MNM Vs Mexicools – Tag Team Titles – Smackdown February 3rd 2006

Posted on: August 13th, 2011 by Big Cal

MNM Vs Mexicools – Tag Team Titles – Smackdown February 3rd 2006

Fast paced action here from the get go, with Mexicools flying around all over the ring taking down the champions. Always amazed me how high and far Super Crazy could jump, considering the guy is basically FAT lol.

MNM’s good teamwork comes into play, as Mercury moves Nitro out of the way at one point, forcing Psicosis to crash and burn in the corner, and so begins his FIP segment. Even Melina gets involved, giving Psicosis a leg scissors (lucky bastard lol) while he was laid out on the apron.

Super Crazy gets the hot tag, and comes flying into the ring to take out MNM, hitting some pretty unique and cool looking offence. Still amazed that the fat fuck can do half the stuff he does :p.

Melina is knocked off the apron at some point, and Nitro checks on her, taking off one of her boots because she hurt her already injured Ankle (Angle put her in the Ankle Lock a few weeks ago). When the ref gets distracted, she levels Super Crazy with the boot, and MNM retain the belts.

Its a fun 10 minute match, with your basic Southern Tag Formula. Mexicools fly around, MNM do a nice job of stopping them in their tracks, and the finish was ok. Nothing that you need to see though.

Rating: **

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