Undertaker Month – Review a Day #19

Posted on: November 19th, 2010 by Big Cal

The Undertaker Vs JBL – SummerSlam 15/08/2004

Since returning as the Dead Man earlier in the year at WrestleMania XX, The Undertaker had been unstoppable. Which worked out perfectly as he was set to face JBL for the WWE Championship, and boy did I want JBL to lose that belt lol. Looking back at JBL’s reign, I kinda like it, but at the time, like almost everyone else, I just wanted it to STOP.

Undertaker goes right after JBL and looks to be in control, but once he goes for Old School, those awesome clubbing blow of JBL come into play and he manages to counter the move by trying to cave in Undertaker’s face. From here JBL shows some great aggression, and even goes to the top rope for a shoulder block! Good to see JBL stepping up his game while being in the ring with The Undertaker, because it’s going to take a hell of a lot to stop the Dead Man.

Unfortunately for JBL, it’s his aggression that causes his downfall, when Undertaker reverses JBL running into the corner at him. Undertaker then shows us that perhaps JBL and his new found aggression IS a threat to him by taking Bradshaw down and locking in a triangle choke!

Orlando Jordon (urgh), JBL’s Chief of Staff, gets involved and allows JBL to smash a steel chair over the leg of The Undertaker! Some great offence from JBL following this move, doing things like tripping him up on the steel steps so he falls on the bad knee. Despite this match being really good so far, the fans decide it’s more fun to do a Mexican Wave (in Canada) instead. Fuck you.

Undertaker brings some of his MMA skills to the match as he gives JBL a taste of his own medicine going after the leg. The fans continue to randomly shout and scream and seemingly ignore the match… until they chant for the “Spanish Table”, I guess hoping someone will go through it… or maybe they are just a big fan of the table. Hard to tell tbh.

The action continues to be awesome, with some great brawling between the two, and even a superplex by Undertaker to JBL! Great to see JBL going back to work on the leg too, after he uses the injury to escape a Last Ride and Chokeslam attempt!

After JBL kicks out of a Chokeslam, Undertaker looks to go for something bigger, until OJ gets involved, distracting The Undertaker long enough to get levelled with a Clothesline from Hell! Instead of ending the match though, it just angers the Phenom, resulting in some punch exchanges, a ref bump, and then a double big boot that takes down both men! With the ref down though, OJ gets involved again, and following a shot to the head from the WWE Championship, drags the referee over and begins to count, only for The Undertaker to kick out at 2! Loved that spot lol. Even through cheating and doing the count for JBL, OJ was unable to help his boss actually get the win!

The WWE Championship belt is brought back into the ring again, and this time Undertaker uses it to deck the champ in the face, but the referee just woke up and DQ’s the Dead Man! Damn JBL, getting to hold onto the belt for another month (or another 6 months before he ACTUALLY loses it…).

The Undertaker isn’t pleased with the decision, and decides to make JBL pay. He slams him onto JBL’s own limo, busting him open, then proceeds to walk to the back, before deciding he isn’t done yet :D. Chokeslam through the roof of the limo! Undertaker may not have won, but that was a great way to end the whole thing.

Awesome contest here. Lots of stiff shots, some great leg work, nice selling, good use of OJ on the outside, and while I don’t like the ending, it served its purpose to help build to the Last Ride match between the two.

Rating: ***3/4

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