Texas Red Vs Bruiser Brody – WCCW 1984

Posted on: October 4th, 2010 by Big Cal

Texas Red Vs Bruiser Brody – WCCW 1984

Mark Out animationMark Out animationMark Out animation

This is Mark Calaway’s FIRST match, wearing a mask and being accompanied to the ring by Percy Pringle, who we would later know as PAUL BEARER! What are the odds of that?

Pretty funny to see someone work Calaway’s arm at the start of a match, and not the other way around. Also pretty funny that despite this being his first match, he is getting completely dominated by Brody, even though he is nearly 7 feet tall :P.

About a minute into the match, Brody is already using a steel chair, nailing Red in the back. This is followed up by Brody tying up Texas Red in the ropes and repeatedly running knee first into his knee :P.

Texas Red gets free, and walks into a big boot, and Brody gets the win.

Funny as hell watching Undertaker get squashed, but I don’t care. Its just a rare treat to see my absolute favourite’s first ever match all the way back in 1984. Not sure on the specific date, so if anyone can help me there, please do :).

Its not a great match, its not long, but its entertaining for me just because of who is involved, and again, because its his first ever match.

Rating: 1/4*

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