The Undertaker Vs Mark Henry – Smackdown February 10th 2006

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by Big Cal

The Undertaker Vs Mark Henry – Smackdown February 10th 2006

Apparently this is their first match together. Shame they would go on to have more :p. Its also The Undertaker’s first match on SD in 4 months.

This match hasn’t come out of nowhere, as Henry is pissed that The Undertaker is getting a title shot against Angle at NWO instead of Henry having a RR rematch with Angle.

‘Taker takes things slow at first, locking Henry in a side headlock. Henry powers out, and Undertaker runs into Henry only to be knocked back! They lock up again, and this time its Henry using the side headlock. With the failed shoulder tackle and now being put in a side headlock himself, Henry has to be impressing The Undertaker.

More bad luck for Undertaker, as Henry hits a shoulder tackle and sends ‘Taker crashing to the mat, something that The Undertaker was unable to do to him moments ago. Undertaker then attempts a hip toss, but the big man is going nowhere. Henry tried to hit his running… thing where the opponent is in the 619 position, but Undertaker moves and Henry leaps to the outside by mistake!

Undertaker finally gets in some effective offence, by sending Henry into the steel steps. Now its classic ‘Taker (Cole has ruined the word vintage), as he begins to throw lefts and rights at Henry’s face and body. Henry doesn’t really move, so ‘Taker boots him in the face for good luck.

Dammit, Cole just used the term “classic Undertaker” as well. Now that is ruined. Bastard.

Henry is getting dominated in the ring by Undertaker, but the guy either won’t stay on the mat for a 3 count, or simply won’t go down. Undertaker has some success by charging knee first into Henry’s face while in the corner, so he goes for it again, only for the massive Henry to catch him. All downhill for the Dead Man now, as Henry focuses on the body and back, setting up for his World’s Strongest Slam.

Believe it or not, its a headbutt to Undertaker that wakes up the Dead Man and starts his comeback. Nothing seems to put down Henry though, much like earlier in the match, until the leaping lariat and a Chokeslam are pulled out from ‘Taker’s bag of tricks. Before this one can end though, MNM run down to the ring and attack Undertaker. He holds his own for a little while, before getting triple teamed for a few moments until Angle shows up and cleans house! No doubt this is setting up to a match next week.

This one isn’t on the same level as Henry/Rey from a few weeks ago, but as far as Mark Henry matches go, its still one of his very best. Henry seems to do pretty well when he is focused on attacking the back/body of someone, and not having 20 minutes to do it. Its when his matches go on too long that he suffers, because he ends up doing the same shit over and over again while having to many rest holds. Undertaker sells for him nicely, and puts Henry over by hitting plenty of offence but rarely taking him off his feet.

Rating: ***

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