New Years Revolution 2007 PPV Ramblings

Posted on: June 28th, 2015 by Big Cal

New Years Revolution 2007


The event best known for HHH’s second quad tear! Yey!


Also, what is it with these 07 PPV’s not having proper intros? You know, so I can screen cap em and use them for the main image of the post? :p No Mercy didn’t even HAVE one, and here the screen disappears do damn quickly I couldn’t get a decent shot in 6 attempts so I gave up :p. Yeah I could still get one with some extra work, but it’s only a sodding picture :p.


Wait, what the feck? They did the little “Raw presents NYR” thingy with the logo flashing on and off the screen in seconds, then we get introduced to the show by JR, he tells us the IC title match is happening first and… video package for the PPV? WHAT? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?


Johnny Nitro Vs Jeff Hardy – WWE Intercontinental Championship Steel Cage Match

MELINA :mark:.

When did Nitro change to Morrison?

Morrison. Morrisons. Was supposed to go to Morrisons today for some shopping. But my friend had to go into work and now he can’t take me cos he finishes after the shop shuts :(. Good job I went to Aldi this morning and got some food from there. Shall have to wait until like, Wednesday now for Morrisons. They got some stuff on offer I want. Shit, actually, that fucks up my plans for tea tonight. Got some chicken in Aldi and was getting a BBQ chicken cook in the bag mix from Morrisons to have tonight. Now I can’t have that. Bah. Guess I’ll just make a chili instead. Shit. Didn’t buy garlic bread for it. I guess I COULD walk over to Aldi again but… it’s cold outside :(. The fuck am I gonna have for tea tonight then?

Nitro and Hardy are having a match btw. Inside a cage. Nothing really noteworthy so far. Both man have dropkicked each other into the cage. That’s about it.

Back suplex off the top rope. Looked like they went out of their way to fall from as little height as possible despite being on the top rope lol. Suppose I shouldn’t blame them, I certainly wouldn’t want to fall that high. My back would snap faster than a Slim Jim.

And we have another cage spot. Followed by… another cage spot… and oh hey, look… another cage spot. With practically NOTHING in between them. I so LOVE that about wrestling :side:.

Ooops, seems that I ended that cage spot sentence too early. ANOTHER FUCKING CAGE SPOT WITH NOTHING BETWEEN IT AND THE OTHERS.

:mark: Best part of the match just happened. Hardy tried to climb out and MELINA whipped the part of Hardy’s fingers that were coming through the cage with her metal studded belt :mark:. Kinda sad when that’s the best part of the match so far, but then again it’s still fecking awesome. Melina was a great manager.

Shit, what was that? Oh, another damn cage spot. They are literally just taking turns at it.

:mark: Melinda blocking the referee from opening the door :mark:.

Finish is similar to X-Pac/Jericho at… No Mercy(?) 2000. Jeff wins and retains his title.

Well, while I didn’t think this was good, it also was kinda harmless too. I’m not exactly screaming at my screen or anything, so that’s a positive. Right?

Rating: **


Rated RKO interview. They are going to put a PAINFUL AND DEFINITIVE END to DX tonight. Ha, they kinda do :p.


The Highlanders Vs The World’s Greatest Tag Team Vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Super Crazy Vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch Vs Cryme Tyme – Tag Team Turmoil Match

A bonus match! Better be good. Starting with The Highlanders. Well, that didn’t last long.

WGTT do a wonderful job carrying the Highlanders here. Their offense looks great, good double teaming and all round good tag work. They dominate the match and eliminate the Highlanders.

:lmao Duggan and Super Crazy? Who the fuck put that team together? :p

Fuck me, Shelton nearly caves Duggan’s face in with a running knee. Damn.

Lawler proves that he isn’t even in Heenan’s league when it comes to being a colour commentator. JR mentioned that Duggan went to college and Lawler doesn’t laugh once, never mind for the rest of the match.

German suplex to Crazy and that’s that. Cade & Murdoch waste no time coming out and jumping the WGTT from behind while they are still down and hurting.

Murdoch boots Shelton in the face so fucking hard I forgot about that running knee to Duggan. Shelton is dead. Or he should be because that was brutal.

