Rey Mysterio Vs Randy Orton – WHC – Smackdown April 7th 2006

Posted on: October 25th, 2012 by Big Cal

This is Rey’s first title defence, and he only won the belt 5 days ago. Instead of Angle getting the first title shot since he is the former champion and never got pinned… Orton, the man who DID get pinned, gets the shot. Ummm… why exactly? 😛

Strange to see Rey taking things slow and going for a headlock early in the match, but it makes perfect sense. This is Rey’s first title defence, defending the title that was no doubt a dream of his to win. So he wants to take things slower than usual, be extra careful so he doesn’t make any mistakes early on that Orton can capitalise on.

Orton too doesn’t want to rush into anything. After losing at WM, a loss here might put an end to any title shots for some time, so he really needs to get the victory.

Its great to actually enjoy a headlock in 2006. Orton is one of the few people these days that has that ability. Being against Rey and having a hot crowd for the match certainly helped, but the way he worked the headlock was just fantastic. And the way he would release it and do some more damage to Rey before locking it back in again is great. And the dropkick to Rey while Rey is trying to springboard back into the ring is awesome as well.

Plenty of nice hope spots for Rey, and even better cut offs from Orton. Had to laugh at Rey countering an elbow from the ropes by Orton by putting his feet up, and Orton landing head first on them. Not sure where he was planning to elbow Rey :P.

Great finish to this great match too. 619 using the ring post, which makes Orton go loopy and fall onto the ropes at the other side so Rey can get another 619, and then hit the springboard legdrop!

Should have happened at WM. Would have been a great WM moment for Rey to win the title in this match, as well as defeating Orton on a big stage for everything Orton had done to Rey and had said about Eddie.

I definitely enjoyed the match more on this watch. Not by much, but a little. However, I still don’t think its as good as NWO.

Rating: ***3/4

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