Judgment Day 2004 PPV Ramblings

Posted on: September 21st, 2014 by Big Cal


Judgment Day 2004


I cannot wait to get to the main event. EDDIE VS JBL :mark:. Just hope the rest of the card isn’t too awful lol.


Rey Mysterio & RVD Vs The Dudley Boys

Awesome start to this match; Bubba screams at the ref because Rey isn’t holding onto the tag rope, so while the ref is dealing with Rey… Devon shows up and nails RVD from behind while Bubba gets out of the ring and stands on the apron :lmao.

RVD does a pretty sweeeeeeet kick to Devon’s head… but at the same time it was hilarious because it looked like RVD just fell to the floor and then his leg bounced off the mat :lmao.

More great heel tag work from those DAMN DUDLEYS as Bubba keeps attacking RVD while on the apron, and pulling the ropes down in order to gain an unfair advantage.

I swear RVD doesn’t do ANYTHING except kick for the entire time he’s in the match before Rey gets a hot tag, aside from a dive over the ropes about 2 minutes into the match :lmao.

:mark: Rey’s turn to be FIP. He tries for the West Coast Pop but Bubba catches him in a powerbomb position, then throws him up and back so he lands throat first on the ropes :mark:.

Dudley’s are totally ruling in this. They just BEAT DOWN whoever happens to be in the ring with them. Nothing fancy, just big clubbing blows. Bubba lands one hell of a fucking shot to Rey’s ribs while setting him up for a suplex. He just winds back and decks Rey in the ribs with a right hand. Just for the fucking hell of it.

Can’t believe I wasn’t looking forward to this. I like Rey and I like the Dudley Boys, and at times RVD can be good too. I guess the whole “2004” Dudley Boys put me off a bit because when I was watching all this stuff at the time, the Dudleys were stale as FUCK to me. But this is an awesome tag match. Perfect example of how a tag match should be done.

RVD hot tag and… holy shit he does a clothesline!!! Followed by some kicks :lmao.

Lol, you KNOW the Wassup headbutt isn’t going to happen when the referee doesn’t even attempt to pretend there is something to distract him :p.

:mark: Shades of READY TO RUMBLE with RVD launching Rey up into Devon who is sat on the turnuckle ready for a hurricanrana. I love that move lol. And I love that movie!


Yeah this is kinda awesomes.

Rating: ***3/4


:lmao Booker T gets interviewed and half of his promo is him turning AWAY FROM THE MICROPHONE so we can barely hear his shit :lmao.


:lmao at Angle having his own PORTABLE RAISING STAND :lmao. GM wheelchair Kurt was awesome. :lmao Angle says he hopes LA gets the biggest earthquake in history once he leaves. HE WANTS TO KILL THEM ALL :lmao. Now he wants to end Torrie Wilson’s career.


Torrie Wilson Vs Dawn Marie – If Torrie Loses She’s Fired

Hmmm… a career IS on the line in this match… and yet I’m still not watching :lmao.

Rating: NO


JBL backstage promo :mark:.


Scotty 2 Holly Vs Mordecai

Mordecai :lmao. He was originally set to be a big opponent for Undertaker :lmao.



This is a decent enough squash. :lmao at Scotty hitting a superkick and nearly doing the worm. I’d have given this ***** is Scotty actually landed it :lmao.


Rating: *


Chavo Classic with his pants down :lmao. Jacqueline shows up and brings Chavo Jr a gift… bra and panties! :lmao at Chavo Classic in the background playing around with them :lmao.


Rico & Charlie Hass Vs Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn – WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Rico & Charlie Hass were tag champs? :lmao

:lmao Harcore Holly & Billy Gunn are teaming here? Did they run out of actual tag teams? :lmao

:lmao at Billy and Bob (ha, Harcore has teamed with both GUNNS) arguing over who starts the match against Rico.

Did they ever do a Rico and Goldust tag or match?

Hass frustrates Holly by taking the match to the mat and owning him. :lmao at Rico slapping Hass’ tits to tag in. Then he bums Holly who runs away and tags out.

:lmao Rico is hilarious. Slapping people on the arse, grabbing arses, slapping tities and tweaking nipples :lmao. Gunn tries to run and tag out but Holly dives off the apron to avoid it :lmao.

Seems that Billy Gunn isn’t the ASS MAN that Rico was hoping :lmao.

