Big Cal Reviews: Sting Vs Vader Feud (part 3 of 4)

Posted on: June 13th, 2011 by Big Cal

Vader & Sid Vs Sting & Davey Boy Smith – Beach Blast 18/07/1993

Starts with your typical babyface shine period, blah blah blah. Then Vader gets in and starts to cave Bulldog’s face in and the heels take control of the match. Sid and Vader make plenty of quick tags, constantly keeping a fresh man in and doing a few double team shit too.

Sting gets pretty pissed with Vader and gets in his face on the apron, so Vader throws his mask off and the two get into a punching contest before the ref gets Sting to calm down and Bulldog tackles Vader to the floor, but unfortunately that moves Bulldog out of his own corner and is unable to make the tag.

Turns out the Bulldog stuff was just FALSE HEAT~! (watched a Cornette video recently where he explains it all lol), and once Sting comes in with the hot tag and goes crazy on the heels, he ends up becoming the FIP for the match as we get some more awesome Vader punches. Sid on the other hand… ummm… doesn’t really do much lol. He gets the tag every so often, hits some hits and whatnot and tags out so Vader can do the real work :P.

Fuck me, after Sting does his work as FIP, Bulldog gets back in and AGAIN gets his arse kicked lol. Double false heat?!?!

In the end, Bulldog gets the pin on Vader with a crucifix rollup thingy. So much awesomeness from Vader as usual, Sid kept his involvement to a minimum, and everything turned out good. Not as epic as I was expecting though.

Rating: ***

Sting & Ric Flair vs Vader & Rick Rude – Clash of the Champions XXVI 27/01/1994

Flair, Rude and Vader all in one match? Oh yeah. Too much Sting for my liking though… needs less Sting and more… Steamboat? Yeah, Steamboat would have been awesome for this.

Nice opening shizzle between Sting and Rude, with Sting coming out on top of every exchange, so Rude tags in Vader to kill the Stinger. And Vader wastes no time doing his best with that :p.

Sting blocks a sunset flip attempt from Vader (off the ropes too!), so Vader rips his own mask of in anger and proceeds to pummel the shit out of Sting’s face until he gets absolutely launched in the air by Sting and a German suplex, and that gives Sting a change to tag in the Nature Boy who is on motherfucking FIRE as he starts to pummel the shit out of VADER’S face. Plenty of awesomeness… and its interrupted by a fucking commercial break. Bastards.

We come back and… it’s Sting and Rude again. Kinda boring for a while, with a pretty shitty “hot” tag, which was about as hot as me naked…

Thankfully that does lead to Flair coming in off the “hot” tag and then Vader getting back in the ring to try to kill Flair. Nobody takes the World Title from Vader and gets away with it! Flair gets crushed with a splash, and we hear him screaming in pain, which just spurs Vader on to dish out MOAR punishment, including 2 massive superplexes; one of which is off the top rope rather than the second like most are. Vader is literally out to KILL Flair. Sting realises this and gets in the ring and pulls Flair out of the way and gets in Vader’s face, so Rude gets in Sting’s way and drops him on his head. LOL STING. You just got STUNG, bitch.

Some announcement is made… and I think Flair and Vader have been removed from the match. Flair because he’s dead, and Vader because… I dunno, he killed Flair. Bah. Couldn’t they have sent Sting away instead? :p

So we’re left with Rude and Sting, which could be worse I guess, because Rude’s pretty awesome. And hey, at least when Sting is taking a beating he’s pretty alright too, it’s just when he’s on the offence that I really can’t stand him.

Rude goes for the Rude Awakening at one point, but Sting counters into one of his own! Rude gets his foot on the ropes so he isn’t beaten, then goes for a Stinger Splash on Sting for revenge, but he misses and this leads to his downfall just moments later.

Really great shit, just wish Vader and Flair didn’t get taken out of the match, but the Rude Vs Sting portion at the end was still really good anyway. Making my list I reckon.

Rating: ***3/4

Slamboree Title Match Announcement

Bockwinkle, the WCW commish, would like to “take and have Sting come out here”. Eh? :p

Guessing this takes place after Rude’s last match, due to Sting getting Rude’s title or something, and Sting not wanting to win it in a boardroom or something, so he challenges Vader to a match for the belt tonight!


Sting vs Vader – Slamboree 22/05/1994

The take things slow at the start, circling each other and just waiting for the right moment to strike. Vader throws some punches, but Sting dodges and ducks, until he gets trapped in a corner and holy shit does Vader unload on him. He hits him so hard the ref has to check on him a couple of times, especially after a clothesline from Vader than looks vicious as fuck.

Sting gets his bearings together and comes back with some shots of his own, sending Vader out of the ring to recover!

Huge suplex from Sting to Vader, as even though it hurts Sting, you get the sense that Sting will do just about anything to put Vader down, knowing exactly what he is capable of. We then go into an exchange of running splashes, which is pretty fucking awesome. They just keep running into each other and neither of them move, so Sting ducks one and thinks he’s outsmarted the big man… until he turns around and walks right into a running splash and goes crashing to the mat.

From here it’s all Vader for a while, as he crushes Sting in a couple of different ways, and even goes down to the mat and puts in a leg hold, just to punish the guy. Vader is fucking awesome.


