The Lost Undertaker Month Review

Posted on: December 9th, 2010 by Big Cal

So, during Undertaker Month, I was posting a review a day. I had a list of around 20 matches before I started, and got the other 10 from requests. However, when I got to #12, the match I originally had planned ended up getting changed to the Hulk Hogan Tuesday in Texas match. So what was originally planned, and why did I change it? Well, maybe the actual review will help you figure it out!

The Undertaker Vs Barry Windham – WWF Raw 27/04/1998

Ha, two of my favourite wrestlers going at it on my birthday :).

No background for this one, just a random Raw match, but since I’m a huge Windham fan, I thought I’d give it a watch anyway lol. The night before was Unforgiven, where Undertaker defeated Kane in the first ever Inferno match. As for Windham, he was part of Cornette’s NWA stable.

And as I wrote that last paragraph… Undertaker chokeslammed Windham already, and as I was writing this sentence… Undertaker hit the Tombstone and got the win!

Well… ummm… this one lasted about 30 seconds. Damn.

Rating: 1/4*

So there you have it… the match lasted around 30 seconds, and left me with virtually NOTHING to write about 😛.

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