to Bubba, followed by a 5 Star, then a new referee shows up to count the 3. LOL.

Eh, this wasn’t that good. Boring mostly, with a clusterfuck finish.

Rating: *




Jazz Vs Trish Stratus – WWE Women’s Championship Match

:lmao like I’m gonna sit through this.

Rating: NO


NWO REUNION~! And by that I mean HBK, Booker T and Kevin Nash :lmao. Oh shit, I forget what the Raw main event is on this show. 6 man tag.


The Big Show Vs Rey Mysterio

Oooooo this could be a TON of fun. TON. FUN. OF.

Rey is playing MIND GAMES with Show right from the start, running out of the ring and teasing getting back in, then when Show comes out after him, Mysterio gets back in the ring and dropkicks Show in the face :lmao. Show is PISSED OFF and kicks the steel steps.

And then Show finally gets his hands on Rey and the gaint is in control. Always love the spot where Show grabs a guy by the HEAD and lifts them up onto the apron :mark:. Was even better here when Rey went all the way up to the second rope instead of just the apron :mark:.

CHOP TO THE BACK~! Rey is in serious trouble. So what does he do? CHEAT!! Steel chair to the skull behind the referee’s back!!! Senton off the ropes, but that still doesn’t get the job done.

619 TO SHOW’S GUT! THEN TO HIS BUTT! THEN TO THE FACE!!! WEST COAST POP… NAH. Show catches him by the throat, Chokeslams him to fucking hell and gets the win.

Short but ever so sweeeeeeeet. Tons of fun. Aftermath with Show swinging Rey while on a fucking STRETCHER BOARD is incredible.

Rating: **3/4


STACY AND TORRIE FAP FAP are still fighting. Stacy gets pushed into something and then a box falls off the top onto her head and Torrie looks HORRIFIED :lmao. Not sure it was supposed to fall on her :lmao. Steiner shows up to help Stacy then Test shows up to scream at things.


Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena – WWE Championship Match


Damn, Cena beat EDDIE GUERRERO, UNDERTAKER AND BENOIT in the title tournament to get this match. Don’t remember any of the matches lol.

Cena tries to gain the upper hand from the get go, but Lesnar just shrugs him off and MAULS HIM. :mark:

Brock almost looks like a HEEL for the first 5 or so minutes with the way he’s beating the fuck out of Cena, shoving the title in his face and mocking him lol.

:lmao Brock goes BACK FIRST into the steel steps… and gets busted open above his eye :lmao. SUPER CENA CAN DO ANYTHING~!

Sadly, SUPER CENA can’t do EVERYTHING. He can barely keep me interested as he works over Lesnar. Some stuff is ok, I like him really targeting the open wound of Lesnar, but as fun as that can be, he sucks the life out of stuff by applying a rest hold.

Lesnar’s comeback is :mark: at least.

:lmao Cena botches a clothesline so bad it forces Tazz to stutter.

Cena tries to cheat a few times, but in the end gets an F-5 and this match gives us the result that their Extreme Rules match should have gotten. LESNAR WINS.

Match is decent at best. Lesnar is great, but fuck, Cena is dull as shit 90% of the time. He really brings the match down.

Rating: **


Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash & Booker T Vs Triple H, Ric Flair & Chris Jericho

NWO Vs Evolution + Jericho. LOL.

I remember :mark: like FUCK back in 03 when Nash returned. BIG DADDY COOL was always a favourite of mine.

Over the years I’ve seen a bunch of big main event tag matches that throw in some of the big stars at the time, and man oh man have I LOVED them. Undertaker & Batista Vs Cena & HBK from No Way Out 07 is just tremendous for starters. And don’t even get me started on some from WCW in 92. DANGEROUS ALLIANCE VS WCW. Oh god :mark:. So on PAPER this one looks like it could be a ton of fun. HBK, OLD MAN FLAIR, Jericho kinda. Then the shitty guys like HHH, Nash and Booker can keep their shit to a minimum by not being in the match too long and sticking to JUST the few things they can do half decently.

However, I watched this a few years ago expecting it to be fun and maybe matching up to some of those other big tags. Sadly I found that it sucked :(. Maybe I was missing something before. Maybe THIS is the watch where I love it. Maybe Lita will come and blow me.

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? What did they do to Booker’s theme music? WHY? Isn’t it a fucking WWE OWNED THEME? Why the FUCK did they dub some really shitty generic version over it? Not that his theme is great to begin with but fuck me. This is just terrible.

HHH teases starting the match with Nash, but pussies out. So instead we get HBK Vs Jericho who are sort of continuing their WM XIX feud… but it never really goes anywhere like I thought it would. They have a pretty great match on Raw in like, JULY, but aside from that HBK moves on to a small feud with Flair, and Jericho… does something for a month or so then moves on to Nash once Nash gets done with HHH. Oh yeah, he faces GOLDBERG, right? SD in 03 was doing great… Raw was like they didn’t know what the fuck they were doing for the most part.

Poor Flair. Tags in, misses an elbow and lets Booker T tag out :lmao.



Wow, seems kinda early to be throwing out finishers.

Oh well, allows HBK to be the one doing the FIP, as I was afraid it would be Booker T (yeah, I’ve seen the match before but I don’t remember shit lol).

Oh god HHH and HBK brawling. STOP IT.

Huh, Nash got a hot tag in. I barely noticed. This has been DULL AS SHIT. Nothing to talk about. At all.

LIONSAULT TO HBK WHILE HE’S STUCK IN A FIGURE FOUR. Most interesting thing to happen since the 2 random finishers early into the match.

Sledgehammer shot to Nash. It’s over. Thankfully.

Bad. Bad bad bad.

Rating: *


The Rock Vs Goldberg

Urgh. If this wasn’t the main event I’d just move on to the next match.

:lmao at Rock getting caught up in the ropes when he tries to sell the POWAH of Goldberg by bouncing out of the ring.

About 3 minutes into the match and… ROCK BOTTOM BY GOLDBERG. Followed by… SPEAR! TO THE RING POST. And luckily Goldberg didn’t go head first into it and knock himself out this time. Then again maybe if he did that they’d have stopped the match…

Rock applies some weird leg submission hold. Like a modified Sharpshooter, only it looks like shit 8*D.

SPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE. LOL. Nice hope spot tbh.

GOLBOR! Man, Coach is an A+ commentator…

Rock hits some finishers. Golbor kicks out. Absolutely NOTHING happens in between the finishers.

Spear. Entire minute of standing around waiting for Rock to stand back up. Spear. Jackhammer. Win.

Well, shockingly enough this blew…

Rating: *


Overall CAL SCALE – 5

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