The Undertaker & Kurt Angle Vs Mark Henry & MNM – Smackdown February 17th 2006

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by Big Cal

The Undertaker & Kurt Angle Vs Mark Henry & MNM – Smackdown February 17th 2006

Angle is the champ here, and Undertaker is the #1 contender, however, Undertaker has some beef with MNM for jumping him last week, and literally steps in front of Angle when he was about to start the match against Mercury. Plus its just classic Dead Man playing mind games with his opponents, as Angle will be his opponent at NWO.

Mercury does his best to take the fight to the Dead Man, who just shakes off the assault, picks up Joey, and launches him into the corner and tells Henry to tag in. While Undertaker is starting off with Henry, Angle makes a blind tag, and steps in front of The Undertaker to get to Henry! Nice spot.

Undertaker seemingly wanted to start the match off to get to Henry, Angle made the blind tag seemingly to show Undertaker what he can expect at the PPV. All the while, both Undertaker and Angle have their problems with MNM and Henry, so it works out well for both of them lol. They are basically using their opponents to compete with each other, trying to outdo the other by beating the shit out of their opponents more than the other guy :p.

However, they seem to be concentrating too much on each other, allowing Henry to come from behind and take out both guys, bringing control back to MNM and Henry.

Angle makes a move that will no doubt piss Andy off when he sees this match (and judging from how good it has been so far, Andy WILL be watching it lol), as he leaps up after taking a beating from all 3 opponents to lock in the Ankle Lock on Henry. He saves himself a little though by getting powered out of it, and being too hurt to make the tag still, despite being VERY near his corner. He gets beat up a little more, before the tease the big hot tag and finally follow through with it.

In comes The Undertaker! He takes out MNM, while Henry just stands on the apron, waiting for the right moment to strike. Gotta admit, I’ve really been enjoying Henry so far in 06. He’s been against good opponents, which is always helpful, but even in the past, and after 06, he has been against good opponents (some the same as he faces in 06), and he never got the kind of matches with them that he did here.

Its ‘Takers turn to take a beating, and he takes another double suplex from MNM (he took one on the floor during one of the breaks), and then numerous beatings from Henry. Big DDT signals the comeback of Undertaker, and a chokeslam, but before he can hit it, Angle tags himself in AGAIN, and takes out MNM while Undertaker puts Henry down long enough for Angle to make Nitro tap!

Aftermath is something I always remember, because I sliced it out and put it in a flash website I made for The Undertaker for one of my uni projects lol. Basically, Angle got the win to rub it in Undertaker’s face, so Undertaker chokeslams, and TOMBSTONES Mark Henry in front of Angle! Epic.

2 great tag matches on one show, and this is definitely the better of the two. Loved how it built to NWO between ‘Taker and Angle, and how MNM & Henry looked great in there too. Don’t think its something I would vote for, even as #100, but its close.

Rating: ***1/2

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