William Regal Vs Paul Burchill – Smackdown March 10th 2006

Posted on: August 5th, 2012 by Big Cal

William Regal Vs Paul Burchill – Smackdown March 10th 2006

Burchill needs to bring back his pirate gimmick. Seriously, it was fucking awesome. This is his first match under the gimmick after threatening Regal with his big sword backstage for a couple of weeks. Yes, you read that correctly. 😛

Some nice arm lock exchanges to begin with, and Regal gets cocky and screams “I’ve got him”, only to get reversed. We then see some nice stiff offence from Regal as he knees the fuck out of Burchill’s face and then locks in a… reverse full nelson I guess. Awesome spot with Burchill going for a sunset flip, only for Regal to move out of the way, essentially making Burchill do a front flip onto the mat lol.

Burchill makes his comeback, and I am rather disappointed with Michael Cole. No mention of Burchill’s Swashbuckling style, though he did say he was a swashbuckler :P.

Finish is awesome, just because of the C4 (that is what they call it, right?) and its sheer magnificence. I enjoyed this match, didn’t get as much time as I would have liked, but we still got plenty of Regal’s awesomeness, and Burchill looked pretty great too.

Rating: **

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