Goldberg Vs Diamond Dallas Page – Halloween Havoc 25/10/1998

Posted on: August 3rd, 2011 by Big Cal

Goldberg Vs Diamond Dallas Page – Halloween Havoc 25/10/1998

Unless I somehow HATE this match this time around, I can see it doing rather well on my list, and I expect it to do pretty well overall too (in the top 100 at least). Unless there is some super hidden gem out there this might very well be the one and only Goldberg match I throw a vote to as well lol.

Love the start of this one. DDP shows Goldberg is isn’t afraid of him and his streak, getting right in the face of the champion and talking trash. The lock up a couple of times, and each time Goldberg powers Page across the ring and into the corner, but DDP keeps coming back. After this happens 3 or so times, Page takes a small break, stretches in the corner and then goes back for another lock up… and arm drags big Bill before he can throw him off again! Page then dares Goldberg to lock up again, and the force of Goldberg coming at Page causes them to fly right out of the ring and to the floor while still locked together.

Lol, I’d better stop there before I go into full play by play mode, because there is just so fucking much I love and would end up typing the entire match move for move :P.

Page tripping Goldberg up only for Goldberg to do a fucking backfilp and land on his feet was awesome.

Goldberg on offence is actually… actually pretty damn good here, though that might be down to Page taking everything so well, but either way I enjoyed his power moves here. Page would get the odd bit of offence in through reversing something, but Goldberg would just get back up and power DDP down again.

Things turn in Page’s favour when Goldberg charges at DDP for a Spear and runs right into the ring post (love that bump btw, regardless of who takes it), and Page begins to mount some offence and looks credible enough to maybe finally end the streak… until Goldberg Spears the ever loving fuck out of page :lmao. Awesome spot tbh, and Goldberg sold the arm straight away and took his time getting up, then continued to sell the arm by not being able to get the Jackhammer done, giving Page the chance to hit the Diamond Cutter!

Both men are still down and hurt, and when they finally get back to their feet Goldberg is finally able to hit the Jackhammer and this one is over.

Still love this match, but I honestly wish it had gone on longer. Yeah, I wanted a LONGER GOLDBERG MATCH. Not sure how many people could have made me want to see that other than DDP. Would have also maybe liked a different finish (not doing the Jackhammer after the Diamond Cutter), but for the time it got, the talent involved (or lack of… Goldberg…) and the fact it was a WCW main event during the Monday Night Wars (let’s face it, they usually sucked, TV or PPV), there is little I can complain about. Still making my list too.

Rating: ***3/4

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