Rey Mysterio Vs Mark Henry – Smackdown January 27th 2006

Posted on: August 11th, 2011 by Big Cal

Rey Mysterio Vs Mark Henry – Smackdown January 27th 2006

A rematch from last week that Rey apparently asked for, don’t think this is for the #1 contendership again though. I think its just about Rey proving to himself that he CAN beat Henry.

Shades of last week with Rey taking the hit and run approach, only to run into Henry and get knocked on his arse over and over again lol.

The straight right hand from Henry onto Rey who was sat on the top rope, which knocked him to the floor reminded me of something you would see in the Rey/Undertaker RR 2010 match lol. Looked like Rey’s head was about to come off.

This match is pretty similar to the week before, just not as impressive. It still managed to put over Henry as a super strong monster going into the RR title match though, while putting over Rey as a real fighter going into the RR Match.

Best part of this match was when Rey hid from Henry, then constantly jumped him from behind and hit the 619 using the ring post before going aerial attack crazy to put him down. He keeps hitting Henry from all directions, but eventually gets caught in a World’s Strongest Slam, and this one is over.

Yeah, similar to last week, just not as good. Last week really put over Henry, and while this match did too, it seemed to be more about Rey than anything else, which was a good thing going into the RR match.

Rating: **

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