Judgment Day 2005 PPV Ramblings

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Judgment Day 2005


Here stands the sinful man, to face his judgment day…


MNM Vs Hardcore Holly & Charlie Hass – WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Melina needs to return to do nothing but her entrance every night.

Hass & Holly. What a team. :lmao

Crazy arm drag near the start of this match that was SUPPOSED to send Nitro through the ropes, but he got all caught up instead and ruined what could have potentially been an awesome spot :(.

Mercury makes a mistake of CHOPPING Hardcore Holly. Oh boy. Holly turns him around and chops the absolute shit out of him :mark:. Nitro tries to help out and runs right into a chop too and gets knocked off the apron!

Holly and Hass seem to have this one in hand, with Holly setting Mercury up for the Alabama Slam… but gets caught with a superkick behind the referee’s back!

Time for MNM to take control, something I’m a fan of. Really enjoyed MNM’s run back in the day, they were probably the best team WWE had after the E&C/Hardys/Dudleys era and before THE SHIELD came along.

Bah, MNM barely get any time to work over Holly before he makes the hot tag. Hass comes in on FIRE, and even launches himself over the ropes onto both Nitro and Mercury! Melina gets involved to no avail, but Holly ends up running shoulder first into the ring post leaving Hass alone for a Snap Shot.

Fine match. Just didn’t get the time it needed to really be a good match.

Rating: **


The Big Show Vs Carlito

:lmao Carlito poisoned Big Show with an Apple :lmao. He never has much luck. Poison Apple. Bad Burrito. Shot with a tranquilliser gun…

Matt Morgan is the bodyguard for Carlito. He looks pretty weird with jet black hair and beard :p. Oh he also has a stutter because…

Show dominates early on, then Morgan interferes and Carlito gets about 20 seconds of offence in before Show just starts throwing him away with one hand which is pretty fun to watch. Big Show is basically telling Carlito to fuck off because he’s nothing :p.



Carlito wins.

Well this was… a match.

Rating: 1/2*


Paul London Vs Chavo Guerrero – WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

Chavo is pretty aggressive early on. London tries to take him down and Chavo just kicks the shit out of him. Guess he’s letting out all that built up frustration that he’s had bottled up for years from being a disappointment to the Guerrero family… :p.

London has bad ribs going into this match or something (not taped up though), but they aren’t bothering him much early on… until he goes for a 450 splash and lands right on the knees of Chavo! Fuck, normally with shit like that you can clearly see how they’ve protected themselves… but not here. Looked like London actually landed ribs first onto Chavo’s knees. OUCH.

So… London is retarded. Chavo is working his bad ribs, then the moment he gets a chance to make a comeback… he does a flip off the ropes to the floor. And BARELY even touches Chavo, instead landing back first HARD on the mat. So Chavo sucks for not protecting him, and London sucks for doing that kind of move in this match. And then basically not fucking selling it straight after. Bah.

450 Splash about a minute later and London retains. Damn. Never thought a match with Chavo would have a problem OTHER THAN Chavo being in the match.

Rating: 1/2*


Booker T is looking for Angle. Turns out Angle is off to rape Sharmell. She’s saved by the… music, in this case, as Angle’s music starts playing for his match :lmao. WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?


Kurt Angle Vs Booker T

Oh god, this feud :lmao. Angle goes from feuding with HBK at WM to… wanting to rape Sharmell :lmao.

Kurt Angle likes gutter sluts :lmao.

He wants perverted bestiality sex with Sharmell :lmao.


Oh, not watching this match btw. Fuck that :p.

Rating: NO


Orlando Jordan Vs Heidenreich – WWE United States Championship Match


Rating: NO


Eddie Guerrero Vs Rey Mysterio

Fuck. Yes. :mark:

THIS is the match I wanted to see on this show. Already watched their awful, awful WM match, and their average ladder match from SS. Now it’s time to watch the real good stuff from their feud. JD, followed by the GAB match. Hell I might even stick on their SD match in between too for the hell of it. Possibly even their cage match too.

Eddie slowly turning into a heel was just tremendous. Nobody, NOBODY was better than Eddie Guerrero in 2005 around this time. NO. BODY.

Great to see a match with Eddie and Mysterio start off as a FIGHT rather than them doing fancy shit. Mysterio was taken out with a brainbuster on the steel steps and is returning tonight to take revenge, and Eddie, well, has gone insane over the last few weeks. Both guys want to DESTROY the other. Just cool to know that these guys can put on the most perfect wrestling/high flying match like at Halloween Havoc 1997 and then have a match like this where they want to kill on another.

The back, ribs and neck of Rey are still hurt from that Brainbuster on the steps a few weeks ago, so Eddie makes sure to focus on everything. Smashing Rey back first onto the announce table, hitting that beautiful back suplex than only Eddie can do so perfectly, applying a headlock, and of course the classic abdominal stretch!

Eddie is out to prove on thing and one thing only; he’s BETTER than Rey Mysterio. After his loss to Rey at WM, Eddie slowly began to lose it, and slowly but surely he turned heel as he decided he needs to do anything and everything to BEAT Rey, no matter the cost to their friendship.

