Undertaker Month – Review a Day #28

Posted on: November 28th, 2010 by Big Cal

The Undertaker & Kane Vs MVP & Matt Hardy – WWE Smackdown 12/10/2007

I looked at my list of matches to review to see what I was to watch next. I saw it was Vs Big Show at No Way Out 2003. Simply put, I was not in the mood for watching it based on the fact I remember hating it lol. So, one quick change to something completely random!

Ha, ended up watching parts of the show before I got to the tag match, and who makes his Smackdown debut? DREW MCINTYRE! He targets the arm too :P.

Ok, enough of that randomness, it’s onto the tag match!

MVP and Hardy are the “odd couple” tag champs, who started feuding with each other and then ended up teaming together because MVP didn’t want to face Matt for his US title. Great storyline, shame Hardy got injured and it kinda lost steam from there.

LMAO at MVP when Kane comes out. They have a big history from 2006, and as soon as Kane comes into the ring MVP runs away like a scared little girl :P. And of course MVP has a bit of history with The Undertaker from 2006 as well, but Undertaker will happily destroy him regardless of history together lol.

And let’s not forget Matt Hardy. I do believe Matt has a victory over The Undertaker from 2002 during Undertaker’s feud with Lesnar! Although he DID have some help from Lesnar… but it still counts! Right? 😛

Great spot early into the match when Undertaker gets a tag in. Hardy avoids Old School, but gets shoved off the ropes. While the ref checks on Hardy, MVP clotheslines Undertaker, only for Undertaker to sit right up, drag MVP into the ring and almost give him a double chokeslam with the help of Kane! That should teach MVP not to try and work as a team! 😛

Kane and Undertaker are clearly the more powerful team, but MVP and Hardy do their best to keep in the match and even try to control things. Kane runs shoulder first into the ring post, giving the tag champs an opening, but a single boot to the face puts the Brothers of Destruction right back on top. Trying to isolate a BOD is much harder than the tag champs would like.

BOD demonstrate great team work as they isolate MVP and absolutely destroy him for a little while. Despite getting destroyed, MVP shows great resilience by kicking out of everything Undertaker and Kane can throw at him, and even making the long awaited tag to Matt!

Now the whole “MVP is a bit of a cunt” comes into play, as remember, he and Matt don’t really like each other and MVP is technically a heel. Matt manages to fight off Kane and drop him with a Twist of Fate, but MVP makes a blind tag to try and gain the win for himself! Unfortunately this backfires with MVP being left alone in the ring with The Undertaker and a Tombstone! This one is over.

Good TV tag match here. Hardy and MVP did a great job against a bigger, more powerful team when they got the chance, and BOD were impressive as usual. The finish played nicely into the feud MVP and Matt were having too. Glad I decided to watch this over the Big Show match lol.

Rating: ***

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