Undertaker Month – Review a Day #23

Posted on: November 23rd, 2010 by Big Cal

The Undertaker Vs The Rock – WWF Raw 17/05/1999

Another casket match lol, but I’m 100% certain it’s the last one on my list :P.

As far as I know, this match is made for no other reason than the Corporate Ministry hating The Rock. So that’s a good enough reason for me!

The Rock also has a cast on his left arm… I bet the cheating little bastard will use that as a weapon in this match! You’d never catch Undertaker using a cast as a weapon *uses hypnosis on everyone reading this so they forget about a certain Hell in a Cell match in 2002* :P.

The not so great one takes the fight right to the Dead Man, knowing that The Undertaker only needs to catch The Rock with one move and he will be in trouble. And the one move comes in the form of a running DDT.

While The Undertaker is caving in The Rock’s skull, we see the Corporate Ministry fighting backstage with The Union (I think it was them anyway lol).

The Rock manages to gain the upperhand, and goes for a People’s Elbow, only for Undertaker to sit up, causing The Rock to kick him in the face before finally hitting the elbow. Pretty cool spot, even if I can’t stand The Rock.

HHH shows up and prevents The Rock from putting Undertaker in the casket, then gets his arse kicked on the outside, forcing him to retaliate by smashing a sledgehammer down on the already broken arm! Ha! A few more shots to the arm and The Undertaker sticks The Rock in the casket, then HHH locks it shut!

Its short, but its fun :). Mainly because The Rock gets the shit kicked out of him for the most part, then while he’s locked in the casket, HHH, Undertaker and Shane knock it over and HHH destroys it with a sledgehammer :D. Aside from being fun though, there really isn’t much to the match, mainly due to how shot it was.

Oh, and when they take the casket backstage and people are trying to open it, Sgt Slaughter takes one look at The Rock when they finally get the lid open and just says “get an ambulance”. Awesome.

Rating: *

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