Armageddon 2006 PPV Ramblings

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Armageddon 2006


Time to end 2006 PPV Rambles with… the final PPV of the year! Might not be the BEST show, but certainly one of the more FUN shows with a couple of great matches too!


Kane Vs MVP – Inferno Match

First inferno match since 1999! Which was Kane Vs HHH, I think? During that whole “Unforgiven Challenge” on Smackdown where HHH had to wrestle 5 crazy stipulation matches, including an inferno match with Kane, and a casket match against Undertaker (who walked out before the match and wasn’t seen again until JD 2000 because he was injured, so Mideon and Viscera replaced him).

You gotta have BALLS OF STEEL to be in one of these matches tbh. MVP was on the top rope when the flames shot up and almost caught his fucking leg. How he didn’t launch himself away in terror is beyond me lol.

LOL at each side all having a turn at going out.

KANE TAKES OFF A TURNBUCKLE PAD AND SETS IT ON FIRE!!! MVP attacked Kane and forced him to drop it and MVP nearly FELL ON IT.

Love when the flames shoot up in the air on impact from a big move :mark:. An awesome sight.

Despite the limitations of this match (you know, being surrounded by FIRE), they manage to have a pretty good match. Which can’t be the easiest thing to do lol.

As with all inferno matches, they end up on the outside because apparently getting set on fire INSIDE THE RING isn’t an option? :p

Poor MVP barely got anything in on Kane, and in the end, gets his BACK SET ON FIRE.


I like this :). They did well all things considering, and while MVP never really impressed me during his career, I did enjoy his series of matches with Kane in 06.

Rating: **1/2


Paul London & Brian Kendrick Vs William Regal & Dave Taylor Vs The Hardy Boys Vs MNM – WWE Tag Team Championship Ladder Match

Originally set to just be a normal tag between Londrick and Regal/Taylor, but Teddy Long decides to make it a 4 way ladder match! Both awesome (FOUR WAY LADDER MATCH) and disappointing (no regular tag between 2 awesome tag teams) :p.

Melina looking DAMN GOOD.

:lmao JBL is screaming and swearing about how Teddy Long is a bastard putting MVP in the inferno match, then goes crazy when he makes a 4 team ladder match, claiming they’ll be stretchering out bodies all night. Then once THE HARDY BOYS are announced he’s LOVING IT because they are the “KINGS OF TLC” apparently :lmao.

Wild crazy brawl to start things off, then REGAL AND TAYLOR begin to rule. Regal KILLS Londrick with suplexes. And we haven’t even got to the one on a ladder yet :mark:.

Hardy’s try to bring ladders into the ring, but Regal and Taylor throw them back out :p. They don’t want any part of ladders. They don’t NEED ladders to demolish people!

Bodies are flying EVERYWHERE :mark:.

Despite all the crazy ladder matches that took place prior to this one, they are still able to produce a TON of unique spots! And that is impressive tbh. Far too often now in MITB matches we see “standard” ladder spots and the matches suffer as a result.

Speaking of suffering…


Ouch. Fucking OUCH.

And hey, this match isn’t over yet!

REGAL AND TAYLOR TIME~! They’ve been on the floor for a little while, so it’s time for them to shine!!!



:lmao and after Regal does THAT, he tries to climb a ladder and wusses out because he’s terrified of heights :lmao. <3 REGAL.




SLICED BREAD #2 FROM THE TOP OF A LADDER TO REGAL~! Regal crashes to the mat and might be dead. Kendrick almost landed on his NECK and probably IS dead.


Oh my, this is just wonderful. “Spotfest” aren’t usually my thing, but every now and then one will come along and it’ll be done so awesomely, you can’t NOT like it. This is one of them. All 8 men do a terrific job, we get a TON of unique and awesome spots, some of which are my favourite ladder match related spots EVER, and the fact that Mercury had to be taken the hospital half way through the match and it didn’t stop the flow or screw these guys up is a testament to how good they are.

Rating: ****1/2


Fuck me, we are only TWO MATCHES IN to the PPV :mark:.


The Boogeyman Vs The Miz

Well this sure is a downer after that awesome ladder match. But I guess fans will need to get something to eat or drink, and take a piss, after not being able to go ANYWHERE during the last match.

Rating: NO


Chris Benoit Vs Chavo Guerrero – WWE United States Championship Match

:lmao they are actually trying to make people believe that Benoit intentionally hit Vickie at the Survivor Series when she got on the apron and Chavo shoved him into her :lmao. Benoit would NEVER hurt a women… nevermind.

Hoping this is fairly short like their SVS match. The longer it does, the worse it’s going to be because CHABO SUCKS.

