Finlay Vs Lashley – Smackdown March 3rd 2006

Posted on: August 5th, 2012 by Big Cal

Finlay Vs Lashley – Smackdown March 3rd 2006

This one has been building for a while now, with multiple tag matches in the last month, and at NWO when Finlay cost Lashley his match, and first loss, against JBL.

Lashley destroys Finlay in the opening minute, so much so that Finlay actually reaches for his Shillelagh, but doesn’t get the chance to use it. The veteran Finlay finds an opening, and hits some of his stiff offence before Lashley again uses his power to just overcome his lack of experience.

Finlay is incredibly pissed that he doesn’t seem to be able to counter Lashley’s strength, so he throws a crap load of chairs into the ring. Both guys swing at the same time, hitting each other’s chair, and the ref calls for the bell. Big brawl after the match, with plenty of refs and security trying to break them up.

Only lasts a couple of minutes, but shows how much hate these two have for each other, and will no doubt build to a rematch soon enough.

Rating: *

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