The Undertaker Vs Batista – Survivor Series 18/11/2007

Posted on: February 12th, 2011 by Big Cal
The Undertaker Vs Batista – World Heavyweight Title – Hell in a Cell – Survivor Series 2007

There have been feuds in the past where a Hell in a Cell match didn’t fit the kind of feud (DX/McMahons & Big Show, Triple H/Jericho, Triple H/Nash… damn, all Triple H matches lol), but this Hell in a Cell match was perfect for the Batista/Undertaker feud IMO.

Pretty much ever since their Last Man Standing match, I wanted to see these 2 in a Hell in a Cell match. Batista himself said in his book that a Hell in a Cell match with The Undertaker was a dream match for him, I just wonder if he knew it would ever happen when he wrote that lol.

The Cell for this match was one of the new, taller cells, so nobody would be expecting them to go on top like everyone seems to fucking want in this type of match. It also meant there was a very good chance they wouldn’t leave the cell, and that isn’t always a bad thing. It worked for a couple of matches, but some of them just seemed like they were doing it for the hell of it.

Once again, the little thing at the start of the match is just awesome. The Undertaker enters the cell last, and just slams the door shut. He doesn’t fear Batista, and he certainly doesn’t fear the cell, and he is making sure Batista knows it.

Its not long before The Undertaker gets control and brings in a steel chair. He has been in many Hell in a Cell matches in the past, so he has the experience, and he knows that weapons are legal and can make this type of match that much easier. He continues to show his experience in this match type, by using the cell as a weapon when he grates Batista’s face on one of the cell walls.

One of my all time favourite weapon spots is brought back by The Undertaker here, when he places the steel chair under Batista’s throat, and smashes Batista, and the chair, right onto the steel steps! Batista is bleeding from his mouth now, and we assume its coming from his throat. Its very rare that The Undertaker brings out that move, which makes it seem more devastating.

Batista is hurt, bleeding, and seemingly on the edge of defeat. However, he still has that awesome power and strength, and he pulls it out when he needs it the most right here, catching The Undertaker with a Spinebuster from an Old School attempt to gain control for the first time in this match!

Pure power and strength can only take Batista so far though, and its not long before the better conditioned and less worn down Dead Man is back in the drivers seat. He continues to use the environment to his advantage, and Batista is busted open, bleeding from the head AND internally now.

Its Old School that is the downfall of The Undertaker once again, as Batista stops it again and lands a superplex! Batista makes a mistake though, just like he did at Cyber Sunday, by going for a cover starting at the legs, allowing Undertaker to lock in a Triangle Choke!

The Animal lives up to his name when he gets back in control and just annihilates The Undertaker with the steel steps in the corner of the cell, hitting him again and again with them. If you watch closely, you can also see The Undertaker pull out a blade from his gloves, cut himself, and pass it to the referee right before he takes a couple of shots to the head from the steps :p.

It seems that no matter what Batista does to The Undertaker, the Phenom is just unbeatable in this type of match. He takes everything Batista throws at him, and keeps coming back. The same can be said for Batista though, who continues to take the punishment from The Undertaker and still manages to come back too! Its just a very brutal back and forth match, more brutal than any of their matches before!

Batista Bomb through a table! The Undertaker looks to be beat finally, but he somehow kicks out, and just like Cyber Sunday, everyone at this point pretty much believes that The Undertaker is going to win. When he finally hits a Tombstone, that belief is pretty much confirmed… until Batista kicks out! Holy fuck! I’ve seen this match before and I didn’t remember THAT happening! Another throw back to Cyber Sunday, only with the roles reversed. The Undertaker is completely pissed that Batista kicked out, so he goes for another Tombstone, this time on the steel steps! NOW The Undertaker is going to win, right?

ITS EDGE! EDGE IS BACK! He levels The Undertaker with a camera, then uses the steel steps and a chair for a modified conchairto, and Batista retains!

This is a tremendous match, and like every other match so far, its better than I remembered it. The action, the pace, the brutality and the end all work perfectly to make this one hell of a match, and probably a top 5 Hell in a Cell match for me now. A great end to a great feud!

Rating: ****1/4

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