Chris Benoit Vs Gregory Helms – Smackdown March 10th 2006

Posted on: August 5th, 2012 by Big Cal

Chris Benoit Vs Gregory Helms – Smackdown March 10th 2006

US Champ Vs CW Champ. Benoit is awesome, and Helms really stepped up his game when he moved away from the Hurricane gimmick. I’m sure I will be watching more of this matches as the year goes on.

Benoit tries to punch Helms in the face, and Helms backs away and tries to tell the ref to make Benoit stop, because he doesn’t want to get hit in the face. Awesome.

They lock up, and Helms gets Benoit in the corner, and guess what he does? Punches him in the face. Yeah, Benoit ain’t gonna take that, so he just grabs Helms’ face with his entire hand lol. Oh, turns out that Helms had a broken nose, which is why he doesn’t want to be punched there. I just thought he was scared of Benoit, which was a fun story in itself, but now its even better.

Really surprised at a lot of this match tbh, despite the fact that Benoit is indeed awesome and Helms was really good at this stage. Plenty of really nice sequences between the two as they fight for control, and a lot stiffer than I would have expected, since Helms isn’t someone I would expect to be that physical. Not on the level of Benoit Vs Finlay/Regal/Orton, but certainly more hard hitting that the average match.

Helms does a great job of constantly going after the neck of Benoit whenever he has the chance, and manages to escape multiple sharpshooter attempts all through the match as well. Benoit finally locks it in at one point, and even though Helms gets to the ropes, he has had enough and walks away. However, the SD Cruiserweights show up and send Helms back to the ring, where he gets put in the Crossface (which has to hurt Helms’ nose), and this one is over.

Really solid match, nothing to go out of your way to see for the poll, but if you get the chance, its a good way to spend 12 minutes (well, ONE good way to spend 12 minutes 😛 ).

Rating: **3/4

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