Rey gets a bunch of little comeback attempts as you would expect, but unlike usual, he isn’t flying around, instead he’s just trying to punch the fuck out of Eddie. This is PERSONAL, and an arm drag ain’t personal enough!

:mark: Eddie begins to drag Rey outside to the steel steps to hit another Brainbuster, and Rey’s attempts to get away are just incredible. He KNOWS what Eddie wants to do to him, and he desperately tries to escape until Eddie grabs the back of his mask and pummels him. Beautiful lol. Rey manages to save himself by shoving Eddie into the ring post, then uses the ring post for a unique 619!!!

BIG BOOT FROM MYSTERIO~! The whole set up to it was awesome too. Now it’s time for a Mysterio comeback :mark:. He uses a mix of quick high flying moves to ground Eddie, then follows up with PUNCHES TO THE FACE :mark:.

TOP ROPE SUPERPLEX~! Rey’s back and ribs may not recover from that!

Eddie makes the cover… but Rey kicks out! Eddie gets angry and continues to cover Rey who continues to kick out!

Cool to see Eddie calm himself down so he doesn’t lose focus and potentially cost himself the match. He goes for 3 Amigos, but ends up caught up in the ropes, perfect position for the 619! Rey is too hurt to follow up though.

For some reason Chavo shows up to distract the referee, allowing Eddie to bring a chair in. It backfires on Eddie though, and he still ends up taking a 619!!!

West Coast Pop coming up… and Rey flies right into a CHAIR SHOT TO THE FACE. Eddie has lost it, and gets DQ’d as a result. This is FAR from over!!!

Eddie continues to beat the fuck out of Rey with a chair after the match. FINALY appearance to help Rey to the back :mark:.

God, this is spectacular. The HATE~! The way Eddie does whatever he can to beat Rey, only to realise that on this night he CAN’T do it, so he smashes Rey’s face in with a chair instead. He can’t BEAT Mysterio, but he can sure as hell BEAT HIM UP. And this will soften Mysterio up for the next time they wrestle!

Rating: ****1/4


John Cena Vs JBL – WWE Championship I Quit Match

JBL is carrying the ORIGINAL WWE Championship belt to the ring, because Cena has that god awful pile of shite spinner belt that lasted WAY too long. Now he have another shitty belt design brought to us by The Rock. Just bring back the WWE/Undisputed title back please. It looked awesome.

What. The. Fuck. Cena comes out on… a big truck thingy with speakers and some loser DJ making Cena’s theme sound even worse. Then he walks on JBL’s limo and breaks the bullhorns off. VANDAL~!

MOVE ON THE FLOOR~! No idea what it was exactly until they show us a replay because the camera was not in position. Tazz thinks it was a DDT, despite the fact Cena is up BEFORE JBL who hit the move :lmao. Turns out it was a neckbreaker.

“SAY I QUIT OR YOUR ASS IS MINE!”. Cena better say it tbh, because we’ve all heard the stories of JBL in the shower with guys :side:.

:lmao right after that JBL steals the belt off the time keeper.

CHOKING CENA USING THE BELT AND RING POST~! But of course Super Cena is able to be choked out for a while then fight right out of it :p.

Close call on that back body drop from one table through the other. One inch the other way and JBL could have SERIOUSLY hurt himself there.

Ahh, the ever classic JBL chair shot while down at the side of an announce table :). None will ever compare to the Eddie one, but it’s always fun to see. Cena is BUSTED WIDE OPEN too :mark:. The way the blood is makes it seem like his NECK is bleeding instead :lmao.

STEEL STEPS TO THE FACE~! JBL beating people up never gets olds. Sweet jebus, Cena is really trying to emulate Eddie from the year prior with his blade job. His face and body are COVERED in blood. But despite losing that blood AND being choked with a chain, he still fights back…

Cena comeback. F-U. JBL tries to leave. Tazz: “HEY, YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” :lmao.

JBL again hits a neckbreaker on Cena, this time on the hood of the limo. And AGAIN Cena is the first to move around. Fucks sake.

:lmao JBL went head first through a TV :lmao. I’m sorry, but that’s fucking HILARIOUS rather than brutal. JBL then gets smashed through a limo window and… that does look more brutal than funny :p.


Must be great to be able to smash up a limo whenever you feel like it for TV.

Wow, I’m actually getting bored with them beating each other up. JBL seems to just want to choke Cena constantly. He’s done it about 5 times now and it’s never worked for him. And then JBL climbs on a speaker right next to a table in a blatant set up to a table spot.

:lmao the finish is fucking hilariously bad :lmao. JBL has been beaten up, head through a TV and a car window… but Cena walks over to him with a metal pipe and JBL quits. And then Cena hits him with it anyway because he’s a fucking cunt. Didn’t he do something similar with Batista too? Batista quit and Cena still gave him an F-U through the stage because he’s a fucking piece of shit? Yeah, I’m sure that’s what happened. 2010, right?

This has some good stuff here and there, but overall feels like a forced brawl. Eddie/Rey had a better brawl right before it and didn’t resort to blood or weapons outside of the chair shot that ENDED the match.

Rating: ***


Overall CAL SCALE – 6.5

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