The Undertaker Vs Kurt Angle – World Heavyweight Title – No Way Out February 19th 2006

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by Big Cal

The Undertaker Vs Kurt Angle – World Heavyweight Title – No Way Out February 19th 2006

The Undertaker begins to work on the arm of Angle in the early going here. Something we usually see from the Dead Man, and its something I always enjoy watching. The arm work never really plays a part in the outcome of the match or anything like that, but to me, its like The Undertaker is just testing his opponents, while wearing them down at the same time. If they can survive his assault on their arm, then he knows they aren’t going to be beat so easily, so now he can pull out his big moves instead of wasting his time and energy to hit them straight away.

So yeah, Angle survives the early onslaught, and even manages some offence of his own, such as a German Suplex, which ‘Taker takes very well. The Undertaker comes back though, and targets the always injured neck of Angle, hitting his signature legdrop on the apron.

Angle knows he is in trouble, especially when ‘Taker grabs him by the throat :p. So what does he do? He goes for the leg/knee of the big man. He slowly wears down the knee and lower leg of The Undertaker, setting him up for an eventual Ankle Lock.

The Undertaker has been here before there, as most people try to cut him down to size by going after his legs, so he knows when and how to counter moves to gain control, which he manages to do, but not before some damage is done.

One of my favourite parts of the match now, when The Undertaker once again goes back to the neck of Angle, and tries to his another legdrop on the apron. He sells his leg, and takes his time going for the move, which may have cost him… because Angle avoids the legdrop, grabs hold of ‘Taker’s ankle, and locks in the Ankle Lock on the outside! Looks better than I describe it too :p.

Angle has lost it, nearly getting counted out as he refuses to leg go of the hold.

More action inside the ring, before it spills to the outside once again, and now The Undertaker is pissed. He sets up the announcer’s table for something big, but before he can do anything, he gets Angle Slammed through it!

The referee begins his count, and The Undertaker looks hurt. Angle is in the ring waiting for him, but the referee gets to 9 and The Undertaker is far from coming back. Just before the referee can get to 10.. Angle breaks it up! He doesn’t want to win on a countout, he wants to win on a TAP OUT! The fans cheer this decision, as just like me, they want this match to continue!

Some great back and forth action in the ring when The Undertaker finally gets back in, including a top rope Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex! Then we see a beautiful counter by Angle, who rolls through a Chokeslam attempt, right into an Ankle Lock! The Undertaker tries to roll through a couple of times, but Angle refuses to let go!

The Undertaker doesn’t give up though, and eventually counters the Ankle Lock into a Triangle Choke! Both men release their holds, and make their way to their feet, only for Angle to get a Chokeslam! The Undertaker is still pretty hurt though, and can’t make the cover. He realises that he has wasted too much time after the Chokeslam, so instead of going for what would no doubt be a failed cover, he sets Angle up for the Last Ride!

AGAIN, Angle counters The Undertaker into an Ankle Lock! It still isn’t enough though, as The Undertaker escapes one more time.

Angle hits an Angle slam now, hoping to just pin The Undertaker, since making him tap doesn’t be going anywhere. 1…2.. Kick out! The Undertaker sits up, and Angle can’t believe it! The Dead Man sets the champion up for a Tombstone now! Wait, Angle reverses it! Is Angle going to Tombstone The Undertaker? No! The Undertaker reverses Angle’s reversal! Tombstone? No! Angle grabs hold of ‘Taker’s Ankle, and the Ankle Lock is locked in AGAIN!

Refusing to give up still, The Undertaker counters the Ankle Lock into another Triangle Choke! Angle looks out of it, as his arm falls twice… but before it can go down a third time, he rolls over and has ‘Taker’s shoulders pinned to the mat! The referee counts to three, and calls for the bell! Angle has won, but Tazz believes it is the wrong call, because The Undertaker was the aggressor with the submission hold, and the pin shouldn’t have counted!

The Undertaker is livid, chasing the referee out of the ring, then goes for Angle… and helps him to his feet! A small show of respect to Angle, before he shoves him into the corner and trash talks.

Awesome, awesome match. I remember watching it live, and the last 10 minutes or so were just as epic now as they were then. I love everything about this match, except for the finish. However, the finish might have made sense if they actually went somewhere with it (like, say, add The Undertaker into the WM Main Event? After all, Rey was added after he got “screwed” by Orton earlier in the night, right? So why not add The Undertaker? Oh, yeah, they wanted Rey to win, and that would fuck up The Undertaker’s streak. Stupid Rey…).

Rating: ****3/4

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