Rey Mysterio & Batista Vs MNM – Cage Match – Smackdown January 6th 2006

Posted on: October 6th, 2010 by Big Cal

Rey Mysterio & Batista Vs MNM – Cage Match – Smackdown January 6th 2006

This one is for the tag team titles, and best of all, NO ESCAPE!

Batista and Rey dominate the early going, and :lmao at Rey. Poor guy keeps having to just go around and kick his opponents half the time because big Dave seems to miss a couple of cues for some double team stuff. You can see Rey keep looking behind him at Dave hoping he will realise they are supposed to do a “whip opponents into each other” spot, but Dave just keeps kneeing the fuck out of Nitro instead :p.

Mysterio takes a pretty fucking awesome spot at one point when Batista whips him into… Nitro I think, and Nitro back body drops him into the cage, and Rey’s head catches on the ropes on his way down. This takes him out for a little while so MNM can work over Batista.

MNM look so uncomfortable inside the cage too, and they clearly have trouble running the ropes with the cage behind them, which makes a couple of spots they do just look… shit :p. Doesn’t help that both guys are green as hell too, as their offence comes across as weird to me, and they don’t take some of Rey’s offence as good as they can today (well, I assume Joey has improved, haven’t seen him since he got released lol). Nothing about this match so far is screaming “good”.

Batista eventually gets up and destroys MNM, before we get Mark Henry trying to break into the cage for 10 minutes (cut down to immediately for the TV showing lol, but the poor people in attendance had to sit through it all lol). Even the clipped version looks awful, with Henry breaking the door off and throwing it OUTSIDE of the ring, then having to go and get it before bringing it in and attacking Batista with it.

This match only lasts about 11 minutes, but it feels like 30 minutes when watching it. Its just horrible. Oh, and MNM win the tag titles back. Whatever.

Rating: 1/4*

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