Kurt Angle Vs Randy Orton Vs Rey Mysterio – WHC – WrestleMania XXII April 2nd 2006

Posted on: October 24th, 2012 by Big Cal

Gotta admit, not looking forward to this match. I currently have it at ***1/2 or ***3/4, but given the fact my tastes have changed so much since I last watched it, I don’t imagine thinking its very good.

Well, its at least starting good. Orton attacks Angle and sends him out of the ring, which gives us some more Orton/Rey which is pretty much what this match was based on. I agree with whoever said Angle had no place in this match other than the fact he was the champ.

The triple German suplex, while essentially meaningless, is still fucking AWESOME. A couple more pointless but cool moves (all Angle pretty much), and then it starts to become a singles match, first with Orton/Angle and then Rey/Angle. Rey tapping out to the Ankle Lock while Orton distracted the ref pissed me off. I agree with Andy when he talks about heels getting the “phantom win”. It just makes the babyface look weak and like they are cheating the heel out of the victory if they win in the end. Doesn’t work quite the same here I know, but when he makes Rey, the ultimate babyface tap out and NOT get the win, then it does fit here imo.

Speaking of making people look weak… Angle is just throwing both guys around like they are nothing. He’s already made Rey tap, and holy fuck he’s just made Orton tap while Rey distracted the ref! No wonder the fans are pissed off when anyone does anything to Angle. He should have won TWICE now.

So yeah, Rey wins. And who does he pin? Orton of course! Now, I both like and hate that at the same time. Like, because he beat ORTON for the belt, the guy who nearly took his WM title shot from him, and made all those comments about Eddie. Hate, because Angle still ended up looking like a fucking beast because of how much he dominated and the fact he didn’t get pinned to lose the belt… plus he made both opponents tap out. Add to that, the fact that this was only followed up on SD with Angle getting a title shot (as did Orton, which made the Angle title shot seem like they were just giving them out for the hell out it). Had it been done on PPV, with Angle saying how he never got beat etc etc and they made a program out of it, it might not have been bad.

Other than a few (and I mean a FEW, not many at all compared to what I remembered) awesome looking SPOTS~!, this match is pretty bad. Angle throws moves left right and centre, looks the better of the three, and doesn’t help make them look good AT ALL. Rey winning the belt felt like the biggest fluke ever rather than what it should have been; an emotional battle where he really looked like the winner in the end.

Rating: *

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