Mark Henry & Randy Orton Vs Rey Mysterio & Kurt Angle – Smackdown March 10th 2006

Posted on: August 5th, 2012 by Big Cal

Mark Henry & Randy Orton Vs Rey Mysterio & Kurt Angle – Smackdown March 10th 2006

This is a rematch from Feb 3rd, which was a good tag match, but nothing overly special. I wonder what they do this time around.

Ooooo, they announce the rematch between Finlay and Lashley for next week too :mark:.

Angle and Orton start things off, and while it seems that Angle wants to get right into the wrestling, because of his “wrestling machine” gimmick, Orton is playing is slow and safe. He reminded me of his current Viper gimmick here, as he slithers around the ring a few times to avoid Angle’s takedowns.

Mysterio gets tagged in, and things still remain pretty slow. We transition into the FIP section of the match when Orton dropkicks Rey who is coming off the top rope. Henry comes in and tries to kill the midget.

Rey gets the chance to make a hot tag, but honestly, I don’t really care. The match has been so… dull so far, only going at one speed, even at the start. There was no build for the tag either, Rey took a small beating, then moved out of the way of a splash, and makes the tag. Angle comes in guns a blazing as per usual, and his sequence with Orton is really nice, but after that I just don’t care.

This match just feels… flat. Henry thinks so too, so he decides to fuck up the referee and bring out a table to make things more interesting. Angle ends up getting put on the table, while Henry crushes him through it from the second rope.

Lol, the stuff after the ref gets beat up is the best part of this match. Their match a month ago was decent and nothing more; this is even worse. Dull is just the best way to describe it tbh.

Oh yeah lol, lame Undertaker “voice” comes over the speakers and we get the announcement of the WM casket match :P.

Rating: *

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