Undertaker Month – Review a Day #26

Posted on: November 26th, 2010 by Big Cal

The Undertaker Vs Heidenreich – Survivor Series 14/11/2004

After costing The Undertaker the WWE Title at No Mercy, and running a car into the hearse that The Undertaker was knocked out in, The Undertaker damn sure wanted revenge… but it was Heidenreich that demanded this match! Heidenreich wears a straight jacket down to the ring, and given the fact he wanted a match with the Dead Man, he definitely needs it!

Believe it or not, this match was NOT a request! I actually wanted to watch it again, because I always remember this actually being a good match. So, time to see if I am as crazy as Heidenreich himself :P.

Match starts with both men staring each other down in their own ways. Undertaker standing completely still, with Heidenreich moving around while never taking his eyes off the Dead Man. Just a small thing for Heidenreich to do to help put over his gimmick more.

Some awesome, and I mean fucking AWESOME strikes by The Undertaker put him in control at the beginning, but Paul Heyman on the outside helps distract the referee a couple of times allowing Heidenreich to target (and I can’t believe I’m actually typing this lol) the balls of the Dead Man. Thankfully this tactic is just to create an opening (do I even need to put a joke here?), but it seems the Dead Man has balls of steel, and he quickly regains control of the match while battling on the outside!

Back in the ring The Undertaker attempts Old School for the second time, this time actually landing it. When he hits the move, I’m pretty sure he grabs his balls to sell the previous attacks too. That’s right; The Undertaker is selling his balls. And again it’s his balls that cause The Undertaker to lose control when he runs at Heidenreich in the corner with a big boot and gets caught on the ropes. Usually he catches himself knee first in this situation, but I guess in keeping with the story of the match, he goes balls first this time.

Heidenreich tries to wear down The Undertaker as the Dead Man is constantly fighting for control. Some pretty great exchanges between the two during this time as well. Undertaker keeps using his strikes to keep himself in the match, and Heidenreich has some pretty good strikes too, as well as a great looking clothesline.

As the match goes on, Heidenreich continues to keep up with the veteran Undertaker, constantly matching his move for move and punch for punch, which seems to frustrate the Dead Man. Nothing he does is enough to put Heidenreich away, or even keep him down for long.

A rookie mistake allows The Undertaker to hit the Last Ride out of the corner, but not even THAT ends the match, as Heidenreich, despite being completely insane, is able to grab the ropes.

A little more back and forth action, and Undertaker hits the chokeslam, and finally puts Heidenreich away with a huge Tombstone! After the match The Undertaker sits in the corner and almost looks shocked that Heidenreich was able to last this long against him, and was able to take so much punishment and dish out more than his fair share too.

Well, turns out I wasn’t crazy; this match IS good. Really good, and perhaps a hidden gem as I doubt many people would look at the card for Survivor Series 2004 and expect this match to be good. Heidenreich actually looked great in the match, matching Undertaker blow for blow throughout the match. Nobody really gets a control segment; it’s very much a back and forth match for the entire contest with both men trying to put the other away. One of the better “big man vs big man” matches I can remember.

Rating: ***3/4

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