Hass comes in from the hot tag and looks damn impressive. He looked great when he returned in 06 from… whatever happened to him. Shame they did that bullshitty impressions gimmick with him. How many people have had that gimmick btw?

Cade and Murdoch get the win, and out come Cryme Tyme. Crazy to think that JTG is no longer with the WWE now :p.

In fact, is anyone still employed by the WWE from this match so far? Guessing just Duggan on a legends contract? And of course unfortunately Lance Cade passed away. In fact we can go even further and add the opening match to that too. Nitro, Hardy and Melina are all no longer employed by WWE now either. Looking at the rest of the card and hardly anyone is. And it’s not like this is a fucking early WM from the 80’s, this is from 2007. It’s 2015. Depending on who else is in this tag match, only TWO people on this card are still employed by WWE as active competitors. Cena and Orton. Crazy.

Ok, so Cryme Tyme are the last team, and they end up winning it all.

Enjoyed WGTT carrying The Highlanders, and then WGTT Vs Cade & Murdoch. Everything else was kinda blargh.

Rating: **


Oh god they set up the Rosie O’Donald Vs Donald Trump “match” in a backstage segment. Coach’s tongue smells like shit due to being so far up Vince’s arse.




Kenny Dykstra Vs Ric Flair

No thanks.

Rating: NO


Mickie James Vs Victoria – WWE Women’s Championship Match

I’ll give this a watch. Not often I bother with women’s matches, but I like Mickie and Victoria has been built up as a dominant monster for this match so it could be pretty good.

Mmmmm fresh cream and strawberry jam finger doughnut.

Nice deep arm drags from Mickie. MICKIE STEAMBOAT~!

Victoria is great as being a vicious bitch inside the ring. Beating the fuck out of Mickie, and trying to rip her head off in a submission hold too :mark:. She seems to like targeting the heads and faces of other divas, and she’s doing her best to smash in Mickie’s face here.

Hell Victoria even starts shit with Lillian at ringside lol. Reminds me of when she first came into WWE and was attacking all the big boobed blonde women before going after Trish :p.

SECOND ROPE MOONSAULT~! That missed though, and Mickie might be able to take advantage!!!

Mickie just fucking DECKED Victoria :mark:.

Melina has shown up because… I have no idea. Did I miss something? She tries to help Victoria win the title, but former victims of Victoria, Maria and Candice, show up to make sure she isn’t successful!

DDT from Mickie, and she’s still the women’s champion!

Good match, glad I decided to not skip it! Mickie with 2 great women’s title matches in a row at NYR (06 and 07 lol)!

Rating: ***


DX Vs Rated RKO – World Tag Team Championship Match

Alright, time to get this one out of the way. It gets pimped to fuck, and I’ve never personally quite gotten the love for it. Kinda like a certain other tag match were HHH tears his quad lol.

This one starts on the rampway as one big fucking fight. DX are out for BLOOD, not tag titles here. Man, how stupid are the rules of wrestling when you actually think about it?

Jr mentions that the bell hasn’t even rung yet, and King chimes in with “because they haven’t gotten into the ring yet”. So they can do whatever the fuck they want atm until they get into the ring. Imagine if that rule was similar for other sports? Before boxing or an MMA fight, one guy attacks another guy before they enter the ring/octagon? LOL. Or how about in Football (or soccer for you weirdos :p ), a team is coming down the tunnel to get on the pitch and the other team jumps them from behind? BUT IT’S OK BECAUSE THEY AREN’T ON THE PITCH YET AND THE WHISTLE HASN’T BLOWN TO START THE MATCH~! :lmao

The match really slows down once it actually starts, but DX remain in control and spend most of their time just blasting Orton in the face over and over again. Nothing special whatsoever, but I kinda like that they ain’t doing anything fancy because they just want to HURT their opponents. Sure they could have done it in a more interesting way, but come on, it’s HBK and HHH lol.

EDGE CLIPS HHH’S KNEE~! The left one though. Should go for the right one, it’s at a breaking point already 8*D.

Well before Edge and Orton can really get back into the match and work over HHH’s leg… hot tag to HBK. Still waiting for this match to impress me tbh. I might not be the biggest fan of the 2 Man Power Trip Vs Chris x 2 match, but I’d still call that a great match.


