Rey Mysterio & Kurt Angle Vs Mark Henry & Randy Orton – Smackdown February 3rd 2006

Posted on: August 13th, 2011 by Big Cal

Rey Mysterio & Kurt Angle Vs Mark Henry & Randy Orton – Smackdown February 3rd 2006

Earlier in the night, Orton made the comments about Eddie being in hell, so you know that Rey is gonna want to kill him. Angle looks to start the match off against Orton, but tags in Mysterio who goes postal on Orton.

Nice callback spot from the RR match earlier in the week, as Mysterio sends Orton over the top rope in the same fashion that he won the match. Unfortunately for Mysterio, his emotion gets the better of him and Orton capitalises on a mistake, then literally picks up Rey, carries him over to his corner and tags in Henry so his can crush him lol.

LOL at Orton hitting a dropkick on Mysterio btw. You know how Orton can hit a pretty fucking awesome dropkick? Well, imagine that, only this time Orton has to drop down about a foot compared to normal :p.

Angle gets the hot tag, and his typical “wrestling machine” stuff actually works well here, as the hot tag usually consists of the fresh guy coming in and destroying the heels. A low blow from Henry puts a stop to Angle’s offence though, and he plays the FIP for a couple of minutes.

Rey gets a hot tag next, and continues to try and kill Orton, until he runs into a massive clothesline. Angle and Henry get involved, and as Angle is chasing Henry on the outside, Davari gets involved, and all 3 end up running through the crowd. Rey is left alone with Orton now, which is probably what he wants… until Orton pins him :p.

This is a nice solid tag contest, with Orton and Henry working well as a team and giving us the usual Southern Tag Formula. However, there is just nothing special or standout about it. Its your standard stuff. Doesn’t make it bad though, just doesn’t make it a must watch.

Rating: **

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