Anyway, this was ok. A little longer than I would have wanted. Couldn’t be arsed wasting energy talking about Chabo :p.

Rating: **1/2


Gregory Helms Vs Jimmy Wang Yang – WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

YING YING YANG YONG YING YANG YANG~! I honestly don’t know why JBL said that :lmao.

We are getting one HELL of a great CW match here, plenty of action etc, no rest holds and the fans are chanting BORING? Some people just need a good slapping.

:mark: that running heel kick in the corner where Yang flies over the ropes and catches himself is awesome.

:lmao JBL reveals he wears chaps.


Helms flies off the ropes and gets caught with another heel kick right to the face!



Man, what a match. Great, great action. And that heel kick that caught Helms coming off the ropes seems to have busted him open too. Shame the fans were dumb cunts.

Rating: ***1/2


The Undertaker Vs Mr Kennedy – Last Ride Match

:mark: this card just keeps on giving!!!

:lmao all the way through Kennedy’s pre-match promo in the ring there is one guy just screaming YOUUUUU SUUUUUCK over and over again :lmao.

:mark: Undertaker is out to DESTROY Mr Kennedy. Awesome spot early on where Undertaker launches Kennedy off the announce table, ribs first into the apron!

:mark: THAT APRON LEGDROP~! Great camera angle underneath Kennedy’s head, and Mr Kennedy always tries to climb up the ropes which creates space between him and the apron, so he ends up taking a bump off the legdrop too :mark:.

:lmao that Kennedy hater can still be heard screaming YOU SUUUUCK :lmao.

SLEEPER HOLD~! Mr Kennedy has put Undertaker in the hearse! He goes to get in the front seat to drive away… and UNDERTAKER POPS OUT :lmao.

CHAIR SHOTS~! Kennedy is mauling the Dead Man with a steel chair, but The Undertaker keeps getting back up and ends up chasing Kennedy up on the Armageddon stage!!!

They battle on top of the stage and then…


:mark: always amazing to see Undertaker taking bumps like that despite his size and age. Also amazing that despite everything we’ve already seen tonight, that was STILL fucking awesome :mark:.

Kennedy has to drag the body of Undertaker to the hearse. This match has GOT to be over now, right?

Undertaker is in the hearse, Kennedy is in the driver’s seat and then… UNDERTAKER SITS UP AND DRAGS KENNEDY INTO THE BACK WITH HIM AND OUT AGAIN TO THE ARENA!!! Undertaker is alive! He’s alive!!!

Undertaker just tried to KILL Kennedy with a steel pipe!!! Luckily for Kennedy he was able to duck, and Undertaker instead smashed through the back window of the hearse.




This one is done!

:mark: Great match :mark:. Awesome brawling, some great spots, and any time we get to see THE UNDERTAKER driving is just something to behold :p.

The “worst” of their PPV series, which just says more about their previous matches.

Rating: ***1/2


Booker T and Finlay backstage. So has Booker dropped his King accent now he’s no longer the champion? I know he kept the King Booker gimmick, but did he keep the accent? Because he sure as fuck wasn’t using it here :p.


Ashley Vs Kristal Vs Layla Vs Jillian – Naughty or Nice Lingerie Contest

Fap? FAP.

:lmao BIG DICK JOHNSON is Santa. Layla is all over him and JBL screams “LAYLA’S A CHUBBY CHASER”. Which means wrestling fans around the world all have hope!!! :p

In the end, EVERYONE wins.

Rating: *


John Cena & Batista Vs Finlay & Booker T

On paper… this actually interests me. However based on memory, this wasn’t good :p. Still, I’ll give it a watch. After all, FINLAY.

Yawn, Cena and Booker start things off.

Yey Finlay tags in and gets him some of Batista.

:lmao Batista catches Finlay coming off the ropes, but instead of slamming him or anything, just puts him down and SLAPS HIM IN THE FACE.


NOOOOOOOO Booker T tagged in :(. This should have just been a handicap match. Finlay would fucking own both champions. And that just reminded me of one of my favourite FINLAY stories from Lance Storm, where he talks about how Finlay wanted a handicap match with Luger and Buff on the last ever Nitro so he could beat the shit out of them for being so damn lazy for the last year or so :p. He even said he’d do it for free!!!

:lmao Finlay breaks up a tag, so Batista runs in and charges towards Finlay and… well I think he forgot what the fuck he was supposed to do because he just kinda slams into Finlay with no real purpose :lmao.

:lmao Little Bastard comes out to kick Cena in the head and… kicks HIMSELF in the head!!!

Batista Bomb to Booker.

So this was still crap :p. So disappointing. There just wasn’t anything to the match at all.

Rating: 1/2*


Overall CAL SCALE – 14

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