Finlay Vs Bobby Lashley – Lumberjack Match – Smackdown March 17th 2006

Posted on: September 12th, 2012 by Big Cal

Here we go! Been waiting for this one for… well about an hour lol :p. But if this was 2006, I would have been waiting around 2 weeks at LEAST, depending on how much I wanted to see them have a big match starting when Finlay cost Lashley his match at NWO.

The lumberjack stip is used nicely, since the last 2 weeks they have ended up brawling outside of the ring and all over the place, so they are there to keep both guys IN the ring. Also, this is a MITB qualifying match.

Holy shit! Lashley charges into the ring and NAILS Finlay with a boot to the face, sending him to the outside! Finlay gets back up, takes out Funaki who is one of the lumberjacks, then gets back in the ring. He takes a beating, rolls out, gets shoved back in, rolls out, gets shoved back in, and again gets dominated by the raw power of Big Bob.

Finlay rolls to the outside again, this time he goes to the side where the heels are, so they protect him long enough for Lashley to get distracted by what’s going on, allowing Finlay to take the fight to Lashley for the first time in this match.

The heel lumberjacks come into play again, distracting Lashley long enough for Finlay to launch him into the ring post (something I remember seeing from one of their other matches later in the year).

Being the smart veteran that he is, Finlay keeps using the lumberjacks to his advantage, distracting Lashley, and even having them beat him up when he throws him to the outside.

Lashley’s comeback happens when Finlay drives himself into the ring post, a nice little callback spot from where Finlay took control of the match by sending Lashley into the ring post.

There are a lot of similarities with this match and the one they have in a few months time that I already talked about, except we don’t get the arm work so Lashley’s comeback doesn’t come across as retarded lol.

The heel lumberjacks also get theirs, with Finlay being launched onto them. Lashley goes to get Finlay and gets attacked, and the face lumberjacks just stand around and watch lol. Someone comes in with the chair, and gets speared to hell. The ref is distracted, and BAM. Lashley is put down by Finlay and his big, hard weapon.

I like the finish much more in this match, but I don’t think the middle part is as strong as their August 18th match (finally looked up the date lol). That being said, it was still a good match, and Lashley hasn’t looked this good since debuting. HOWEVER, based on this match, he doesn’t seem to improve over the year lol…

Rating: **3/4

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