Jericho stole that from Vader. Thieving cunt. Take THAT Jericho fans who think he’s the most awesome thing ever!!! :p

Sting gets a pretty great hope spot in after Vader punches him in the face in the corner again. The punches only seem to manage to fire up Sting, who comes out of the corner swinging, and manages to take Vader down again, but he’s still way too hurt to capitalise on it, so when Vader goes down, so does he, and it’s Vader that gets up while Sting stays down.


Actually a pretty well done ref bump, with Sting diving at Vader in another hope spot attempt, only he levels the ref instead, and then walks into a chokeslam that should have broken Sting in fucking half. With the ref down Race gets involved, and goes to hit Sting with a chair, only to have Sting move and deck Vader instead! The ref gets back up, and it looks like the end of the match… BUT NO! Kick out! Fuck me this match is AWESOME.

Vader drops to the outside, then kinda falls back in, and props himself up in the corner. Stinger Splash! No! Vader catches him and sends him crashing to the floor! Race signals to Vader to go for a moonsault, but Vader mises! Race goes to the top for a headbutt, but hits Vader by mistake! Sting then hits a splash off the ropes and gets the 3 count!

THIS is without a doubt the best Sting Vs Vader match I’ve seen so far. Gonna do really well on my list. Top 10 atm, don’t see it dropping much at all.

Rating: ****1/2


Big Van Vader vs. The Guardian Angel – Fall Brawl 09/18/94

Huh, this is a triangle match… where 2 people start the match and the other ummm… I guess gets in the match when someone loses? Whatever. It gives us another Vader/GA match anyway, so whatever. Sting is the third man for anyone who cares.

After 2 matches with each other already, seems to me that they decide to start off a little slower here, knowing that the winner has to wrestle one more time after this, and going full force against a Vader or a GA from the get go would be stupid.

Meh, nothing that good here, another step down from previous matches. Shame. I guess with Vader having to work another match against Sting later (at least, I’m assuming this is how it works lol), they didn’t want to give too much time to this one, and both men involved didn’t want to wear themselves out, but still… could have been better than this lol.

Rating: **


Big Van Vader vs. Sting – Fall Brawl 09/18/94

Could have sworn I’d seen this match, but I don’t appear to be able to find my review on it…

Vader tries to intimidate Sting with his power, but Sting just gets in Vader’s face basically telling him he isn’t afraid of him. So Vader punches him in the face. And Sting shrugs it off and goes to work on Vader.

A somewhat sloppy exchange using the ropes, which is odd from these 2 because I honestly don’t recall anything they did together being botched or looking sloppy before… but in the end Vader smashes into Sting with a running splash and this allows Vader to go in the attack, which is ALWAYS a good thing and makes up for any sloppiness.

Sting regains control, and goes to work on Vader and even Race on the outside. Big suplex from Sting followed by the same splash that beat Vader at Slamboree… but Sting doesn’t go for a cover, and it costs him.

It’s not only Sting making the mistakes though, Vader goes for the moonsault that he missed at Slamboree… and he misses it again here allowing Sting to get back in the driver’s seat and hit a fucking superplex on the 450lb monster! Race looks worried on the outside, and he has reason to be. Sting just hit a superplex, and now he’s throwing out the big bombs to try and put Vader away. Big elbow drops, huge right hands, a Samoan Drop, and a Stinger Splash in the corner! But not even THAT can put Vader away.

Huge German suplex from Sting, and when that doesn’t get the win, Sting just looks confused. Perhaps nothing on this night is going to stop Big Van Vader.

Both men are hurting now, and it couldn’t get any worse for Sting… until Vader gets back up and starts throwing those awesome punches. But now it’s Vader’s time to look confused, as Sting takes Vader’s shots and tells him to give him more! Seems that perhaps Sting won’t be beat on this night either!

Both guys have been going back and forth the entire match, but neither man can get the win. We see big bombs from both men, and you get the feeling that this is the end. The end of their feud. The end of their matches, and given the fact this is the last match between them on this set (disc 4 is basically extras like handheld matches), it most likely is. I just love how it’s done. They’ve fought each other over and over again, beaten each other, won and lost titles to each other. This match is simply for the #1 contendership; with one man moving on to someone else to fight for the belt, leaving the other behind. And having the match end in a time limit seems perfect too, especially when they give them more time.

With the match in overtime, both men are more desperate than ever to get the match over with. Vader tries for a superplex… and Sting actually BITES the fucker in the face! Vader falls back, but Sting is too hurt to do anything, and he ends up falling off the ropes and going for a cover instead. Great to see both men really showing the effects of their lengthy bomb filled match.

Time is running out again, and Vader lands a powerbomb! Time runs out! Now it’s time for SUDDEN DEATH, with the first person to be knocked off their feet loses!

Again, this really does feel like the final match between the two. Don’t know if it was planned like this, but its working fucking beautifully, and having the match run out of time AGAIN just seems perfect. Both men get back up, and Vader drops the strap and gets his second win! Huge blows to the face, massive clothesline, and STILL Sting won’t go down! Amazing drama. Now Sting fires back and Vader is reeling! Vader goes down! But the referee is busy kicking Race out of the match! Someone in a mask (looks like Flair as the Black Scorpion lol) shows up and takes down Sting… and Vader gets the win!

Man, I HOPE this was the last match between these two because it was a fucking awesome ending to a near 3 year rivalry between them. I’m guessing it IS the last match since no more matches made the set after this point. Got a place on my list for this one too, but won’t have it as high as the Slamboree match.

Rating: ****1/4

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