Hass gets back in and now Holly and Gunn can mount some offence as they feel more comfortable dominating a guy wearing nothing but boots and super short shorts… while Rico is fully dressed :p.

Miss Jackie is great on the outside just bouncing around. Lucky Hass gets to hit that any time he wants. Unless she’s tired. or has a headache. Or doesn’t feel like it. Or is mad at him for something he should know about but doesn’t and she refuses to tell him what it is…

“DON’T YOU HURT MY CHARLIE” that was from RICO and not Jackie :lmao.





Cool finish. Fun match. Rico stuff was awesome :lmao. This show is turning out to not be quite as awful as I was expecting. So far…

Rating: ***




Jacqueline Vs Chavo Guerrero – WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match, Chavo’s arm is tied behind his back

:lmao like I’m even gonna attempt this.

Rating: NO


John Cena Vs Rene Dupree – WWE United States Championship Match

:lmao fuck this shit.

Rating: NO


The Undertaker Vs Booker T

Man I still remember the episode of SD when Undertaker first appears to confront Booker T. Fans went fucking APESHIT :mark:. In fact I think I have it on disc somewhere. Might pop it in later just to watch that segment lol.

Shame Undertaker was stuck with Booker T after returning as the Dead Man at WM. Booker T sucks. If only Lesnar had stayed :(. Lesnar? Undertaker? THE STREAK ISN’T BROKEN DAMMIT :(.

:lmao at Booker T with a bag of dirt. Apparently it’s to help him against The Undertaker. It’d be more useful for him to throw the dirt in Undertaker’s eyes…

“It’s often debated, of whether or not the Undertaker is dead or alive” :lmao are you fucking serious Cole? 6 months ago he was a fucking redneck biker. WE KNOW HE ISN’T REALLY DEAD :lmao.

Booker T shoves Undertaker… so Undertaker blasts him in the face with a right hand. Booker T no smart.

Undertaker dominates Booker early on, until Booker manages to smash Undertaker’s throat down onto the ropes and follow up with a missile dropkick. And his control segment lasts about a minute before Undertaker is back in charge :lmao. Can’t complain, I don’t really buy Booker being in control of DEAD MAN Undertaker for long. You know, because Booker T sucks.

LAST RIDE~! BOOKER T ESCAPES~! THROWS THE DIRT INTO UNDERTAKER’S EYE~! :lmao I swear I did NOT remember Booker T doing that. But I totally said he should have at the start!!!

:lmao it’s totally worthless though, Undertaker just gets PISSED.

KNEE FIRST INTO THE TURNBUCKLE~! Booker T can work the leg of Undertaker now, which might be more believable for him to control the match than punching Undertaker in the face like he tried earlier…

I know Paul Bearer wasn’t in the best of health around this time after his surgery, but fuck me, he does NOTHING on the outside. In fact I forgot he was there until he stood next to Undertaker while he was on the outside recovering from being sent knee first into the steel steps.

Fucks sake Booker. Undertaker’s KNEE is hurt… and you are locking in a FRONT FACE LOCK? Why are you so damn retarded?

AXE KICK~! Undertaker kicks out and sits up! Screw you and your shitty finisher!

CHOKESLAM~! :lmao Booker T jumps too high and nearly fucks up the move :lmao.


Match is ok. Nothing special, but certainly watchable, and being BIASED like I am for Undertaker matches, I enjoyed it more than most people probably will :p.

Rating: **3/4


Eddie Guerrero Vs JBL – WWE Championship Match

:mark: THIS is the match I’ve been waiting for. What a fucking build up to this one too. JBL goes from a beer drinking tag wrestler to who he actually is in real life, a rich bastard :p. He wants to succeed in wrestling just as he has in the stock market. He gets a title shot, then proceeds to mess with Eddie, and even his family, causing his mother to have a heart attack! Eddie is fucking PISSED and goes nuts, killing everyone he sees with a steel chair, and taking JBL he’s going to kick the SHIT out of him. He said SHIT. He hit babyfaces, heels and referees with a chair. And we LOVED IT, because it’s exactly what we’d expect someone to do in this situation. None of this smiley smiley Cena crap.

JBL cuts a promo before the match and says he just fired his maid because she stole from him, but he’ll happily hire Eddie’s MUM. What a cunt!

