Matt Hardy Vs Finlay – Smackdown January 20th 2006

Posted on: August 11th, 2011 by Big Cal

Matt Hardy Vs Finlay – Smackdown January 20th 2006

Its the debut of a man who will no doubt give me plenty of entertainment while I sit through SD 06; Finlay! Andy has him as the WOTY, and given what I have seen, and everyone else on here has seen, he is definitely a good candidate, and it all starts here!

Seriously, they choose THIS match to have Michael Cole do a voice over to advertise the Australia Tour? How many times have they done that with a guy making his DEBUT? Cunts!

Anyway, Finlay impresses with his unique style, and Hardy turns it up a notch my taking risks to try and put Finlay away before he finds out just how tough the Irish Bastard really is. Finlay just beats the fuck out of Hardy, and a lot of his stuff is extremely simple but looks devastating as FUCK. Hard to know if its WWE’s editing team or the actual crowd, but people are reacting to Finlay more than they do for the 7 foot giants who debut and hit those big power moves.

When I first saw this, it was probably my first Finlay match. But watching it, it already felt like a pretty big mid card match. Its not your typical debut squash, its a pretty good back and forth battle, but Finlay still gets his stuff over really well. I gotta say, this is probably one of the better debuts… ever lol (in terms of a match, anyway). Of course, you probably couldn’t get a match like this out of a young, green kid making their debut :p.

The DQ finish is pretty much perfect in putting over Finlay’s character. He wants to fight, and really doesn’t give a fuck about his win/loss record unless a title is on the line. Plus, I hate when guys first come in and start winning all the time, as they always try and put over an undefeated streak when they stack up 3 or 4 wins lol.

The aftermath of the DQ is great too, with Finlay telling the ref that if he is going to get DQ’d, he’s going to do something WORTHY of a DQ in his mind lol.

Not sure I could truly explain how much I loved this match lol, but it does make me wonder how much MORE Andy loves it, and hell, probably even Viva and CF :p.

Rating: ***

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