Big Van Vader vs. Dustin Rhodes – Clash of the Champions XXIX 16/11/1994

Posted on: June 16th, 2011 by Big Cal

Big Van Vader vs. Dustin Rhodes – Clash of the Champions XXIX 16/11/1994

Vader lives on Bad Street, in Vaderville (which he owns). Never knew that! :p

Hmmm… wonder if these two had any other singles matches in between this and their 1992 match I just watched.

Vader begins to trash talk Dustin, and dishes out some of those awesome punches to the face, but Dustin is a couple of years older now and no doubt tougher, allowing him to take those shots and fire right back at the big man and take the fight to him like never before!

Night and day seems to be an appropriate way to describe this match compared to the 1992 one; Vader dominated the 1992 match, and this time around Dustin is getting the better of Vader and even controlling the match for a while! Quite a sight to see Vader hurt and against the guardrail after taking a beating from Dustin, with Race also laid out after taking a big clothesline! 1994 Dustin ain’t taking NO SHIT!

Ok, he takes a little, but he’s against VADER, so he kinda has to at some point :p. More great selling, and some nice little hope spots from Dustin too, and he takes a real nice bump when he goes for the Bulldog (his finisher at this time I assume), and Vader just dumps him on the outside. When Vader follows it up with a Splash of the second rope, and Dustin kicks out, he starts screaming at the ref to count him, all the while just palm thrusting the shit out of Dustin’s face for having the balls to kick out lol.

Overall, another really good bout between these two. Don’t think this one was as good as the match from 92, but still a tremendous match!

Rating: ***

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