EDDIE chants before he even comes out :mark:. Love this entrance btw. He plays to the crowd like always, because he loves his fans and knows they helped him get to where he is, but as he gets closer to the ring, he keeps glancing over at JBL and you see him stop smiling for a moments before going back to slapping hands of fans and whatnot. And then he gets to the ring and doesn’t take his eyes of JBL. He’s fucking pissed and JBL is going to PAY tonight :mark:.

Bell rings and Eddie charges at JBL and beats the FUCK out of him. Or SHIT, to be more precise! No locking up, no feeling each other out, just pure VIOLENCE :mark:.

JBL bumps like crazy for Eddie. Going down from just one punch, despite the size difference which would put people off going down from one shot. He damn near kills himself going head first into the ring post and then diving over the announce table (nearly taking out the Spanish announcers too lol). Always great when a heel will go out of their way to really put over the babyface no matter what.

Man, JBL gets NOTHING in for the first 3 or 4 minutes. Awesome.

An Irish Whip reversal gives JBL a chance to recover and finally go on the attack. He gives it all back to Eddie, punching him in the face and even sending him over the Spanish Announce table!

Like the use of a headlock by JBL here. He keeps blasting Eddie and knocking him down, but the champ keeps bouncing back up, refusing to stay down, so JBL just grabs him in a headlock and powers him down to the mat to KEEP him down.


BACK BODY DROP~! EDDIE LANDS ON THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE~! TABLE DOESN’T BREAK~! But Eddie is STILL getting back up and trying to fight!!! NOTHING will stop him from avenging his family!!!

JBL does a nice job just trying to beat down and wear down Eddie, but man oh man Eddie’s comebacks are a thing of beauty. MULTIPLE THUMBS TO THE EYE~!

THREE AMIGOS~! But JBL counters the third one.

Holy shit at that ref bump! That looked fucking AWESOME. Eddie fires up, does his VIVA LA RASA schtick, then turns and runs for the ropes and the moment he turns and starts moving he CRASHES into the referee and it looked like the most… organic ref bump EVER tbh.

And then it happens. THAT FUCKINGS CHAIR SHOT. Holy motherfucking SHIT. JBL hits Eddie full force, and Eddie is GUSHING BLOOD. FUCKING GUSHING BLOOD. Fucking SICK.

The blade job makes Vince McMahon look like the most cautious blader in the history of blading.

STEEL STEPS THE TO THE FACE~! JBL isn’t giving Eddie a chance in hell.

JBL PUNCHING the open wound makes me :mark:. Simple shit that makes a match more awesome.

CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL~! The referee is still down though, meanwhile the fans are chanting for Eddie to get back into this thing. Another referee and…


Another Clothesline from Hell attempt is countered by a drop toe hold, and JBL takes out the second ref!

POWERBOMB~! The first ref is able to make a cover now, but EDDIE STILL KICKS OUT!!!

NOTHING is going to stop Eddie! He’s fighting for MORE than just the title!!!

Sleeper hold, and fuck me that’s a brilliant move. All that blood loss PLUS a sleeper? Eddie could be FINISHED.

Oh man oh man oh FUCKING MAN. Eddie firing up, COVERED IN BLOOD and after the beating he’s taken is fucking tremendous! :mark: that might be one of my favourite things ever in a match.


FROG SPLASH~! But Eddie in the state he’s in took far too long, and JBL moved. Man, the ring is just stained with BLOOD. In-fucking-sane.

JBL tries to take a page out of Eddie’s book, bringing in a steel chair and the title belt. While the ref gets rid of the chair, he tries to use the title, but Eddie takes it from him! Then, in plain sight of the referee, Eddie DECKS JBL with the title, getting himself DQ’d. Then he mounts Bradshaw and unloads with rights and lefts until 3 referees drag him away! Eddie isn’t done with JBL! The match might be over, but Eddie’s revenge isn’t!!!

CHAIR TO THE FACE~! Sweet justice for earlier in the match. ANOTHER SHOT WITH THE CHAIR~! FROG SPLASH~! The referees drag JBL out of the ring to SAVE HIM FROM EDDIE.

This. Is. Incredible. It’s just wonderful in every way possible. The angle going into the match is great. Everything they do in the match is PERFECT for the feud. No fancy wrestling, just straight up FIGHTING, especially from Eddie. The blood adds more to this match than perhaps any other. Eddie fighting back from all the abuse and the sick blade job is amazing. One of the few matches to make great use of a DQ finish too. I don’t think anything from 2004 I still need to watch is going to top this!!!

Rating: ****3/4


Overall CAL SCALE – 12

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