Big Cal Watches TNA No Surrender 2014 – Written Thoughts

Posted on: September 18th, 2014 by Big Cal

Alright, did this last month for… uhhhh whatever show that was. Decided to post random shit as I watch No Surrender too .

Taryn Terrell comes out first and Mike Tenay tells us this is PPV quality on TV. 30 seconds in to the show and I’m laughing. Good work, TNA! I’m usually reaching for a gun this long into Raw…

And I’m laughing again. Any time Angelina Love is on screen and they refer to her as one of the “beautiful people”, I burst out laughing. Or vomit. Depends how long the camera is on here.

Guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t know who Brittany is, as the crowd react as if it’s an intermission when she comes out.

Huh, thought this was a femal Battle Royal. Ohhhhh, Havok is a WOMEN. I was gonna say that freaky looking female wrestlers are usually better in ring than the slutty looking models… but Angelina Love ruins that by being freakishly hideous AND terrible at everything.

Sat here waiting for Tazz to plug the WWE Network, given that so far during this match he’s plugged the Knockouts calendar and Gail Kim’s edition of Flex Magazine.

No idea who this Rebel women is but she took a bump over the ropes and it looked like she didn’t realise there would be steel steps there . Ouch.

Havok wins. I’ve seen more exciting diva matches on Raw. No, that’s a lie. I don’t watch diva matches on Raw.

Oh hey, now Mike is plugging Bellator. Nice of the commentators to either give you something to look at/read instead of watching TNA, or even something to watch instead!

So what the feck is going on with this Samuel Shaw angle? One month he’s stalking Christy Hemme, then he’s in a padded room, and then Gunner for some reason gets him out and… stuff.

Damn, Zack Gowen has certainly changed since the last time I saw him.

Homicide is still with TNA? Or is he just one of the random people TNA have brought in over the last couple of months to work a few shows?

that snap belly to belly overhead into the turnbuckle was sweeeeeet.



Overall the match was fine. Joe trying to wrestle like it’s 2005 is still sad to see though.

Nice to see that James Storm isn’t in the woods with a half naked man tied up any more.

Seems he might have done it to someone else though, as Manik is now with Storm and Sanada.

Borash is taller than Davey .

is Matt back on the drugs? HE JUST RAN INTO A LADDER. All by himself. The Wolves were using it to smash into Bully. Then Matt just RAN into it. THE FUCK WAS HE TRYING TO DO?

Worst. Helicopter with a ladder spot. Ever.

Devon does the WASSSUP headbutt off a ladder, that is set up right in front of one turnbuckle… and he still only climbs as high as the ropes. WHY EVEN BOTHER WITH THE LADDER?

2 ladders in the ring? Nah, not enough, gotta bring in a third for no real reason!!!

POWERBOMB onto a ladder to re-enact the see-saw spot that murdered Joey Mercury’s face at Armageddon 2006! Unfortunately nobody was injured this time .

the only part of Jeff that landed on Devon from the Swanton was his legs .

I think Jeff just died.

Wolves win.

Kinda feel sorry for anyone who has to have a ladder match these days. Thanks to WWE having one like, every 3 months or something for a 4 or 5 year period completely fucked everyone over because now all the cool spots have not only been done before, but done to fucking death. Only time I mark out in a ladder match these days is when someone botches and the spot ends up looking deadly as fuck .

Generic bearded brawler vs other generic bearded brawler. Yey! Ok, decided to google Bram. Turns out he’s Ric Flair’s son in law?

Thankfully this was short and… practically a squash too .

Bobby Rooooooo Vs THE DESTROYER LASHLEY. Is that his officially name? No Bobby as his first name? Or is his first name now simply THE DESTROYER?

Kinda hope they rip off Lesnar/Cena with Lashley murdering Roode for 20 minutes .

they mentioned a bunch of times early on that Roode is a veteran and a smart wrestler… yet constantly gets distracted by things on the outside allowing Lashley to maul him .

Wow, is it just me or is Lashley DULL AS FUCK? Even his spear kinda looks half arsed.

holy shit, Roode just hit a fucking AA to Lashley, from the ring to the floor .

Ohhh ok, it’s his Roode Bomb finisher, which is an AA into a neckbreaker basically. Would be more awesome if it was literally JUST an AA .

they show replays after the match and somehow I MISSED Roode hitting an actual Roode Bomb earlier in the match. That’s how interesting Lashley matches are to watch.

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