Mark Henry Vs Rey Mysterio – Smackdown January 20th 2006

Posted on: August 11th, 2011 by Big Cal

Mark Henry Vs Rey Mysterio – Smackdown January 20th 2006

The winner of this faces Angle at the RR… I wonder who wins :p.

A Mark Henry match isn’t something I would typically watch, but since its against Rey, it has a good chance of being at least decent.

Rey tries to hit and run, but eventually Henry catches up to him, and the power of the self proclaimed World’s Strongest Man comes into play, BIG TIME.

Just like Finlay earlier in the night, the offence from Henry is basic and simple, but between Henry looking like he could punch a hole through your face, and Rey’s great selling, everything looks like it could end the match.

Rey keeps trying to use his speed to come back, but Henry cuts him off again and again with his power. One of the cut off spots is Henry hitting what looks like a Clothesline from Hell rather than a normal Clothesline, and fuck me, I thought Rey was dead afterwards lol.

Big men often get a bad name from the IWC, and while some of the complaints are well founded, if you can put them against someone like Rey, and they can structure the match well and stick to their strengths, you can get something good out of them. That is exactly what is happening here.

Mysterio wrestles a smart match too, as every time he gets the opportunity to come back, he goes right for the leg of Mark, chopping him down so Rey can hit some bigger moves. Everything here is so simple as I keep saying, but dammit, its just done so fucking well it doesn’t matter.

Finish for this is great too. Rey hits the Frog Splash after FINALLY getting the big man down, only for Henry to sit up with Rey still on his chest, roll backwards and get to his feet while STILL holding Rey, and then slamming him down to the mat with the World’s Strongest Slam. Looked cool as fuck, especially with a guy the size of Henry doing it.

Rating: ***1/4

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