MNM & Mark Henry Vs Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio & Randy Orton – Smackdown March 17th 2006

Posted on: September 12th, 2012 by Big Cal

We have the SD WM ME all teaming together here, against the monstrous Mark Henry and the tag champs. Can they work together to get the job done?

Orton starts things off by slapping the fuck out of Nitro, I guess to show his partners that he has come to play tonight, regardless of how he feels about them.

Rey plays the FIP, no surprise there. Henry traps him in the heel corner, and proceeds to stand on him. Orton pretend to be the good guy and tries to help out, but it only distracts the referee, allowing Henry to continue his assault. Orton continues to “accidentally” distract the referee, giving the heels the advantage. Pretty clever stuff tbh, and Orton acting like a nice guy is funny as hell to see.

The heel beatdown/control segment here is really good, combined with Orton’s tactics too. Far, far superior to the the big tag match the week before (and the same match as last week, but from a month before). I guess Henry having 2 guys to be in the ring between his turn makes things more interesting lol.

Rey finally gets the opening needed to make the tag, and both Angle and Orton want it. However, when Rey gets closer, Orton pretends to be fixing his knee pads, so Angle (with injured ribs), gets the tag (Orton has yet to be in the match btw). Angle and Mysterio take care of business, and Orton blind tags himself in, throws Rey out of the ring, and gets the pin! Making a statement for WM, no doubt.

Damn good tag match, much better than the week before, and a few of the other big tag matches on SD in 06 so far. Rey’s FIP shizzle was great, MNM did a wonderful job of beating the fuck out of him and preventing tags, and Orton played his part beautifully.

Rating: ***1/4

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