Undertaker Month – Review a Day #24

Posted on: November 24th, 2010 by Big Cal

The Undertaker Vs Steve Austin – WWF Smackdown 01/11/2001

On Raw a few days earlier, Kurt Angle defected to The Alliance, and The Undertaker is pissed for two reasons; his fellow WWF team member turning on the company The Undertaker helped to build, and because Vince McMahon questioned his loyalty. So tonight the American Bad Ass is going to take out all his anger on the leader of The Alliance, Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Austin knows The Undertaker is gonna be pissed, and jumps the Phenom just as he gets off his back, but makes the mistake of angering The Undertaker even MORE by messing around with the ABA’s bike!

From here The Undertaker unleashes hell in the form of rights and lefts to the face of the Texas Rattlesnake, and even tries to run him over with his bike since Austin seemed to want to play with it :P.

They brawl in the crowd (well, Austin gets his arse kicked in the crowd lol), then they make their way to the ring finally, with Undertaker still dominating the WWF Champion (speaking of the belt, it’s on the line here lol, didn’t know until now)!

Steve tries to escape with the title belt, but Undertaker chases after him, locks in a headlock with one arm while holding the title with the other, and walks back to the ring to end this match.

All of that stalling allowed Austin to recover a little, and he had enough in him to hit the Stunner! Unfortunately for Steve it knocks Undertaker out of the ring, but at least it put the WWF Champion back in control.

The Undertaker keeps trying to fight back, and eventually regains control as the match gets closer to the finish. Austin tries to cheat with a steel chair, but Undertaker counters, and we go into REF BUMP~! territory! Now Austin can use the steel chair without getting DQ’d, and he wants to break the ankle of The Undertaker, putting him in the hospital like apparently Angle did to Kane earlier in the night (more story to the match I didn’t know about lol)!

Before Austin can jump off the ropes onto the chair, Undertaker gets up and levels Austin with the chair, busting him wide open, and then Chokeslams him straight to hell! 1… 2… Kurt Angle shows up and breaks the count. Bah! From here, The Undertaker gets destroyed by the two men as the rest of Team WWF is either a traitor (Angle lol), in hospital (Kane), or too busy with their personal issues (Rock and Jericho).

Great TV main event! The Undertaker goes into the match with a whole bunch of different reasons to kill Austin and win the match. Angle turned his back on Team WWF and joined Austin and The Alliance. Vince McMahon questioned his loyalty. Kane was taken out by The Alliance. And the WWF Title was on the line. Destroying Austin, the leader of The Alliance, and winning the WWF Title would have been just what The Undertaker and Team WWF needed at the time to try and get back on top and put a stop to the “biggest threat” the company had ever seen. Some awesome brawling from the two, and just all round great action. It’s usually very hit and miss when it comes to these two having a match, but they definitely worked great here and put on an extremely fun match.

Rating: ***1/4

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