I think that MAYBE the match is going to finally get into a good groove following that. HBK down and hurting and at the mercy of Rated RKO… but second later HBK takes both opponents out of the ring and dives over the ropes onto them. FFS lol.

TAG TITLE BELT TO HBK’S HEAD~! Hopefully THAT will be the turning point in the match. Yup, HBK is busted open. I did like how HHH saw it and just flew over to deck Orton lol. Far too often the referee gets in the way, but here HHH got to Orton and took him down before Elias (the referee) could stop him.

Wow, was a whole 4 days ago when I started this ramble and was complaining about Morrisons. Now I’m sat here with some food I got at Morrisons when I was finally able to get there :).

DOUBLE IRISH CURSE~! Wonder if Sheamus got the idea for the move here :p. Or maybe he was already using it on the Indies? I don’t know. :)

So HBK gets his back worked over for a while, and it’s fine. Not setting the world on fire or anything.


:lmao I respect HHH for trying to stay in the match, but that RKO on him was hilarious. He crumples to the floor before Orton can even jump in the air :p.

SUPERKICK TO ORTON~! I could watch Orton getting kicked in the face all day. Take that how you want :p.

PEDIGREE~! Kinda. Again, much respect for HHH trying to keep going, but that was just awful.

HBK saves the end by decking the referee and taking out Rated RKO with chairs. Huh, looks like they cut the part out where Orton runs in with a chair and is clueless as fuck because he doesn’t know what to do with HHH being injured :(.

Fucking hell, HHH continues to beat up Orton and Edge, and even hits a Pedigree on the announce table! No selling the shit out of that quad tear lol!

Good match overall, but still nothing special. Not even close to being one of the top tag matches ever. Not even the best tag match on PPV in 2007. Overrated as fuck, but still worth a watch and something I could sit through again if I wanted to.

Rating: ***1/4


Carlito Vs Chris Masters

As much as I like Masters, I cannot sit through a Carlito match. Especially him as a babyface :lmao.

Rating: NO


John Cena Vs Umaga – WWE Championship Match

Haven’t seen this match in years. Perhaps not since it first happened. I don’t care much for their LMS match at the RR, unlike most people. This match however gets a ton of praise from people though, so I am very interested in finally seeing it after all this time.

Umaga is still undefeated at this point, and Cena is what, half a year into his year title run?

Damn, Cena is a terrible puncher lol. They look ridiculous.

Cena thankfully doesn’t get many shots in before Umaga shows his power and absolutely dominates the champion. Both guys do a great job here; Umaga with his power offence, and Cena with bumping and selling.

Did have to :lmao when Cena tried to slam Umaga though. FFS, Umaga isn’t exactly Yokozuna. We’ve seen Cena AA Big Show multiple times, yet he can’t do a simple scoop Slam to Umaga? Bullshit lol.

:mark: that rolling wheel kick to Cena looked fucking tremendous. Love when big guys use that. Viscera was awesome at it, and it just looks so impressive coming from guys that are fat.

Another “Cena can’t lift Umaga” spot, this time with an AA attempt. At least this time they can make the excuse that Cena is fucked from the beatdown. He hasn’t taken that much punishment before trying that slam earlier though. LOL. Anyway, the spot looked great, looked like Umaga landed right on Cena’s head.

After that spot, Umaga immediately targets the neck of Cena and he looks like he’s trying to fucking SNAP IT :mark:.


Oh look, NOW he can lift up Umaga and hit that odd suplex thingy he does. BUT HE COULDN’T SLAM THE FUCKER EARLY IN THE MATCH?!?! :p

Another AA attempt, but Cena’s back and neck is killing him so he definitely can’t do it here. But he could hit that back suplex thingy like 10 seconds earlier?

Umaga is great here at cutting Cena off, either through sheer power, or simply capitalising on Cena being too beat up to hit certain moves.

And then Cena wins with a roll-up. A fucking ROLL-UP. He couldn’t AA Umaga, but he was able to keep his shoulders down for a 3 count on a fucking roll-up?

Well, honestly don’t like that ending, BUT the rest of the match was pretty great. So much better than their LMS match. SO. MUCH. BETTER.

Rating: ***3/4


Overall CAL SCALE – 7

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