William Regal Vs Chris Benoit – Smackdown March 24th 2006

Posted on: September 12th, 2012 by Big Cal

Already watched this one, and given it a rating, but fuck it, I’ll watch it again since I never really wrote anything about it (not specifically, as I watched 3 of their matches in a row and they all kinda merged together, so I talked about them as a whole lol).

Lol, poor Benoit, the guy never gets to face who he wants. First it was Booker picking Orton numerous times to replace him, now its JBL having Regal replace him. And thank fuck on both counts lol (though Benoit and JBL did have some good matches).

If you have seen any of their matches before, you have a good idea of how this one goes. Gritty, stiff shit with some cool mat work thrown in too, that isn’t always smooth, but that’s a good thing here. Makes everything they do look like a fight.

Loved the Regal throw/suplex thing he does, especially on the floor in this match, and man oh man, Regal booting Benoit in the head while its resting on the ring post is awesome as fuck. Benoit’s knees to Regal’s face are just as impressive, along with the chops to the forehead (shame Regal isn’t bleeding in this match though lol).

Finish is great too, with Benoit hitting a dragon suplex, then locking in the Crossface as Regal tried his best to fight it. I enjoyed this more on this watch, probably because I didn’t see 2 very similar matches straight after it lol. It was already a consideration for my list, but now its got a higher rating to back it up.

Also, this match AND Finlay/Rey on the same show? Fucking AWESOME.

Rating: ***1/4

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