Royal Rumble Match January 29th 2006

Posted on: August 11th, 2011 by Big Cal

Royal Rumble Match January 29th 2006

Triple H was number 1, and Rey Mysterio was number 2. Cool to see these 2 in the ring together, as I can’t remember them ever having a match. Simon Dean comes out at number 3, but doesn’t last very long.

Psicosis is out next, and is soon eliminated by Mysterio. Also, it sounds like Michael Cole is getting a lisp…

Flair is number 5, and the fans go nuts. He goes right for Triple H, as they has just recently come off their feud. For a guy that lasted from number 3 in 1992, he doesn’t do well 14 years later as he is eliminated before the next entrant.

Things go from bad to worse for HHH, as The Big Show comes out! Not sure what happened to Rey, but he hasn’t been around since Psicosis was eliminated…

making his second RR match appearance, its The Coach! He attacks Show from behind, and gets pushed over the top ropes. Bye Coach! :).

Lashley is next out, and he literally THROWS The Big Show. It wasn’t quite a back body drop, it was just Lashley using his power to launch Show in the air! Kane, Show’s tag team partner, comes out and Lashley doesn’t look happy. He and Kane go at it, and the fans chant “Lets go Kane”. Really nice belly to belly from Lashley to Kane, followed by a Dominator!

Sylvan comes out and is eliminated by Lashey, who turns around and gets a double chokeslam from Kane and The Big Show, then gets eliminated! Kane and Show then decide to fight each other. Both men are fighting by the ropes, and HHH runs over and throws them both out!

Mysterio seems to have woken up now, and works with Carlito before being knocked down again, leaving Carlito and Triple H to fight.

Number 12 is Chris Benoit, who enters and chops everyone in sight, as well as handing out some German Suplexes and a crossface! Booker T returns to action as he had a groin injury, and is eliminated in less than 20 seconds, less time than The Coach!

The ring starts to fill up, mostly with nobodies. Tatanka makes his WWE return, and the fans really seemed to like him. His popularity would go way down after this match though…

Pretty long boring part until RVD makes his return at number 20, and dominates everyone with mostly just kicks! He eliminates Animal, then gets attacked by Carlito. Triple H and Rey Mysterio, who entered 1 and 2 are still in, but Mysterio has pretty much been out of sight and mind for the most part, while Triple H always seems to be in the middle of the action.

Chavo Guerrero comes out to an ok pop and lots of Eddie chants. He does a very bad version of the Three Amigos, before being eliminated by Triple H when he went for a Frog Splash.

The ring has really filled up now, with only a couple of people been eliminated in the last 10 minutes or so. Lol, just as I wrote that, Tatanka got eliminated. Shut me up I guess…

The match has been a little boring again, but with HBK coming out at number 25, it picked up again. The announcers start talking about how impressive Trevor Murdoch is, and he gets eliminated by HBK. 1-1 between me and the announcers getting shut up :p.

Viscera comes out and dry humps a couple of guys before throwing out Matt Hardy. Michael Cole makes a comment about Viscera wearing purple before, which was quite clearly a Mabel comment lol.

Number 29 is a man making a short return: Goldust! Always cool to see him because he is weird as hell, and a good wrestler.

Number 30 in the 2006 RR match is none other than Randy Orton, and he eliminates Benoit in seconds! Viscera is then eliminated by Masters and Carlito! Wow, WWE must have heard what I said about Viscera getting eliminated last year. But wait, I only wrote than a few hours before writing this review, and I am writing this review years after it happened… weird! Lol.

Now that everyone has entered, the ring starts to empty fairly quickly. MNM told Mr McMahon earlier in the night that they would eliminated HBK for him, but he ends up throwing them out! Shelton attacks HBK from behind right after this, as he also told Vince he would eliminate Shawn. He doesn’t, and ends up getting a super kick out of the ring. This causes Vince to come out, and he looks pissed. Vince distracts HBK long enough for Shane McMahon to come from behind and throw out Michaels!

Carlito is next to go out, leaving us with the final four: RVD, Mysterio, Orton and HHH. RVD and Mysterio work together and hit some cool double team moves to HHH and Orton. RVD is eliminated when HHH throws Rey into him while he is on the top rope.

Orton and HHH try to work together to eliminate Mysterio, but HHH ends up getting eliminated, followed by Orton, and Rey Mysterio has won the Royal Rumble!

A pretty good match with plenty of action, but also a couple of dead spots. I also didn’t like the winner…

Rumble Match Rating: ***1/2

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