Finlay & JBL Vs Chris Benoit & Bobby Lashley – Smackdown February 17th 2006

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by Big Cal

Finlay & JBL Vs Chris Benoit & Bobby Lashley – Smackdown February 17th 2006

Oh god, guess who is on commentary trying to ruin this match? Booker, just because you ABSOLUTELY SUCK FUCKING BALLS, doesn’t mean you can go out there on commentary and try to ruin matches with guys far beyond you in terms of wrestling skill and ability (yeah, even fucking Lashley is better).

What would be the best way to start off this match? Benoit and Finlay you say? Well, that’s exactly what we get :D. Lmao at Tazz owning Booker on commentary though:

Booker: He just hit him with a modified enzeguri!

Tazz: It was a dropkick…

Even Cole gets a few shots in:

Booker & Sharmell: Are you even listening to us? Have you ever been in a match before?

Cole: If you listened to Tazz’s commentary you would know, because he asks me that every week…

Anyway, enough Booker Ownage, the match.

Well, yeah, it starts off with Benoit and Finlay, so I’m pretty sure you guys know what to expect when these 2 are in the ring together. Finlay ends up catching Benoit in the ring apron, and while Finlay taunts Lashley, JBL stomps on Benoit’s hand repeatedly while its on the steep steps, then gets tagged in so he can do further damage.

Despite Benoit’s hand hurting, he still manages to throw out some chops at JBL, but each one of them hurts too much for him to be able to follow up, and JBL tags in Finlay to take care of business, just in case.

I was a little disappointed that Benoit didn’t play FIP for very long, I was hoping for maybe 7 or 8 minutes of JBL and Finlay working over the hand, but instead we get a pretty quick tag out to Lashley, who green as hell, does his best to dominate both veterans.

And because they ARE veterans, JBL and Finlay find a way to take out Lashley, by luring him to the outside, where JBL nails him in the face with a boot, and Finlay uses the Shillelagh. So now its LASHLEY playing the FIP, which I don’t really get because he is the power guy after all, and Benoit has the injured hand that works perfectly in Southern Tag matches.

Lashley makes a comeback, and does so well against Finlay, that the tag to Benoit is as hot as Chyna. But he still comes in all guns a blazing, and suplexes both guys around the ring ANGLE~! style.

Things get crazy now as we go into the finishing stretch, and Booker finally gets off commentary (THANK FUCK), but unfortunately its to nail Benoit in the back with a chair, setting up a Clothesline from Hell by JBL for the win.

Good tag match right here, even if the structure is a little odd, and they don’t play off Benoit’s injury and Lashley’s raw power the way they should have. Aside from that flaw, this was all good.

Rating: ***

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